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  1. I ranked up in bursts really.. every time I would win big I would have a huge session where I would wager a shit ton especially if I kept winning which would cause me to rank up pretty fast but then I would have long dry streaks of nothing no winning no wagering maybe some here there but otherwise nothing really so it took me quite a long time to get to Platte and now I'm slowly grinding out Platt I'm at 20% and I don't see it rising too quickly from here on out but you never
  2. I won over $10,000 CAD and lost about 5k of it so around 5 k profit
  3. As silly as it sounds I consider myself a professional Keno player considering I have over .5 BTC profit in it but of course I could also just be very lucky and on top of that I probably lost more than I have one there so take that with a grain of salt
  4. That's pretty dope that you got rewarded for that everytime I point out a mistake I've never gotten rewarded for it but that's okay I understand as far as I am aware visual bugs aren't something that users would get rewarded for so it would have to be something very technical and specific otherwise you get zip
  5. How do you feel about a "history of viewed of Bet IDs" feature? "history of viewed Bet IDs"* Well, on more than one occasion I have opened a bet ID( mine or someone elses) and forgot to copy down the bet ID, basically my ability to find it forever ( unless it's mine and I feel like digging through my old bets) With this feature I'm suggesting, it would act like a congregation of all bet IDs That I have ever intentionally clicked on , maybe even add a feature to label each bet ID , maybe even add a search function Also maybe a save bet ID Function? So have 2 sections , 1: history; all previously viewed bets 2: saved; all saved bets Lemme know what yall think!
  6. 2020 is not only the end of 2019 but also the beginning of a whole new decade are dreams and wishes are dependant on how we behave from that point on let's all hope that we are will all succeed with any endeavors we might pursue good luck and stay Sharp
  7. they did say they were going to add a bunch of different other slots so I'm thinking maybe different types of bonuses could be added as well I guess we'll see what time I'm really excited what we have in store for us they've been doing a really good job at adding games especially slots and win turned out extremely well fingers crossed!
  8. Yeah it's probably going to have to be this one it's literally someone thinking I want to make a topic but I don't want to make it stupid oh wait what if I make the topic about stupid topics brilliant!
  9. Yep I have in the past wagered I shit ton of money and lost a shit ton of money just to get platinum I mean sure it was worth it because I get bigger coupons and bonuses but I lost like a good two to three thousand dollars within a half an hour in order to get it so I don't know if I'm actually benefiting from it or not.
  10. Got to respect the fact that they're willing to risk all that money even though of course they know as much as well as we do that the majority of that money is going to return to them and not only that but players will deposit and wait or even more right after in order to win back the losses entire recover it's kind of brilliant if you ask me steak is pretty fucking amazing
  11. yeah honestly all I want is a hat with Gary on it and maybe a shirt or some socks my life would be complete and I will be able to quit this forever
  12. Yeah depending of course on the size of the coupon fuck waiting a year waiting an hour is bad enough as it is so I can only imagine
  13. Yep I guess that's one way to do it for me personally I like to do the Baccarat method although it's not that great because you do end up losing quite a bit just because of the .98 problem but you know it's not the worst either as a matter of fact I use that method to gain platinum status so how bad can it really be I mean am I right
  14. Honestly for Christmas all I want is this horrificly crippling addiction to disappear from my life entirely and for me to have never have met Bitcoin cryptocurrency gambling websites.