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  1. Maybe stop gambling? No for real though, just stick to the low amounts then. If youre having fun and youre not losing too much money wheres the problem?
  2. This title... lol The words "plinko" and "building up your balance" are never in one sentence unless there is a "sucks for" inbetween For real though out of lets say 100 plinko sessions with a good amount of money I've been in profit afterwards maybe like 5 times. Just because of a big hit. If you want to win on plinko you either go all in on Low 16 or you go hunt for that 1000x or 420x. Realtalk.
  3. Thats just the bank baiting you to play on and dont stop. If youre playing so much that youre almost about to bust youve already lost. The win in the last moment is just pure luck. Dont get me wrong, it feels great to win but essentially you already lost if ur at that point
  4. dont fresk out lol... btc dropped like 10k USD once. You should all learn from those events and make ur own decisions...
  5. Well it seems to be a smart thing to only allow high wagering people to the faucet. I doubt that this did not yet or wont be happening! Can anybody confirm this @Steve @Edward ?
  6. When you're talking about leverage trading. 1. Which professional exchange or trading site lets me do that? 2. What would be a good amount to deposit in the exchange, 10$ 50$? I'ld love to talk further about this. I'm super interested in day trading especially like leverage trading!
  7. My biggest coupon ever was 0.0054 for a giveaway something like "HowLowBTC" can't remember what it was about. But I remember busting all of that...πŸ˜…
  8. Depends on the time of the year. But right now, I dont have anything to do so I spend up to 8 hrs a day on stake
  9. Not guaranteeing any winnings off of this but here is my strat 1.48x 175% incr on loss reset on win If you have a balance of 0.0005 btc or higher u can use 15-20 satoshi basebet. Everything under than dont bet more than 10 sat basebet
  10. Stake likes to do things correctly but also take it slow and make sure its 100% perfect. So dont expect anything in the next 1-2 months. I'ld guess around november-december is a good time to be ready for it. Wheel took over half a year to release
  11. Awesome to hear some of the good actions done on stake! I am sure godloft is more than happy that you didnt just keep his mistaken tip and maybe Karma hits you good. Maybe you win some kind of huge bet soon! Good luck in the future and thanks for being such a good person
  12. I can just connect to this topic! I love how stake turned out to be the best casino ever. I know it from the beginning and would never even assumed that stake would grow this big. I'm proud of the whole team and eddie of course to form this kind of a community and casino. And yes eddies stream has been awesome! Crazy what he gave away. Good luck in the future bro!
  13. Whenever (and thats not too often) win big and tip a lot of people I dont feel regret. its the total opposite. I feel great that I at least made a couple of people happy and didnt bust all my stuff on my own. And another thing is, that when you tip someone in this community and youre good with them there is a high chance that they return you something. Not saying that I expect that but its like that most of the time. A little personal rakeback if you want to say so
  14. Snike


    I did mistake bets like, betting 100k sats instead of 10k. I do them very often... They turn out good like 2 out of 10 bets But I guess whenever it wins me money I'm fine with it. But I do mistakes in chat more often... Like begging and afterwards being mad about being muted Nobodys perfect...
  15. I'ld rate the race a decent 10/10 points. It has been the craziest, most expensive and funniest race ever. The end, when it got super close was sooo good to watch and watching eddies stream at the same time was fun!! I think stake should do less but then higher prize races. Its way more fun to watch and compete!