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  1. i was searching for bitcoin casinos like 2 years ago or more and i found you i saw plinko and i decided i wanna try again and here i am typing this stuff name niki014
  2. datdrop is like every other website similar to misterybrand and itemunbox but instead of opening shoes and cashing them out you are opening csgo skins ( which are used for nothing but for prices of the items ) once you open some boxes and stuff you can cashout ETH to your wallet the other cool game they got is case battle ( pvp up to 4 peoples ) so lets say there is 4 peoples in opening same cases in the end of the game the guy who got the most expensive items ll get all the items from the game last game they got is upgrade it is something similar to dice they also go free daily but they are based on how much you deposit and play if you use the ref link or if you go in the promo code section and use code weed you will get 5% up on deposit ref link: https://datdrop.com/p/weed no ref link: https://datdrop.com
  3. lying mofo you watching that empty bottle of whiskey wondering where did it all go and why there is none left
  4. mmm i would like the slow roll in most of times i am hunting for big x but sometimes i am doing this all in on 4x and i prefer to watch it roll however i would prob go with the 100 per spin
  5. Dice suggestion: Slow roll I think it will be cool to add slow roll for those big bets you wanna see instead of just clicking and winning or losing in 1 sec: slow roll looking like slot machine rolling first the big number (like 9) then the small one (it rolls 1) and then the under 1% ones, for example, it rolls 1 and then 2 and the end result ll be 91.12 Multiple rolls (this is a good idea for mines as well) it will be cool to add multiple game rolls at once for those times you are hunting for big multiplayer So let's say you are hunting for 2000x but it is so damn boring sitting and watching all these rolls for hours instead of that, you can just click 100 (or more ) rolls per click and here it goes it rolls 100( or more) rolls in a sec
  6. MINES: 4,280,814,764 placed by niki014 on 07/04/2019 Wagered 0.00000000 Multiplier 11314.900390625x Profit 0.00000000
  7. Coinut is a new trading platform you can trade btc eth ltc zec etc xmr usdt it is a new platform so they dont have many coins yet if you sign up with the referral link you ll get 0.011 ltc for free ( which is like 1$ + - ) https://coinut.com/?r=436714 https://coinut.com
  8. another cool bet is this one KENO: 4,260,181,022 placed by niki014 on 06/04/2019 Wagered 0.59100000 Multiplier 1.7999999523162842x Profit 0.47280000 so thats all in, the client seed is OutruningKarmaThatBoy and the game is 777 for the win xd
  9. well its not one bet but it started wtih rain KENO: 4,259,269,811 placed by niki014 on 06/04/2019 Wagered 0.00026667 Multiplier 350x Profit 0.09306783 then KENO: 4,259,283,807 placed by niki014 on 06/04/2019 Wagered 0.00025000 Multiplier 350x Profit 0.08725000 ( thats like just 5 games later ) then just couple of games later again KENO: 4,259,319,107 placed by niki014 on 06/04/2019 Wagered 0.00025000 Multiplier 350x Profit 0.08725000 then i got this like 30 games after KENO: 4,259,413,853 placed by niki014 on 06/04/2019 Wagered 0.00025000 Multiplier 710x Profit 0.17725000 and just couple of game later again i rased the best and KENO: 4,259,516,585 placed by niki014 on 06/04/2019 Wagered 0.00200000 Multiplier 710x Profit 1.41800000 sweet its not a big win but aint bad either like rain to 1.5+
  10. i got no friends can i be team with my self : (
  11. 1h keno challenge the person who gets the biggest x in this one hour with the most of money on it wins also keno jackpot would be cool like some % of the wager goes in and the jackpot goes down when u get 400x and the id last 3 numbers are 400 and min bet to win the jackpot 4000 stats that would be cool and one more idea for a challenge instead of making 1 game challenge make a multi game challenge like extra hard one to win it u need to get: min 400x on keno, 1000x on plinko, 2 times 50x (in a roll) on wheel, 2 greens (in a roll) on roulette, hilo 3 aces ( the 167x) and mines 5 bombs 16 mines ( 400x) and min bet to win this challenge 1000 stats and you have 1 week to do it