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  1. I know this has been a topic of discussion muuuuuultiple times now... But it's still not fixed. I still can't transfer my stake forum satoshis to stake without having to paste a weird Url to get to the dashboard or to go into desktop mode. I know it's kind of picky but I feel like it wouldn't be too hard to fix it. The mobile version of forums or of websites in general shouldn't be disadvantaged. So what's going on with this? Is there any fix coming or is it just pushed aside and "ignored"?
  2. I dont know why it's not showing up tbh... But I find that forum following and "subscribing" to topics in general is a little bugged... They might have the notifications turned off for @Giveaway because you need to check actively if you won something ... Just a guess though
  3. I'm playing hilo everyday or whenever I get like a small rain, with hilo you can take a 100 Satoshi rain to like 20000 sats easily within a few bets!!🤩
  4. You can mute yourself for I think an hour, with the command !bonzo in chat. That's the same thing with the same purpose. The only thing different is that you can't unmute yourself if you do it.
  5. Did it on HiLo and a little bit of mines But it definitely won't happen again I think
  6. Didnt mean to sound rude 😛 Just pointing out how boring of a game baccarat is and it's not attracting anyone... The demanding of the stats and charts were just straight up cause I'm interested in knowing if it's really so inactive on the statistical side. And tbh I actually think as a casino, which has a strong dependance on their playerbase, the administration should explain and discuss their decisions. The players are a part of their system so they should be involved too!
  7. I left my dice on automode over night. I did 1.01x on roll higher than, and increase of 500% when loss appears... I noticed that I won for like 2-3 hrs and then I hit 2 loss in a row and that repeated I think twice in like 1000 bets. So I might agree on your point of them coming in waves. But it might just have been unlucky me
  8. Snike

    Right bet based

    Multiplier: 3x Increase on loss: 5% Increase on win: Reset Basebet: If your starting balance is 0.001 you should start with like 20 sats Hope you win big!!
  9. This post is pointed towards the stake team, @Steve @Edward @AllTheSupportMembers Baccarat has to be one of the less played games on stake, by my personal observations. It's used mostly for giveaways and hunts, there are mutliple other games that offer you a similar game to reach 2x, it has been pushed in the backlight even further by all the new games. So with this post I'm asking for baccarat to be replaced by another game or removed completely. If the team of stake does not feel like it, I demand a list or chart of the recent numbers from baccarat. How many bets have been made in the last month in comparsion to other games, etc. Vote in the poll to state a point here.
  10. I love the most recent bitcoin logo, everyone knows that its bitcoin and another aspect is that it's remarkable. You see it somewhere and instantly make that connection to bitcoin in your head. I wanna know who created the logo and how he got it to be THE bitcoin logo. Like the only one everyone knows.
  11. Appealing about mutes under 240 hours is a joke anyways.... Just wait the time and stop being annoying. But filing an appeal for a ban is, at least I think so, justified. I think you just be careful with how you treat mods decisions though, they're mods or supports for a reason. They know what they do and sometimes you cant say anything against it.
  12. Congrats man! I hope you'll find a happy life in this little cutie
  13. Might as well be our addicted minds, telling us that keno is trolling us. But that again is the point with the emotions within gambling. Its not good to act on emotions when you want to win a decent amount. You should see it more neutral
  14. I feel like the "Skip card" button made it even worse for me... Now I can just skip a 7 and be like oh a 5 thats easy. And BOOM bust Idk why but yes I barely cash out small but still decent payouts.
  15. I definitely think mines has higher chances of yourself overthinking what to pick but I dont think intuitions are "working" more on mines