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  1. Pull ya skin back!


  2. Keno:719,526,960 placed by Tsvetlena Wagered: 0.00000100 Payout: 22.50x Profit: 0.00002150
  3. I make many great profits, but don`t whidraw it. My great play is when i get 0.4 from 0.0005BTC. But final withdraw what i make is 0.07BTC and this is my biggest profit that i whithdrawn
  4. In many countries polices confiscated drugs and get it to their dilers to sell it. For the people say they destroy it. Selling drugs is industry for milliards.
  5. Thanks. Stake.com is great site that give you really chance to win big profits. But you should keep it.
  6. HiLo is very difficult game. When you think you've found a strategy, she's surprised you. But it`s great game to make multiplayers like X10-X20
  7. Last night i make a great wins and get perfect profit from 0.001BTC deposit to 0.1BTC , but my person is gamble addict i go to verry big stakes and my ballance go back to normal 0.0 Maybe one day i can go to 1BTC profit and withdraw it
  8. When i get a lot of losing bets in row , i try with change or rotate seed. But i don`t think is it winning strategy to change seed after every roll.
  9. It`s possible to make good profit from faucet. I go to 40k one time from faucet and withdraw it, but i make many times 10K-50K and bust it
  10. Gl luck Shinjo!. I wish you big wins. Stake: Tsvetlena
  11. This is not trick only for Keno. You must play every of games with this trick. Good luck
  12. I visit site every time when i was been free. It`s verry nice site. Games makes my adrenalin going up
  13. That`s was awesome win. Congrats and keep wining
  14. Every addiction occurs when we receive a mental delight after taking something There is only one way to break the addiction INSTANT. No one can control their vices!
  15. I think this game is called Wheel of luck . Roulette is different game with 18 red , 18 black and 1 green numbers . But we are here to share your enjoyment of profit. Be smart and cashout