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  1. hmm interesting for me it is impossible to win except when its possible but then impossible comes after possible and yeah rip me D:
  2. lol i think fake boobs are made only for moms who already have ugly boobs like why would u want a fake boobs that ll get so fukt up like lol if its good lookin boobs they are good small and big but if its mom boobs then u can get that fake boobs better fake then ...
  3. meh i dont rly like hunting this kinda multiplayers its kinda boring like nothing happens and you could rip without ups and downs just boom and rip tho aint much of a dif from right now i am like rip everyday in the year but that one day i got luck and then rip rest of the year again xd
  4. to do this isnt blackjack supposed to have decks? like there is unlimited number of cards i dont see how this gon work but ok like u could get 2 times same card in a roll in stake blackjack while in real life or online live blackjack the chance of getting same cards in a roll is like slim t none
  5. hmm there was a topic like that before lol btw i think it would be useless the stake mobile viersion is good enough and not all of us play on mobile i never play on mobile i hate it
  6. hmm i think i am going to skip the deposits for some times like atleast a month cuz i am getting adicted af again and i ll try to make like 1 eth and go all in btw i never cashout when i get something small like 20-30$ from cup or whatever there is just no point in cashing out something liek that and all the rain i am all in till i get something nice or till bust most of time bust it is
  7. for games there is better places to play like i am staying here only cuz of keno and cuz its cool but slot total trash plinko same like only dice and keno are good in stake if u ask me if u wanna play like slots or hilo or whatever i think there is better sites to do so but there aint a site that ll trat ya like stake does
  8. you cant keep it claim when u keep on getting shit for hundreds of rolls like playing keno in most of time 10 numbers it can go 20 lost 1 win 1.4x then same and same and same for hundreds of rolls u just can stay claim u raise the bet and rearely u win when u do so tho even if u stay claim after something like that ( which hits way to often ) even with biggest luck after that you wont be able to recover if u dont raise
  9. hmmm if u dont have money dont get any breasts like wtff dont gamble money u cant afford to lose as well like lol + fake boobs dont look rly good in the future
  10. in stake i am down like couple of thousand or something like that i dont rly know but if we talk about down from gambling in general i aint down at all i am up even tho i am losing almost from a year without stop i am still up D:
  11. oh i hate crash its just so slow i rly enjoy faster games like i love keno and sometimes i love dice tho they dont love me keno loves me 1 day in the year and hates me in the rest but i guess its ok
  12. in stake ? nah never probably never i dont know whats going to hit me tomorrow lol but i have done bigger bets then that before but i wouldnt like to go back there addiction is hard i used to go days like 2-3-4 days without sleeping just to gamble aint good for u so i prob wouldnt do this kinda bets in the future at all D: but as i said who knows
  13. when i deposit i am like rip instantly like stake goes nope and i rip real fast but when i start with lower deposit or with something like coupon or something else boost or whatever i could build it to something and then build that something into something nice but cant build start with nice to something amazing ;/ and yeah i am in stake dosnt matter about low high deposit or free balance D: amma be right hea
  14. hmm at this point i think it ll be hard to stop this kinda stuff like we already got used to weekly and monthly coupons spec weekly now people make more wager then before some pople ever wager only to get bigger and bigger weekly coupons if they remove them i guess a lot of people would leave i would still stay but i would play as much as well cuz there are other casinos that ll offer some kind of rakeback or whatever as well but atm stake is best its offering so many stuff
  15. i never hit anything good on mines or limbo or dice like on big x on mines biggest x was 400x and it was lower win like i went to play couple of dice games and then keep on doing my mines and instead of 5k base i did 500 stat base and then i cried cuz i hit that shit on dice my bigeest payout was like 100x with $ on it i would say keno or slots tho slots was good in the start now they are kinda shit D: