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  1. He does that for the laughs I did that once too but with my negative profit If you're rich enough to make a joke out of your profit you know you've successfully lived so far!
  2. I think I've never won a single 9900x bet in my life... Dont know why you'ld hunt something that hard if you can just hit a 30.000x on mines within a few thousand rolls :?
  3. I'ld say autobetting is quite nice if you need a break but dont want to stop betting. You can just leave it on and come back later. If you want some action you should play hilo by yourself. I'm the action kind of guy so I never play autobets
  4. Idk what game you're asking for or if youre asking in general... If you want all those options for dice you might want to download the dicebot from seuntjie!
  5. lol... you're some other kind of addicted My wrist never hurts from stake But I got strong wrist tbh
  6. *31st min - End of the first half:*
  7. It's just like... stake should gain new players because theres a challenge once a day. They should earn new players because its a great casino with an awesome community...
  8. So recently stake changed their telegram-challenge-announcement-time-window from 15 minutes to 1 hour and also to 10 hours once or twice. I know they want to give more people the chance to participate in the challenges and I also know it's close to impossible to make everyone happy with the times. But I think it's getting super worn out that the challenge is announced a hour in advance, that means all the alt grinders and random stake newbies can join and wait fo rthe challenge. I think it would be awesome if the stake telegram challenge would be unanounced, like it would just be posted in the telegram randomly throughout the day. Why should this be? It would actually reward the active players on stake, those who spend hours per day on stake, no matter if there is a challenge or not. Right now there are a lot of people who just come online once a day for the challenge, try to take some free money and leave again. Why should those people be rewarded for that? The ones on stake all day should be rewarded. Let me know if you're with me on this point or not!
  9. As far as I know, stake doesnt like to "copycat" games from other sites. But yes I aggree that we should have a jackpot on stake. I just dont know how it should be handled? Is it randomly picking a ticket and you get more tickets if you put in more? Because we already have the lottery organised by @Steve that's basically a limited jackpot where every player has equal chances of winning!
  10. Brooo, chartbet wasn't the reason for the "good old days"... Chartbet made me sooo mad all the time. I had bad connections sometimes and it would lag so it crashed right before I hit the stop bet button... Well anyways, I'm happy it's gone and I hope it wont ever come back!!!! 🙃
  11. Actually, I think it depends on more than just good or bad. I'm certain everyone of us can decide if it's a bad day or a good one. You can do that by looking at 1. your emotions/mood for the day and also 2. previous casino actions. If you already feel down and you're in a bad mood, do you think you're ready for handling a loss of a deposit which might be over 100$ or even more? If that's the case you can definitely say its a bad day for you. Secondly, if you've went through multiple busting sessions in the previous days or weeks, you might step back from gambling for a few days. It's a bad day to gamble if you're losing the last 5 deposits and you still go on. Step back - take a break! I hope I could help anybody with this
  12. I stopped hunting for big mines payouts since I had trouble finding success with the 800x multiplier. I always check or ask for the rolls it took the player to hit their multiplier if its a high one. I think nobody hit a high mines multiplier in their first rolls. I also think manual is kind of more unfortunate in high multipliers ... Auto betting would be better for it, you dont have to watch yourself losing the whole time, you can just switch tabs and check back later.
  13. I feel like that whenever some of my "closer friends" on stake win some special payout. I then feel the urge to hit the same multiplier I cant explain why, but I wouldnt say its a "competition" for me. Its more of a motivation to do the same, like "If they can do it, I can do it too"
  14. My opinion on this whole giveaway thing is, that stake needs to get at least part of the prizes given out back. Like for what reason would they do it if its just 20 eth given out for free. To be honest a minimum wager of 0.00009 btc (=~0.75$) for a prize of 1 eth (=~270$) is more than FAIR. I know it has been less than a half of that before but you must accept the changes stake makes. The minimum wagering amounts have been low for the beginning when stake wasnt sure what was right or wrong. Now they made their decisions with the amounts and I personally dont even mind. You can get 27$ of crypto FOR FREE everyday. Whoever still has the balls to complain about that is crazy and shouldnt play in a casino anyways.