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  1. Tsvetlena

    🏆 [TIER] Smash the Cake | HiLo Challenge!

    Hilo:669,800,261 placed by Tsvetlena Wagered: 0.00001000 Payout: 13.94x Profit: 0.00012943 Hilo:669,934,291 placed by Tsvetlena Wagered: 0.00002500 Payout: 27.89x Profit: 0.00067212
  2. Tsvetlena

    Hi :D

    Hello Allison. Welcome to Stake forum and casino. I think you have a great moments here. Good luck
  3. Tsvetlena

    [Micro Loans Service] Wilburito Shop

    Loan paid
  4. Tsvetlena

    [SEEKING] 50K loan

    Loan paid New loan request Amount: 100K Pay: 4 days max 10% on day
  5. Tsvetlena

    [SEEKING] 50K loan

    Seek for 50K loan. 10% on day-4 days max
  6. Tsvetlena

    OlegBarca's Stream #226! Giveaways!!!!!Stake!!

    Good luck Oleg and big wins
  7. Tsvetlena

    Hey Everyone

    Hello . Welcome to Stake Forum and casino, have a nice moments here
  8. Tsvetlena

    [Micro Loans Service] Wilburito Shop

    Username: Tsvetlena Amount: 100K 10% per day 4 days to pay
  9. Tsvetlena

    [SEEKING] 50K loan

    Loan is paid
  10. Tsvetlena

    What you normally play on stake?

    For first game i choice HiLo . If i get 2-3 winning bets in roll with multiplayer x10-x20 i change game with Plinko. There i try with 14-15-16 pins on small bet. In most cases Plinko eat my balance. Not every time , i have big wins on Plinko too. When my balance are low i go to Keno and chaoice 7 numbers with big bets to try recover. With this strategy i recover many times , and have withdraws with great amount.
  11. Tsvetlena

    📢 Official Stake 1st Birthday Stream

    Great news. We waiting for awesome Stream. Good luck all.
  12. Tsvetlena


    Welcome to Stake forum and casino site Andreina. I wish you big luck in games ,
  13. This person is Phantom. I think this name stay behind some of Clobal Company of finanses. We must wait to see what detective find
  14. Tsvetlena

    alt coins on stake

    Some new coin its great idea. I think stake support will add soon some new coins. BCH is one great coin with stable price in traders
  15. Tsvetlena

    Gennady12 Stream #43 Gambling and Giveaways

    Good luck with stream and big wins.