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  1. how about a fun race so starting everyday at the same time today 100 winners go to next day for new race then ( only those 100 can join the next race) and 75 winners go to the next day then 50 winners only 30 then 20 then 10 then 3 and only those 3 win lets say price pool is 1 btc 1 place gets 45% 2 place gets 25% 3 place gets 20% and place 4-10 gets the rest 10% and the other people who was in the races 11-100 dont get anything cuz they suck
  2. hi so i downloaded some virus which is rly cool I opened some random website (like normal website) and some virus downloaded it self the moment it downloaded my stereo went ''peeeeeeeeeep'' blue screen saying that its doing something to the hard drive (didnt have enough time to see what.... it went off for 1 sec) and my computer restarted it self i found out about the virus cuz it was putting tons of adds on my chrome i started anti virus programs ( like i tryed with many of them ) it didnt delete anything mayware cleaner found some part of it cleaned but the virus was still out there however 1 day pass i was bored decided to make small depo this time i did not .... and look at this btw computer safe mod was on glad i lost just like 20$ but if i did more rip ... so look out guys i will have to delete it all and reinstall windows just wanna add something this is the amount of trackers and ads blocked for 2 days ( a little bit more then 2 more like 2 and a half )
  3. i hope first challenge aint today cuz i wont be around btw grats i wasnt in forum for 1 2b bets but i remember the 3 or 4b bet event
  4. is my counting or ?
  5. rain showed in chat https://gyazo.com/602f7c773eb554532fd5c7720535ca93 rain showed in rain sent : https://gyazo.com/febb1ae4e4de66b16e29bf7f0d1abee2
  6. mmm my hobby is gambling i used to make video games for fun
  7. i like to smoke and drink white monster or sugar free redbull while i gamble if i go for long gambling like couple of hours + i probably drink more then 10 redbulls and smoke 2-3 packs of cigarettes
  8. i am not rly into cars i dont have a dream car i dont even have a driving license i dont even thing i need one it way better someone to drive u around then u driving
  9. hmmmm i used to deposit thousands in a single deposit before but in stake i keep deposits low maybe the biggest deposit i made was 200$ ( not for the day just a sinlge depo ) if we count deposit for the day it shall be more
  10. i did use it couple of times but it is boring as hell in the end of the day i came to have fun yeah what fun will i have if am using bot .... + kinda not a fan of hilo i like keno and dice the most keno is the most fun game of all the games in stake (for me atleast)
  11. nah they shall stick to what they are doing i dont thing they need this kidna stuff but i would be rly happy if they add more coins to the deposit section
  12. about the challenged and all the giveaways he is doing i thing thats rly cool and on top of it he is a nice n friendly dude
  13. i rly like slots or atleast i used to i didnt play slots in some time now the most i won in a single spin would be maybe like 2k and i used to play slots everyday once from a mobile once in the casino with friends and once at home alone but later on since out slot machines have keno i used to move to keno in the casino and start losing as hell all the profits i made from the slots but in online casinos even if they have keno i kinda stick to the slots in the online casinos i deposit like low amount via terminal ( its something like atm but from it u can deposit to all the online casinos in the country buy bitcoins pay bills this kidna shit ) which is pretty cool cuz when i deposit 20 bux i cant deposit more so in most of time i deposit 20 bux and stick to low bet i make them pretty fast into 100 on slots and then i go dream catcher all in for the time i dont go dream catcher i am playing 10 lines bonus game the bonus is a star and when it drops ( even if its a single one out of 3 ) u get a free spin after it i like to play those ones with max bet on 1 line cuz when u get that stuff with 3 stars and there is like some good shit like ''7'' in the end of both sides its like betting 10$ instead u are betting 1$ or i go for 5 lines 1$ pretty fun to be honest lol
  14. hmmm i like wagers to show in forum cuz i can see how much people are gambling and then i can see which one of them are talking shit like those one with 0.01 wage who goes like '' i lost again its impossible to win'' haha but i dont think it ll be soon + ripple is kinda new a lot of players didnt gamble with it i didnt gamble as much ripple as well got just like 300 wager and it was thx to the coupon of 80 ripple mmmm i wonder if there are people who actually deposited lots of ripple till now
  15. lol when u said rly high multi i thought you are talking about 20k -100kx on limbo or 1-5mx on dice mmm i am usually playing keno chasing 400x but lately i went back to one of my old old tactics for dice with 20x it is working pretty well so i ll stick with it
  16. mmm i like challenges which are are but not as hard so i can bet more then 100 stats on them example is the keno 63x it was kinda hard but not as much i got it with 4k satoshi bet but this limbo ones the 100x twice in a roll busted me more then i would of won from it if it was dice i was going to try but limbo is hardddd
  17. i like the idea but if it was my website i wouldnt do it dosnt matter how trusty you are its always better to see the money in the wallet before they go in the balance of us ( the players) + its just 5 min who cares like lol
  18. dark bruh we used to cash out with 20k fee when btc was higher then it is now who cares about 0.00005 if u cash out 0.1 0.o i rly dont care about it even if btc is back at 20k and fees was 50k i would still pay it to cashout if i want to cashout
  19. this game is total trash i never play it i did couple of times all in on it but nahh it sucks but i have seen people playing it and also a lot of people play it for the races
  20. i would go in one turn i am way to like bored to collect over time i would try to get the 10k coins in 1 day then in long term but its also kinda cool to do it over time as well imagen if ripple goes up while u are doing it and in the end it is 5$ instead of 50 cents then u have 10k coins worth 5$ each
  21. i got keno all in sometimes i pull out some nice amount example 10 numbers all in 4-5 times or more sometimes on of the last ones are 8x+ which gives you a good profit if u start with low amount like 20-30k
  22. lately for nothing valut is shit it would be cool if they add someamount of time before you can cashout of it like 24h or something in otherway it is gay you just deposit to it and later cashout to gamble more
  23. i am only playing auto if i chase couple of wins in a roll so i set it up on 10% chance of win on high once it hits 200% increase of the bet and i set stop if balance over ( for 5 wins ) if base is like 100 stats u ll leave with over 0.01 if u get 5 wins in a roll