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  1. niki014

    📢 Official Stake 1st Birthday Stream

    happy bd stake congrats eddie happy bd stake congrats eddie
  2. niki014

    🏆 [TIER] Smash the Cake | HiLo Challenge!

    Hilo:650,731,935 placed by niki014 Wagered: 0.00000100 Payout: 3.27x Profit: 0.00000227
  3. Mines:662,620,441 placed by niki014 Wagered: 0.00000200 Payout: 404.11x Profit: 0.00080621
  4. niki014

    Eth or Btc?

    0.o but i still dont see the problem with gambling eth like even if they are stolen from the wallets that dosnt matter site have to payout the withdraws
  5. niki014

    10 numbers strike - 100x multiplier

    Welcome to Stake! I got couple of times 50x+ but never got 100x. If you are trying to win on keno most profitable is 3, 5 and 8 numbers! Good luck with the gambling!
  6. niki014

    How to win big (legit)

    strategy for big win is go big and pray to the skies ( even if ya atheistic haha ) u know what ma mama say ma mama say go big or go home
  7. niki014

    Best seed ?

    well kinda funny xDD best seed for me is : FuckThisRiggedBs, niki014, FuckMeHardStake, FuckMeMore and some i cant even say
  8. niki014


    most profitable roulette favorite keno, keno should be the most profitable game but i always start doing like rly dumb bets on it like high and i am like just for one gambe en i am like just one more and i am ripping everything xDD
  9. niki014

    BlackJack Strategy?

    mate if you are looking for strategy this aint the right place ( to gamble xD) if u wanna do blackjack strategy go in casino and count ur cards just raise the bet even when u know u are going to lose like double it 2-3 times on lose so they can have some time thinking why u are losing if u count cards en make one big bet on sure hand and fukt em up and leave the casino xDD
  10. nah that shit is too slow and pointless cuz if u have 2 factor there is no need of email verification
  11. niki014

    Real Life Pictures

    why on the first picture there is 8 peeps and on the sec one there is 9 also on the first one there is ed sitting over there but in the second one he aint there
  12. Dice:638,282,618 placed by niki014 Wagered: 0.00005000 Payout: 198.00x Profit: 0.00985000 Dice:638,295,780 placed by niki014 Wagered: 0.00007500 Payout: 198.00x Profit: 0.01477500
  13. niki014

    Bitcoin slides as SEC postponed Bitcoin ETF

    red red red more red better i ll be happy af if eth goes down to 100-200 n btc down to 2k it ll be amazzzzzzing
  14. niki014

    My forum Balance

    from March to August 2.6 mil nice
  15. niki014

    Eth or Btc?

    Mmm i prefer to play with eth but i play more with btc because it doesn't matter whats is my eth balance i just start betting bigger with it, if i have 1mil btc ill do 5-10k bets with eth ( same amount in money as btc ) i am doing 500k 1 mil best