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  1. Sad
    Snike got a reaction from Seyed64 in Where do I find forum balance?   
    If you reeeally need to see it. You can either type in the direct URL like Dan stated or you can see if your browser app has a "desktop website" mode. Everything should look at least similar to the PC page then
  2. Bitcoin
    Snike reacted to nuuuitsjdragon in Public announcement once a big win occcurs!   
    That’s actually an interesting idea that could bring some excitement and crowds to the game. 
    However, it needs to happen for rare multipliers for it to not be an annoying notification. 
    Should ghost mode players also retain the rights to have their bets hidden or will it still be announced? 😂
  3. Thanks
    Snike got a reaction from lupandina in [0.005 BTC] Preparing for party!   
    Can't forget the moment when you started your thing with Dinabot! That definitely changed entire stake!  Other than that I just remember watching some of your twitch streams which were fun too. I hope to share a lot of future moments with you and I am happy that some OGs from the first few days of stake are still around!!! ❤️
  4. Love
    Snike got a reaction from sahil777 in What is the best strategy to wager in race.   
    I've tried to find the "best" strat too. I've gone from the baccarat strategy all the way to the "mathematically proven" strategy where you would survive 3 losses in a row on 97.5% win chance on dice, without losing anything.
    But my conclusion is... There's not a single strategy that will work perfectly everytime. You could just go ahead and start with 0.001 btc on dice and bet 0.00002 btc on 2x and see if you end up in profit or in loss. 
    You could also just play for low multipliers with high bet amounts or you play with martingale strategies. Nothing of this is guaranteed to work, the only thing guaranteed here is, that nothing works without you spending money. It's just that. Good luck with your future races. Maybe you'll have luck with a 100% incr martingale on dice
  5. Haha
    Snike got a reaction from nikowin88 in Win Sportsbook Beta access - Giveaway!   
    Obviously I'm betting on the ETA of slots. My bet would be 2020 or later.
  6. Payday
    Snike reacted to nattekut in My 24,000$ trading journey!!!!!!!   
    already took some nice profits on the latest drop. made about 0.5BTC on Bitmex and around 0.1BTC on my other trading accounts. 
    But thx for the support. im pretty confident this one will become a blast as well.
  7. Love
    Snike reacted to Mirela in [0.002 BTC] Birthday Festivities! ​🎂​   
    Hey there, Stakers!
    Thanks for bringing your best mood to Stake's birthday party, it wouldn't be such a blast without you! 😎
    Here are the top chatters from this party:
    @CaptainLorca Ravencoin @Mateusz @Enzo @Faris saher01 @napi11
    Best chatters from other channels: @maverick528 @fedrian24 @alobiun 
    Thank you again! See you in chat!  
  8. Thanks
    Snike got a reaction from htetaungxx in How many times did you passed stake's birthday?   
    Been here since almost day one! So I passed this recent one and their 1st birthday. Its funny to see how big stake is getting! Its crazy to think about that it already has been 2 years here
  9. Payday
    Snike reacted to Jakubb in How can someone afford ~10.000$ promos a week?   
    Yeah if you think that stake only makes $20k per week then that's pretty stoopid. It's a big casino. That's all I'm going to say.
  10. Wow
    Snike got a reaction from Wildmonkeylv in How can someone afford ~10.000$ promos a week?   
    "How can someone afford ~10.000$ promos a week?"
    This is the question that's going through my mind when I think about stake's evolution over the last year. At the beginning their main costs were the faucet and forum giveaways. Nowadays they do 5000$ races on the weekend, daily up to 1000$ telegram challenges and throughout the week there are like 1000$ forum giveaways and stuff. 
    But how can one afford to spend like 10.000$ every week and not go completely broke. This makes me thinking about stake's possible weekly income. It has to be over a constant 20k $ if they can give out 10k $ a week without worrying. I also think stake relies on the winners of those challenges to just bet the won money and maybe even get it back from the players
    What do you think, whats behind the high amounts of money given out by stake every week? Is it all a plan or is stake just rich af right now? 
  11. Bitcoin
    Snike reacted to Wildmonkeylv in How can someone afford ~10.000$ promos a week?   
    First of all,on races they make money,they dont lose the ammount,because of highrollers fighting each other and end up busting most of the times .
