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  1. i love slots as well not rly this slot cuz bonus future kinda lame but man i rly wanna get 180 spins is this even possible like lol btw what is the odds of getting free spins ? like whats the % of it happening is it said somewhere or did eddie say i got retriger only twice till now and once got something like it like i got 15 free spins and when they ended i got 15 free spins + retriger
  2. i would say start with whatever like 20-30-50$ but then if u lose deposit 5x of your last depo and make it back + a lil profit so your stats are green and then do it with all the coins lol i would do that if i was new to stake right now but you can just depo whatever and have fun and dont bet big or rage
  3. bruh how many peeps from usa u think started or was gambling with csgo skins i bet a lot and most of them wasnt even using vpn lol
  4. in this moment there is only one think you can do deposit in alt play there make it more make it big and then move to this acc and go all in keno xd and pray for 2 hits or just depo big or do same but 1 is better cuz u can actually lose
  5. nahhh there is no sure profit in casinos even if you are the owner you can lose if your casino is legit true that dosnt happen in most of time or at all but pretty sure you can cleanup a casino tho i dont think they will pay if you do lol
  6. niki014

    Faster wagering

    lol i didnt know they did something new with the speed haha i guess its is better faster you can chase faste or ofc rip faster but i dont play plinko as much i might go plinko when i am up and decide to lsoe some amount of satoshi in it so faster better i can either hit quick big x or quick lose what i said i ll
  7. bruh i dont think anyone got 9 or 10 okay maybe 9 ok but 10 nah no way i am playing only keno or atleast 90% of the bets and wager i made is on keno i played lots of time 10 numbers and the biggest i ever had was 8 numbers and i didnt even have 8 hits in ages i am hunting 8 hits on high ever sense slots high came out and i still cant hit it
  8. i love how old but how famous the game is and in the same time entertaining af it started from 1 line now there is 20 40 100 lines even some werid ones with 1000 lines that dosnt pay good at all but there is some pretty freakinn awesome slots with crazy futures in them but there is still slots with 1 line that are cool and i play them from time to time like there is that one slot with 1 line that have bonus future as well with some wheel i like that one and there is that classic 1 line slot that i rly enjoy tho it is hard to win on Slots are greaaaaaaaat
  9. nahh captcha is good protects site they cant remove it it would be better if you stop logging out once you log in like i logged in before couple of months and i am still logged in even from my phone i am logged in but from dif acc + just wondering are u on phone like why you cant do the captcha it works fine for me maybe try with the voice captcha where it says something and then you write it lol
  10. maybe they will but if for all vip i dont think so cuz bronze aint as hard to get its like what 1 btc wager if you want you play for wager not for fun or whatever you can get 1 btc wager pretty ez with 10$ so yeah maybe they ll make prices different for different vips like i am gold plat shall get more then me cuz they did gamble more then me i dunno what ever it is its cool another way for giveaways by stake thankss
  11. it is like that for all games like lol if you dont change seed on keno you will have better luck in hitting the bix x's ( if you play with the same numbers ) but sometimes when you change seed you get the big x instantly and sometimes you dont get it for thousands and thousands of rolls i prefer to change seed like the other day i got free spins couple of times then change seed and got free spins again it can keep going like that for many rolls but also you can lose couple of hundred of games change seed and lose again and again xd i still prefer to change it xd
  12. looks fine yeah i dunno not rly the type of dude who knows what to gift i would just ask lol but i guess she will like it prob
  13. mmm good idea but not for me cant save it + aint it better if u aim for 10x by playing keno or whatever once you 10x the boost you save it from what i saw so far its ez to 10x the boost true you lose once in a couple of times but all in keno couple of times and u there xd
  14. mm i think you gotta make some posts first and then you can start earning then only some topics pay and all of them have different price like you can get 0 for this one and 500 stats for other oen and for some 1k stats not rly sure but it is something like that weird
  15. i dunno i react only yo some posts like real life pics or i dunno i dont react much tbh