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  1. <a href="http://www.freebiebitcoin.com">Earn free bitcoin</a>
  2. Username: Fresh2def Addy: 3FPUc86ZcXyDNw5Qq6taijiCBLgxNR1XC4 looks very interesting, ill give it a try.
  3. 1. Team C 2. Team B 3. Team D 4. Team E 5. Team A
  4. I choose you because you seem to understand me whenever I'm going through a truly difficult time and come up with the best solutions to my problems that seem to always work out. Thank you for being a friend. @Mikehoncho
  5. this was easy enough thank you so much!!:)
  6. I've actually seen this glitch, someone got 13,000,000x before. on a 0 bet but it was glitch.
  7. i just lost 100k tryna go for this lol some people just got the magic touch.
  8. truly, i am amazed. from now on, i must hunt this.
  9. Holy smokes super risky, but great job! That's how it's done!