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  1. Username: SnikeConfirmed Fav slot provider is probably PlayNGo with theyre WildNorth lol
  2. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is SnikeConfirmed Some of you might know me, some of you won't. I am SnikeConfirmed, probably the first german to sign up on Stake.com. Back in August 2017 I found Stake and I've been a proud member of the community ever since. In the last year I've been more on the inactive side of things on here, sorry for that. Perfectly timed, with Stake's 3rd birthday coming up I've made a little comeback and I wanted to ask who here still knows me 😛 If you could bring one OG Stake member back to life, who would it be and why?
  3. Can't forget the moment when you started your thing with Dinabot! That definitely changed entire stake! Other than that I just remember watching some of your twitch streams which were fun too. I hope to share a lot of future moments with you and I am happy that some OGs from the first few days of stake are still around!!! ❤️
  4. I love to bet on leagues or sports I have absolutely no idea that they exist. Like a random asian badminton league. It's all luck from there and that's what I love. Luck and risk
  5. I've tried to find the "best" strat too. I've gone from the baccarat strategy all the way to the "mathematically proven" strategy where you would survive 3 losses in a row on 97.5% win chance on dice, without losing anything. But my conclusion is... There's not a single strategy that will work perfectly everytime. You could just go ahead and start with 0.001 btc on dice and bet 0.00002 btc on 2x and see if you end up in profit or in loss. You could also just play for low multipliers with high bet amounts or you play with martingale strategies. Nothing of this is guaranteed to work, the only thing guaranteed here is, that nothing works without you spending money. It's just that. Good luck with your future races. Maybe you'll have luck with a 100% incr martingale on dice
  6. Well, in theory, the seed is used to calculate either the rolled number on dice or whatever game your playing. So yes, it definitely matters. But I can tell you for sure, that there's no such thing as the lucky seed or the best seed to play with. It doesn't affect your luck. Otherwise every player could play on "Luckynumber666" if that seed would be lucky. Therefore stake uses the hash seed or the number underneath the seed you can manually type in. It's both needed to calculate the outcome of bets.
  7. Imagine you wouldve went lower,higher,higher,lower,lower,lower. XD I know, nobody would do it but if you hit that you could be richhh now! Too bad you lost your bet though.
  8. So you're saying everybody could withdraw 2500 satoshis... ? So I get a 10k sats tip and I could spam stake's server/network with 4 annoying withdrawals? I think even 10k is too low for a minimum withdrawal. It should be somewhere around 200k to be honest. There's no reason to withdraw 10k sats? Thats not even a dollar. You wouldnt go into a real casino with 50$ and go out once you get 51$ lol
  9. Just thought about this... You might make stake a little more interesting and maybe a little more "active" if you'ld change the interface or however you call it. I was thinking about whenever a big multiplier (>500x) occurs on crash, its a big event and I personally think thats what everybody wants to see with crash, these big hits that make people get crazy profit. So what about "showcasing" these big hits everytime they occur. So lets say a 500x hit comes and everybody online on stake.com will receive a small little notification about it. just like "Highroll alert! Crash just hit 502.7x and made a total profit of 0.15274 BTC)" Just to make it a little bit more fun. This could be adapted by other games too. Just like when someone hits an insanely high multiplier like 5.5mil x on mines. Something that really doesnt happen often. I was thinking it would be a fun little add on What you think? You dont like it or do you think its unneccesary?
  10. I thinks it a cool way of honoring the vip status. But put it into perspective. When you watch the people in chat, almost everybody has at least a bronze star. So I am sure if these vip challenges will be similar to the weekly ones I think there will be around 50-100 winners per challenge
  11. Which coupon do you mean? I personally never encountered any delay on coupons, neither claiming nor the publishing part with coupons took longer than usual..
  12. Obviously I'm betting on the ETA of slots. My bet would be 2020 or later.
  13. Been here since Bet Nr. 1 000 000 Glad to have come so far!
  14. It's just to make it easier for the player to figure out how the vip system works and to bait them into going for the next stage. I like it though, its good to know how much I gotta wager and to keep track of it! Excited to see how itll come out!
  15. 0.5 jesus If I ever trade my entire margin amount wouldnt be much higher than 100$ so thats a shit ton of money in my eyes
  16. Didnt play much in august but when I did I definitely played a ton of hilo. Idk why but a quick game of hilo is never wrong
  17. Goodluck man! you couldve made some profit already in the recent btc drop and rise right now Hope you win some big profit
  18. In theory, it would be higher prizes = more participants = more profit eventually for stake. So yes. They really should increase those prizes!!!!
  19. He cant access your funds? You sure about that?... If you have 10k USD$ in your account and he opens a long for 10k USD$ you have no control about where his stop loss or what ever is set at. He has the full power over all your account. Its like giving someone money to trade for you. -1, would not recommend doing this. Despite the fact that some of these trader masters have huge amounts in their accounts, amounts you would have to scale down to use on your behalf.
  20. Stake, the wins that come are not to chase. Tomorrow is another race, Another depo coming in. Keno made me f*cking shout, Eddie when will Slots come out!?
  21. Maybe stop gambling? No for real though, just stick to the low amounts then. If youre having fun and youre not losing too much money wheres the problem?
  22. This title... lol The words "plinko" and "building up your balance" are never in one sentence unless there is a "sucks for" inbetween For real though out of lets say 100 plinko sessions with a good amount of money I've been in profit afterwards maybe like 5 times. Just because of a big hit. If you want to win on plinko you either go all in on Low 16 or you go hunt for that 1000x or 420x. Realtalk.
  23. Thats just the bank baiting you to play on and dont stop. If youre playing so much that youre almost about to bust youve already lost. The win in the last moment is just pure luck. Dont get me wrong, it feels great to win but essentially you already lost if ur at that point
  24. dont fresk out lol... btc dropped like 10k USD once. You should all learn from those events and make ur own decisions...