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  1. hmmmm nowdays there is way to many fauceters and beggers when there was only 180 peeps at max online there was no such a thing ( atleast not so many ) but now days is also kidna better cuz we get a lot of giveaways races and coupons and many many more cool things back in the days there was no such a thing there was still the forum challenges and from time to time roll hunts in chat but now there is like those daily ones which are cool so yeah positive and negative but in the end of the day beggers can be ignored so i think there is more positive things
  2. i moved to bitcoin casinos for this reason while i was betting in other websites i would bet thousands without even care if i lose or nah then i moved to btc casinos and i started betting low and wining like just 10k satoshi and be like yessss but in end of the day i am raising the bets again and gambling aint fun at alll anymore cuz all i do is rip from the start
  3. mmm depends on the balance it feel like they make it ez to win with lower funds but if u have 1 btc and u are betting 10k (1$) u ll be hitting and then when u move the bet to 10$ you ll be like it never hits
  4. i think it was just a shiti coincidence like rly rly shiti one it happened to me before as well chasing 1000x changing to 10x for couple of games and boom it hits on keno as well adding one more number instead of playing how i am usally and it hits like 67x and it could be 400x but sometimes on keno i am removing 1 number and i am hitting 400 so i think you just had a bad luck if u ask me if u are chasing something dont change it till u hit it better rip now deposit later hit it with raising bet then chasing the stuff and missing the shit
  5. once i was going for green it went 300 + games without hitting even once and ones i was going for 28 i think that shit was insane it didnt hit once in 400+ rolls i think it can go more games without hits i think it can ez hit 200 games playing on just one number i like to go fo 36 numbers and remove the wining one every time like that i am left with the one number that didnt hit for the longest time and i try chasing it
  6. thanks for the tactic but i dont think i am going to try it out since i dont like this kinda backjack no decks = no blackjack more like random card generator no thats i ll pass if i play blackjack here i ll play till i lose some amount then i go all in works sometime tho
  7. niki014

    Manual betting

    i have seen some people hitting 4 aces with manual betting which is insane if u ask me but i never got like anything good on hilo with and without bot i might try for the 6 aces tho this pay gonna be insane
  8. hmmm in the bitcoin website i aint making like as much from affs but in old csgowebsites i pulled some nice amount in one case opening website i pulled till now over 10 grand from affs in some of the roulette websites i made this in affs just in days but there i was getting 1% of total wager and i had like 5k refs + so yeah i made some good amount out of affs but since csgo gambling is dead nowday i am making hardly anything out of affs max like 50$ per week or less
  9. i think hilo would be cool going for 6 aces dosnt sound as impossible and its like sucha big x while in mines i have seen some people ( faris ) hitting like 4-5mx while i cant hit anything like good one mines the other day i was chasing 400x for 900 rolls and then wanted to do 5k satoshi on it did 500 stats and it hit i didnt even recover what i lost while on limbo i wont even try for big x this game is killer i never go anything bigger then 9kx and it wasnt even what i was chasing.... and i did quite good amount of bets on this game
  10. shiti house edge i dont like limbo and crash exactly cuz of this reason if shit gonna happen gonna happen like that like 0.01x off is to gay to be honest
  11. this one is gone from long long time i also find wheel rly cool lately on the high pins like going for that 10-50x sometimes its so profitable when it hits like 10 times 50x in 50 rolls uhhhh so sweet
  12. i never saw you in stake before but glad to have ya back
  13. when i used to do csgo gambling and do those thousands of $ in a bet i prob was braking 2k worth of headsets every month broke couple of monitors as well as couple of logitec mouses my keyboard survived somehow also broke couple of times computers like my computer is on the floor i was kicking it when i was loosing oh oh broke 6 edge when it came out i throw it at the wall mmm there is to many to be honest but maybe the worst one is i broke a tv cinema it was 50 inch home cinema i was with broken leg at that time i got mad af and i put the crutch thru the tv
  14. niki014

    Favorite Poker Site?

    mmm we talking about bitcoin poker ? if so i like nitro and luckyfish they are kinda cool i wish there was a place where can do sit and go if you do poker in stake make sit and go game like every1 pays 100$ ( example) we all go in dif tables till each table has a winner and then we all go in one table and play till there is a winner only first 3 spots wins it would be cool