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  1. Pokerstars user: ALLin-iSwear I whip my friend's ass in our weekly poker nights so some might call me an expert 😛
  2. VIDEOPOKER: 5,635,147,330 placed by zeriko on 20/05/2019 Wagered 0.00000000 Multiplier 9x Profit 0.00000000
  3. zeriko

    best airdrops

    Heads up to my fellow canadians! It isn't available in canada
  4. Definitely dice! I like to put it at 100x and set at On win x 1.5 On less x 1 Works very well for me
  5. Hmm interesting, thanks for sharing yo
  6. Definitely the user interface the sweetness of it all how everything just works how every button that is supposed to be pressed is able to be pressed and everything makes a satisfying sound as well as really adds to the appeal, let's not forget the hard-working staff that run the support system which is absolutely phenomenal and one I have yet to see matched anywhere else
  7. This is why setting limits is so freaking important in this type of environment blue streaks and win streaks are bound to happen winners know when to withdraw losers don't example myself if I hit big and it is a reasonable amount like for example 1.3 BTC then of course I was draw but if I only went like one meal then I probably keep playing and bust the only time I truly make money is when I went a large amount in one go never a cumulatively
  8. It is my belief that stake does not show us any coupons what's so ever so we should be grateful for the ones we do receive and assume it is the last ones because any other assumptions will just lead to disappointed expectations being created
  9. trivia should definitely not be about the color of someone's underwear or even a number between one and a million, tribute should be about rewarding those with a plethora of knowledge available to them gained from experiences in life unlike easily Google herbal questions it should be some niche irregular yet known information in my opinion
  10. zeriko

    Limbo. 1000x +

    Damn dude crazy hits! I wonder if limbo has an upper limit?
  11. Thats awesome! The UI is very impressive! Thanks stake.