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  1. Yeah, a lot of stake players seem to have bank accounts but I just can't get myself to be disciplined enough...
  2. Snike

    How to hit 1000x in PLINKO (share ur trick here)

    Already tried that! I tilted my phone to exact 90° but it wont give me 1000x! (Btw unignore me on chat lol)
  3. But maybe it was just a wave of hype and it wont rise... at what point would you sell it if bitcoin wont stop going down?
  4. Some of us stakers have been here already when bitcoin was at its all time highest prize and everyone was hyped and said it will sustain its prize there. Do you think after it's huge slump the last month it will climb back up? Is it worth investing now and hoping for a soon rise in value?
  5. So for the longest time now I'm thinking about creating a bank account but I'm not sure if I would be strict enough to tip my profits to it and not play with it. I've done it multiple times but I always played with the balance in the account... Do you have a bank account and do you use it disciplined enough that you actually keep your profits on there?
  6. Mines:655,047,354 placed by SnikeConfirmed Wagered: 0.00000100 Payout: 17.52x Profit: 0.00001652 Tier 1 to start
  7. Snike

    📢 Official Stake 1st Birthday Stream

    Oh yeaaaaaah! Let's get the popcorn ready!!!
  8. While scrolling through some of the deeper sites of stake I found some outdated things that'ld be good to change so we can avoid confusion. https://stake.com/help/account There are questions like "How do I level up?" they can be removed. https://stake.com/account/settings/preferences There is an option to turn off "Achievments notifications". Outdated. And a last thing. When you click on the faucet and choose ETH it still says "Claim BTC 0.00000100 for free to play now!" It should say ETH and 1200. When you pick BTC it should say 100 sats instead of 10. I hope this helps somehow! (Sorry for the repost but I think this thread fits more)
  9. Snike

    0.0005 loan

    paid back!
  10. yayyy Germany made it to the news!! Funny enough I didnt read a single article about this in a local newspaper and I didnt see an article about this on TV... Germany isnt really diggin this crypto trend
  11. Snike

    Strangeness in the game

    Everythings random. What I mean by that is, you can have a 200 bet losing streak. You change your seed and you can get lucky and have a 200 win streak. But after a certain streak there is ups and downs. So be aware of what youre doing and don't think too much about if there could be some suspicious stuff going on!
  12. The easiest ones are the hilo ones most of the time! I love the easy giveaways because their a nice time to spend when youre bored but I love the hard giveaways because you get rewarded for your effort and the hardest one for me personally are the mines ones where you need a certain bankroll to hit a special pattern! Not always easy to hit them
  13. Snike

    Hello Every One

    Hi Lara! enjoy ur time here
  14. I am utterly devastated by the outcome of yesterdays (August 10th) celebration of such a big event. No admins were there to celebrate. Support seemed like they didnt know it. No nothing, It was the 1 year celebration of this awesome site and the community knew that! We all were here, some big user numbers showed! And there was nothing to celebrate with except the chat... I really want some big ass party next time something big occurs! There wasnt even a special theme for the site!? Please stake celebrate the big events better and make it look gooooood
  15. Snike

    0.0005 loan

    Received a 0.0005 loan from truemeng!