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  1. yeah i saw ur post with the 300k lost nice that u are okey now tbh i would like to do all in like cashout everything i have sell houses cars apart land everything i got and go all in ( if u even find a casino that would let u roll that much at once they ghey they want u to do many bets D: ) imagine the adrenaline pfffffff but prob wont do it for now xdddd
  2. nono i am betting on keno and i am not only losing in stake but everywhere from months but it is ok i am still having fun :F
  3. meh i have tons of fr requests that i didnt accept notification off i cant even see them coming but people to type me yeah D: but non friends cant type me so only people in my fr list can.... that means it all good bruh D:
  4. hmm its rly simple question with rly simple answer why you gamble? Cuz i am a gambling addict
  5. none i would tell them to fuck of cuz i aint stopping none even if its on life of death even is someone told me yo yo yo all u need to do to save 6 bil people from dying is stop gambling or smoking i would be like naaaaaaaaaaaaaah ty but lets say i would tell my self to quit one i would quit gambling i cant stop smoking lol
  6. i d hunt 10k x on mines couple of times but i never got it i did some other hunts as well 2-10kx and 10kx+ but never go anything i got only once a x bigger then 1k and it was like what 12-13k ( dont rly remember could be 11kx xd all i remember was 10k+ somewhere there ) and it was with 0 bet after rip xddd ...
  7. thats rly ghey tbh luckydice or whatever this game is called have a keno like that but it is nothing cool why would u wanna play something like that ? like keno is already good enough and it is faster like that instead of waiting u just go
  8. pff i dunno it could take thousands of rolls or just 5 rolls lol in the last couple of weeks there was couple of challenges for 5 of a kind and i didnt get any 5 of a kind at all i played thousands of rolls so yeah btw i think the odds for 5 of a kind are 1/10k but not sure i remember someone said it was 1 in 10k but dont remember
  9. lol i got like i dunno 50 people in my friend list i chat with only 2 or 3 of them i dont see why would u want 500 friends or what ever anything over 100 is like to much 500 peep xDD are u going to add all people in stake or sometinn xD?
  10. 500x is total shit better dont hunt it go for medium 6 numbers for that 180x or 710x its pretty god damn easy way better then the 9 or 10 numbers or keno high + on medium u get some 3x and 9x in mean while while hunting 180x while on 10 numbers it could go for ages without hitting anything or hitting like 3.5x then 20 games nothing then again the same and again and again till rip : (
  11. i play manual clicking the space instead of hodling it and it dosnt crash for me
  12. there used to be green theme ish eddie added in old stake ( before the stake 2.0 or whatever it is ) /hack when you wrote /hack in chat it was making your screen green green and back it was kidna cool D: e if i could change one thing i would get keno back to before this update when something was hitting the whole number was lighting in green
  13. the last thing i remember him saying about sportsbook is that he have no idea when it ll be up he said he gotta be sure everything is okay before they can upload it so just wait dosnt matter if it ll be tomorrow or after 2 weeks if you wanna bet on sport on some match or whatever in this month you could that in other site
  14. hmm if u ask me luck aint real i dont believe in it its just a word that describes the shit that happened good or bad but it didnt happen cuz u had good or bad luck but it did cuz it gotta happen to some1 at some point and it turns out u are that someone
  15. hmmm if u just drinking then i dont see how that can do something to ur gambling but if u are getting drunk while gambling u could do a lot of dumb shit xDD i recommend it it will be fun
  16. or would keep going or raise the bet and keep going i need to win rly huge amount to be like i am cashing out and when i say huge i mean hugeeeeeeeeeeeeee and even then i would lose something then cashout and leave something to play with again with just a huge with i would just keep going till bust or till i get down to bust and then go back to what i was and then i would cashout and leave something to gamble with
  17. when i keep on losing i keep on playing 0.o but sometimes when i have losing month or 2 i like to block my self from the casinos for some amount of time to quit for a little a bit of time like that i kill a bit of the addiction then i get addicted again and i do it again
  18. i dunno i always rip in the first 5 min of mega race cant last long so i normally dont even try for mega race anymore tho soon when i have time before that to buy some btc just before the race i would try to get some cool spot but in most of times i come in for the race when it is almost over ;/
  19. nah but sometimes when i am about to do those dumb double up bets when i start i am like i am about ot lose everything and then 1 min later i lose for real sometimes i can just feel that losing streak but i keep on going the same way i am going anyway cuz sometimes i am wrong as well haha
  20. i like shapeshift also that rigged website luckgames . io i use it for exchange it exchanges the coins like in instant it works just fine tho if u do btc to some other crypto it ll take longer cuz of confirm + if u exchange something else to btc the cashout fee is kinda high like lowest one is 20k satoshi i think like slow one which aint cool
  21. hmm i would say coinbase maybe i see a lot of people use that one i use btc atms for that shit way ez and u dont ahve to write ur name and shit jsut wallet deposit cash in it and u are good to go while in coinbase u gotta do id and tons of other shit to just get verified
  22. i think somewhere around christams it will start jumping its always like that it starts going up on christmas and then keep on going slowly or just dropping back to what itwas or less if it does the sec and it drops to less i couldnt be more happy
  23. hmmm yes and not i dont know tbh haha i cant imagine it going up rly high but i can imagine it dropping i would like it to drop i dont know what to believe but i believe that i will gamble it at 1$ and at 100k$ so i believe that bitcoin is usefull lol
  24. hmm cuz there is better coin to gamble with in the start when they added bch it was used a lot like a lot a lot but like everything think else u get bored of it and u go back to what u normally gamble like same when they added xrp people was gambling xrp the most now its back to btc and eth just eth and btc is ez to buy and sell so i guess when it aint a new coin people prefer just to gamble whatever is easier
  25. wtf man there is one way to do that deposit and gambleee CUZ its a casino mate there is no other option but to win or deposit to increase your balance if your question is how to win thats something no1 can answer