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  1. Rade Last week 3btc+ still didnt get a single rain Just sayinn
  2. PLINKO: 27,275,776,082 placed by niki014 on 04/08/2020 Wagered 0.20000000 Multiplier 29x Profit 5.60000000
  3. KENO: 20,380,108,252 placed by niki014 on 15/04/2020 Wagered 0.00010063 Multiplier 63x Profit 0.00623906
  4. maybe it is but it sure is boring as hell i wouldnt bet at table tennis i would just go keno Way better and way way more fun
  5. yeah i did and i won something cool tho idont recomend it like i did 3 lines and i got free spins and i won something only cuz it lined my 3 line with real good shi i would say 10 lines is the best if not 10 go for 5
  6. i think that was the 10 min reload ? wasnt it lol
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