    Telegram challenges are decreased now depending on your rank,now they will only spend 30-100 $ on those instead of 100-300$,because noone participates with the 0.5 $ anyways .
    Only the real profits they giveaway is coupons,but we all know 99% of the people rip them because of the minimum withdraw and who would want to withdraw 3-276 xrp like the highrollers wouldnt even withdraw the 80$ they got from bday coupon,most of them allined it and lost . rains are pennies to them nowdays,faucet nonexisting .
    last we got forum,forum is kinda a big one tbh,every user can get easily like 0.2-1 $ from making posts,but then again would people want that,and they on and off do challenges/events where more people rip on them aswell so they give a chunk back,but there are some free coins yeah,but most of it goes back or is made for the site to profit more off that event or challenge or whatever event type giveaway they make . 
  12. Love
    Snike reacted to Aazzah in 🎉🎉🎉Birthday celebration post🎉🎉🎉   
    Hey there snike!
    This is a very heart warming post to read. I can fully agree too with all the things you have stated. Eddie and Steve have both put all their best effort in to making stake a nice and positive site to be a part of. I couldn't thank them enough for this!!!  Happy birthday stake ❤️❤️❤️
    Have a great day everyone
  13. Bitcoin
    Snike reacted to Enzo in 🎉🎉🎉Birthday celebration post🎉🎉🎉   
    I would have to agree. Steve does lots of work making promotions for Stake in the form of giveaways, challenges, etc. Afaik the daily challenges for the birthday event were his idea. So yea Eddie and Steve have done quite a lot to make stake as amazing as it is. I've thanked Eddie personally i'd love to thank Steve personally too.
  14. Bitcoin
    Snike reacted to tartaunknow in 🎉🎉🎉Birthday celebration post🎉🎉🎉   
    the community  of stake was the best i have never seen ! i thinks modo , creator and events was the first reason for this !
  15. Love
    Snike reacted to Paecga129 in 🎉🎉🎉Birthday celebration post🎉🎉🎉   
    Yes def a whole lot has changed since last year at this time.   Even a whole lot more has changed since two years ago.   
    I also agree the the community here is absolutely amazing.   
  16. Bitcoin
    Snike reacted to bmg in Plinko instant bet!?   
    I have not hyet tried to play without the animation on for plinko .  I have tried it with other games and I makes the bet's way fast but with plinko I like the animation of the game.    Isn't that the whole point of playing plinko.❤️
  17. Sad
    Snike reacted to BLXN in Plinko instant bet!?   
    It's just the organisms nervous response- we become accustomed to suspending our disbelief as we watch the plinko balls bounce from one peg to another.. I didn't like it at first, but after a while it seemed like a waste of time to wait for the balls to drop to their precalculated destination (such is life for most xD) and just rock the instant-bet.
  18. Bitcoin
    Snike got a reaction from Thepug in 20000$ SuperUltraMega-race   
    I'm using every possibility for me to  get crypto saved up until this date. This will be the most intense race yet so I'll try to get top 150 or something. I already got around 100 bucks in btc saved up
  19. Haha
    Snike got a reaction from sugam in Slots and what’s next?   
    I think it needs a pvp game. Where you play against others. not multiplayer like crash, but against each other
  20. Haha
    Snike got a reaction from steven iwanto in Which game scares you?   
    Baccarat scares me, because of its boredom. it scares me that people actually play it for fun
  21. Payday
    Snike reacted to AlemaoHu3 in Stake slots.   
    The slots have already taken me a lot of money. I hope my situation changes here at Stake
  22. Bitcoin
    Snike reacted to sheenazbay in Stake slots.   
    I've played slots a few times, so I'm really curious about the slots that stake will present later. we'll see, is there a bonus roll or not, but I'll try it
  23. Bitcoin
    Snike reacted to Rawci in Stake slots.   
    Would be sweet but I doubt it. Fingers crossed though 
  24. Haha
    Snike got a reaction from GKD09 in Username/Name Origin   
    My last name is "Kins" wont tell my full name. (You never know what Etude will do)... 
    So my last name spelled backwards is "Snik" so hang an e on it and its "Snike" 
    Dont ask me how I got to that conclusion
  25. Haha
    Snike got a reaction from ethsawin in Grab that $25!   
    omg thanks! I almost forgot to claim my prize 😮 I won 25$ lol