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  1. KENO: 20,380,108,252 placed by niki014 on 15/04/2020 Wagered 0.00010063 Multiplier 63x Profit 0.00623906
  2. maybe it is but it sure is boring as hell i wouldnt bet at table tennis i would just go keno Way better and way way more fun
  3. yeah i did and i won something cool tho idont recomend it like i did 3 lines and i got free spins and i won something only cuz it lined my 3 line with real good shi i would say 10 lines is the best if not 10 go for 5
  4. i think that was the 10 min reload ? wasnt it lol
  5. i dont think this shit will end in april why do you think so like right now everyday there is new and new people who are getting it and some of them are sick like for 20 - 30 days so lets say there are still new cases till the end of april and then suddently we all are clsoed we are not allowed to go to the markets we have to order food at home and shit like that no1 goes out no1 gets sick and it ll still last more 20-30 days till everyone fine or they gotta make a vaccine but vaccines aint made for a month they take a lot of tests more like 4-5 months xD
  6. nah there is so much better coins i would like to see but tether what about ada or eos i would like to gamble eos or maybe some cheap coin in which we would bet million of coins to bet 50$
  7. i prefer the one time bonus everything at once with those 10 min reloads i cant make nothinn but sometimes i make something out of the monthly and then have some fun for free before ripo
  8. i dunno normally i would play only 6, 9, 10 on high on medium 6, 7, 8 on classic 3 , 10 for 10 i dont have fav numbers i just hit the random for 3 numbers i do 1 ,2 and 3 xDD for 6 7 8 i have favorite numbers
  9. would be cool but not possible since you cant confirm who is the owner of the account lots of scams be going on + people can request the money back if they didnt resive anything up to 180 days after the transaction is made so like nah you cant confirm that you send bitcoin so the other person can skem ya and paypal would refund the money as quick as the support ticket is send
  10. i think you should wait a week or 2 and then sell i think they ll start dropping like somewhere between a week or 2 from now =D
  11. meh i rly think price ll jump up a lil bit and then they ll be droping down but with lil jumps like drop to 7k then up to 7.5 then down to 6.8 and so till it gets down even more D: