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  1. I expect to see a brand new exclusive sponsorship with the great UFC fighter that goes by the name of Gary the Alien. Special moves include pounding his opponents into financial submission, knock out by bust and his famous "an error has occurred". Cant wait! PS. Id also like to see coin converting , usdt , less bots/alts and less skem.
  2. ^But bring back polio The superpower of knowing where the bombs in mines are
  3. The mere thought of a gambling for children is absolutely ludicrous I mean if you really think about it kids don't know what's good for then and gambling is specifically designed to induce a state of fogginess and addiction it would be incredibly irresponsible to allow a child to gamble especially because when you're young you build your habits and you can cease and if those tendencies are to gamble they will probably never stopped in their life
  4. Basic strategy always says to never buy insurance, sometimes I get a hunch and do it anyways and in right ? Alttho I try not to. What do you think ? Is insurance worth It?
  5. zeriko


    Considering I used to be in the top 10 Hanzo players in the world I'm going to have to say OverWatch that should dominate in my neck my life for the better part of three to four years I'm done now but it was fun while it lasted
  6. It would be interesting to participate in a "design the look of XYZ" contest
  7. First of all I would like to say congratulations on your win and good job on the fact that you were able to withdraw and not bust your winnings. Stake and affected my life in a pretty negative I don't really like to dwell about it so here's to hoping things will only get better
  8. Didnt work! I would like my money back sir.
  9. Cuz dreamland is magical duh!
  10. its as ezpz as counting till infinity!
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