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  1. Snike

    Laughing all the way!

    I've experienced similar things like you did. A few months back I'ld get super angry about busting or losing but now I just play for fun and partially withdraw sometimes, so I come out with something at least most of the time. Tipping also satisfies a part of me so I don't get angry about my losses. If you feel helpful or happy after a day of gambling you've done it right, no matter if you're in profit or not.
  2. Snike

    How many accounts you play in a day?

    Only got one account that I actively use. I don't think stake doesn't notice the same IP so I also don't think it changes anything lol
  3. I think exactly the same! Doge is worthless like some shitcoin and its just there for the meme!
  4. Snike

    Dicebot and challenges

    Discovered this just now! Thx a lot this helps a ton!
  5. Snike

    is it just me or doge is lucky?

    You gotta think about the value of doge. Having 500 doge is nothing crazy and if you have that 500 doge you can easily make a 10-30 doge profit like you have on your games except dice. But yes it could seem like doge is luckier than btc or eth but in reality its all the same
  6. Snike

    Plinko broke my PC

    Well at least that left ball looks like a 1000x/130x You can be glad that the crash of your pc doesnt affect the plinko bets! They all went through and you received the profit from them. 3-4 hrs afk sounds like 50k balls or more 😮 No wonder your pc crashed
  7. Snike


    The captcha's only reason of existance is, that it avoids abusing of the faucet. It's there for this particular reason and won't ever be removed. More likely is the complete wipe out of faucets, because 5 sats are nothing and it's just there to test a few games. The idea with the 1 satoshi takes the sense away though... 5 sats faucet and 1 sat taken away because youre to lazy to press a few buttons. Not sure if thats making a lot of sense :?
  8. I cant seem to send messages when I hit the "send" button on either my phone or my pc. Also if you do ctrl+v to paste something into the chat thingy it automatically sends it... Super annoying if you try to edit a previous message and it just sends it again. Another bug on the mobile version is that the "Bets" button on the bottom edge doesnt work at all, there's no way to view your recent 10 bets except going to Account-Statistics-Game. (Sorry for making those bugs&complaints posts but I'ld rather make 10 posts about it than let new players see it and think "oh wow this page is unprofessional"...)
  9. Snike

    Rollhunt bot for users!

    True true! I like some action in the chat instead of dead silence!
  10. Snike

    Youtube giveaway

    You probably didnt meet all the regulations for the giveaway "Stake.com" in title, etc.
  11. Snike

    Will Stake offer conversions?

    As far as I know you could use mods or admins as a middleman for some conversions. But I hope there'll be some kind of conversion bot or something! Something quick and easy.
  12. Snike

    0 prize "skem" trivia

    Great idea tbh! Didnt think so far ahead this would make it faster too!
  13. Snike

    Rollhunt bot for users!

    Chatbot rollhunts need special permissions for a mod to start them so theyre kinda rare on stake. Totally agree to that! Rollhunts have nothing to do with internet speed or knowledge, just straight luck.
  14. Snike

    Stake Promotions

    Won like one twitter giveaways... But I won the instagram one, YT one as well and I enter in 90% of the weekly challenges!
  15. I think most of us here are familiar with the rollhunts that chatbot can do. With trivia bot and rain bot it would be super cool to see a Rollhunt bot. It would work mostly like the chatbot rollhunts. You either hunt a number on dice or maybe a multiplier on hilo or something and you PM the bet ID to the bot and then it announces if you took the new first spot or whos leading currently. What do you think of this idea and would you use it? Do you even prefer rollhunts instead of rains/trivia? Let me know!