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  1. goodluck @yaranovic You're fun and enjoying.
  2. No, they made this because of supporting Bitcoin community you don't need to have anything also service free of a charge.
  3. Go link https://www.antpool.com/user/prioritiseTransaction.htm?m=savePrioritiseTx become a member to submit your TX number they helping your transaction if your block stack. The transaction goes faster exactly, what I did withdrawal stake.com
  4. Working thing When we submit our TX number transaction get faster. That what working and helps. We are talking about accelerate here. I have read topic very carefully. Did you?
  5. bits is feeling me rich.
  6. Sometimes stacking but for me sick part is, i really want to change my seed but hundreds game stuck here.
  7. I get 14 x too many times today you can try small bets...
  8. Thanks for sharing it really works.
  9. Congrats i saw 11 card x40 on me yet...
  10. Stake Username: vvhyBet ID: Hilo: 277,668