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  1. Stimu get yourself an Instagram account and get on this commenting grind!
  2. On the stake.com/games page I often find it annoying to scroll down to find a certain game. I'ld appreciate it if there was an option to change the order individually. Like on the apple appscreen. Maybe a like ➕ in the corner where we then can edit the order of the games. Its just a cosmetic thing but it would help us to coordinate more quickly. Who here shares the interest in this feature?
  3. What came first? The egg or the chicken? If you reply please provide a explanation to your theory. This could go on for ever and I finally want to see what's the right answer to that question.
  4. How many times have you been hunting this Number 0 on roulette? How many times have you hit the number next to it or just miss it really close, by two numbers or so. So I thought about this strategy and it works... most of the time... You bet a specific amount on 3, 26, 32, 15. If you prefer low risk you can bet on the three surrounding numbers but then the payout lowers itself significantly. Good luck trying this out
  5. Sooo I invested into ETN, Electroneum, when it was first launched in their ICO. After that it reached an all time high of like 1200 satoshis and its price has been rapidly falling ever since. I sold my stocks a while ago and am happy about it. It makes no sense for me to hold a coin without a future. They've been doing no updates whatsoever but recently they updated some stuff and announced a confident change in the coin and such. Do you personally think ETN will ever rise to its early high standards again? If yes why? (I'm posting this here again because I think this category fits better)
  6. Snike

    Mobile and computer- don’t hurt them!

    I was having an all nighter on mines anhilo the other day and I got to 0.02 from a 20k tip and busted... You can imagine how my keyboard looked after it
  7. Snike

    I got a t-shirt!!

    That looks sweeet! I wanna see you hitting them HR bets with that on lol Good luck in future contests!
  8. Snike

    What would you do if you had a BTC

    75% hodl. 10% cash out to fiat. 15% gambling.
  9. LOL. Seems like you have too much time on your hands... Very interesting facts though, thanks for sharing
  10. Snike

    Bug in mobile page

    Recently I've been victim of a very weird bug where the page on my mobile phone is weirdly shifted. The bar in my google browser which holds the URL is ontop of the balance on stake and when I click, the page doesnt register the click at the same position it shows me. Am I the only one witnessing this or is there anyone else?
  11. Snike

    [Lending] True Finance

    Username: SnikeConfirmed Amount. 100k return: max 10 days
  12. Snike

    [Micro Loans Service] Wilburito Shop

    Amount, 100k Username, SnikeConfirmed
  13. Snike

    [Lending] Short term loans

    Looking for 100k. 5% daily. 10 days max.
  14. Snike

    [Lending] Peckalend

  15. This promo is awesome! Could you tell us when you pick the winners each week? Like on the same day weekly or randomly throughout the week. @Dan