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  1. bruh when i gamble i am so into the game i am so having fun that i dont even wanna get my ass off from the chair i jsut wanna keep on goinn
  2. to be honest i have been out on parties ever sense 15 nov till like 5 days ago like almost everyday at the club or at someone house or just renting big apart in a hotel and making a party there or whatever but i have been drunk so i dont rly remember much out of nov dec and jan till now
  3. i gamble cuz i am addicted and no regrets should have and yes i am happy that i found stake sucha nice casino nice support nice mods nice owner everyone nice pretty nice xDDDD
  4. pfff i know that feeling when u lose it in min when u just dont belive something is going to happen and u are like i have good ball i cant lose for ever then u double and double and double and double to the point where u already bet half of what u have left and then u lose that last bet and u are like fuuuuuuuuuk or u are like i am gonna rip after the 4th or 5th double up but ya keep on doing it u rip and u go claim like for sho and just turn of the pc XD
  5. nothing much if bitcoin didnt exist something else would something similar if there is a need there will be someone to make out something out of that need so it would be the same but a bit dif dif name and shit
  6. nah i dont like sports so i dont like watching them so why the f i would want to gamble on them + i prefer to gamble faster then waiting time to bet on match and then watch the match or even if i dont wait for results that shit borinn
  7. i hope they start droping like big i want them to go low low low
  8. no make 2019 come back i didnt gamble enough xDDDDDDD yeah sure i am why not it was a fun year
  9. well in stake longest 2x lose streak was 17 or 18 for me but in other casino again on dice longest no 2x was 21 games which was shit cuz i was double up was betting rly rly small amount of doge on auto ended up losing good amount on keno classic i remember i got 46 reds in a roll on 8 numbers which was like total shit as well and other i cant remember atm
  10. wtf so the people who order you this shit dont have a job? can tell ya ordering people to do shit can be lot harder then taking orders from someone btw i also dont think gambling is a job it could be maybe for some pro poker play or sometinn
  11. i started gambling about 7 years ago i was sitll underage i started gambling in csgo and i saw the bitcoin cashout for skins and i was like wtf is bitcoin and then i was like wtf can i gamble bitcoin and then i started gambling bitcoin in btc casinos then one day i played csgo plinko and i was liek is there bticoin plinko and i found stake
  12. hmmm i dunno in most of time it makes me happy like even when i lose but it gotta be like ups and downs like 2 days losing 2 days winning and shit like that but lately i have been like lose lose lose for weeks and its not rly enjoyable more like it gets me mad cuz i cant get any good x but the time when it ll be happy gambling will come again
  13. not even worth reading just gon say those sites are worthless there is no point in spending so much time ot make jsut couple of bux or whatever D:
  14. those rare keno hits that u just dont expect like u sit to play for a lil bit and then u get kinda bored after going up and down for like a hour and u start making big bets and then some big multiplayer comes out and you are like wooooooow wtf
  15. i was thinking about the same thing but hey u never know maybe the dude just never deposited big in stake or maybe thats his goal for other websites as well who knows D: