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  1. Username: SnikeConfirmed Fav slot provider is probably PlayNGo with theyre WildNorth lol
  2. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is SnikeConfirmed Some of you might know me, some of you won't. I am SnikeConfirmed, probably the first german to sign up on Stake.com. Back in August 2017 I found Stake and I've been a proud member of the community ever since. In the last year I've been more on the inactive side of things on here, sorry for that. Perfectly timed, with Stake's 3rd birthday coming up I've made a little comeback and I wanted to ask who here still knows me πŸ˜› If you could bring one OG Stake member back to life, who would it be and why?
  3. Imagine you wouldve went lower,higher,higher,lower,lower,lower. XD I know, nobody would do it but if you hit that you could be richhh now! Too bad you lost your bet though.
  4. Just thought about this... You might make stake a little more interesting and maybe a little more "active" if you'ld change the interface or however you call it. I was thinking about whenever a big multiplier (>500x) occurs on crash, its a big event and I personally think thats what everybody wants to see with crash, these big hits that make people get crazy profit. So what about "showcasing" these big hits everytime they occur. So lets say a 500x hit comes and everybody online on stake.com will receive a small little notification about it. just like "Highroll alert! Crash just hi
  5. Write him on discord. He individually replies there!! ❀️
  6. Of course there are way more people behind this than eddie and steve. I know the support members have done an awesome job helping all the dumb questioners out and being there for all of us day in day out. But I think steve and eddie did put in a lot more effort than anybody else
  7. I actually think stake has by far the best community of all the casinos there are!!! Also thanks for being a part of this journey!!! <3 What do you mean?
  8. I think I made one of these posts exactly 365 days ago and I have to say, not much has changed from the last time I've been writing this. Stake has gotten to the 2 year mark and the community has grown up to a constant 2500 players online everytime you check the stats. I gotta say @Edward and @Steve have been a big part in all of this developement. Steve has made stake a much more "eventful" (if thats even a word) casino to be around even without gambling. In my own perspective I gotta say, I have taken a break from stake for a couple of weeks/months so I don't really feel this clos
  9. They wont be able to tax crypto earnings cause the anonymous aspect of cryptos. Thats the thing theyre worried about
  10. Okay... I've recorded myself trying now for almost 2 hours. The prize should be raised lol its waaaay to unlikely Up the prize to 500$ LOL
  11. I think I've never won a single 9900x bet in my life... Dont know why you'ld hunt something that hard if you can just hit a 30.000x on mines within a few thousand rolls :?
  12. Imagine youre just rolling some 100 satoshi bets for fun and pull out a 1000000x and win a bitcoin
  13. Now do the same with a 1$ bet and youre RICH!!! Congrats on the hit
  14. I just re-found this post and I think this should be a popup in chat with chatbot. So many good people take part in making the stake community to what it is and they dont get the deserved recognition for it. #MakeValuableStakeMembersValuableAgain
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