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  1. niki014

    Real Life Pictures

    SAIK i aint sending one
  2. niki014

    [Closed] Lunar New Year Giveaway!

    @77kdub 7
  3. niki014

    Hello from Pirnitho!

    yea this keno challenge was a real challenge the best one so far i would like to see the same challenge again
  4. tbh i hated the 0.2x cuz sometimes i wanted to quit playing but i like my balance even and i was just keep going cuz it wasnt even but 0x ll bust more yeah
  5. good luck i will try 5000x as well if I can hit it 'll be nice i don't think I will hit it thought for all this time in stake and hours spend playing Plinko I didn't get 260 420 620 1000 more like
  6. hmmm thanks mate i was wondering if there is any other dif but the 0x xd
  7. niki014

    It is the troll that never ends..

    mmm i think plinko is better now like 5000x is better then shiti 1000x if odds are the same or ear ofc and i love that they removed the 0.2 i hated the 0.2x soooo badly
  8. Like you all know old ods for hitting 1000x was 1 in 32k so what are the odds of hitting 5000x? and are their any other changes in the odds?
  9. bitcoin has no price its currency that's based on people believes if people think it ll jump it ll jump if people think it ll go down it ll go down people sold lots of btc on its peak so it start going down i dont think it ll start going up soon cuz everyone think it ll keep dropping ( cuz its just dropping from year+) i think it ll start jumping the moment when it stop fluctuating and stands still for a 1 week or so people then might say : maybe it ll jump and they ll go in and buy some but i think it ll hit max max 4k in the next couple of months maybe in the start of the summer
  10. if the card is with no limit for example + some people dont notice when money are missing not everyone are counting what they have
  11. yeah, giveaways are cool and you are right if you do 1000$ and then lower to 500 people are going to cry about it... however, I still think that it's funny to make 1,2,3$ giveaways once in a couple of hours still great though (you don't have to do any giveaways at first place) that's free stuff, some free bitcoin you can get by doing nothing
  12. back in the days i would go days without sleeping just to do gambling in the night
  13. niki014

    Submit your giveaway ideas!

    how about the biggest payout on dice ? same as the keno you did but for dice
  14. aint that old ? there was a kid who lost 80k gambling in csgo skins
  15. niki014

    Insufficient funds

    i see it all the time i have no feelings at all after all if i am mad i am mad at my self and i cant be mad at my self cuz i cant hate me i cant hate me cuz i love me xd