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  1. Pokerstars user: ALLin-iSwear I whip my friend's ass in our weekly poker nights so some might call me an expert 😛
  2. VIDEOPOKER: 5,635,147,330 placed by zeriko on 20/05/2019 Wagered 0.00000000 Multiplier 9x Profit 0.00000000
  3. zeriko

    best airdrops

    Heads up to my fellow canadians! It isn't available in canada
  4. Definitely dice! I like to put it at 100x and set at On win x 1.5 On less x 1 Works very well for me
  5. Hmm interesting, thanks for sharing yo
  6. Definitely the user interface the sweetness of it all how everything just works how every button that is supposed to be pressed is able to be pressed and everything makes a satisfying sound as well as really adds to the appeal, let's not forget the hard-working staff that run the support system which is absolutely phenomenal and one I have yet to see matched anywhere else
  7. This is why setting limits is so freaking important in this type of environment blue streaks and win streaks are bound to happen winners know when to withdraw losers don't example myself if I hit big and it is a reasonable amount like for example 1.3 BTC then of course I was draw but if I only went like one meal then I probably keep playing and bust the only time I truly make money is when I went a large amount in one go never a cumulatively
  8. It is my belief that stake does not show us any coupons what's so ever so we should be grateful for the ones we do receive and assume it is the last ones because any other assumptions will just lead to disappointed expectations being created
  9. trivia should definitely not be about the color of someone's underwear or even a number between one and a million, tribute should be about rewarding those with a plethora of knowledge available to them gained from experiences in life unlike easily Google herbal questions it should be some niche irregular yet known information in my opinion
  10. zeriko

    Limbo. 1000x +

    Damn dude crazy hits! I wonder if limbo has an upper limit?
  11. Thats awesome! The UI is very impressive! Thanks stake.
  12. Honestly I've never prerolled and i don't intend to try it, the fear of hitting my desired multiplier during it is way too overpowering
  13. Lol fuck that . We are all adults and so chat should be treated as such, no reason to censor freedom of speech to that extent.
  14. Gambling is taking part in any game or activity in which you risk money or a valuable object in order to win money.
  15. Well for casinos it stimulates local economies, When you can attract thousands of people from outside your area to come and do business with you, some of the money they bring will be spent on local businesses around you. Also, you’ll spend the money you earn, thus contributing back to the economy. Many casinos have created vast opportunities for their local communities through hiring of employees, contracting with local businesses, and drawing in large numbers of people who stay overnight at local hotels. So while most of those people may go home losers, they will have injected new wealth into the local communities.
  16. It starts out great, a few wins here and there and the excitement but pretty soon, without you knowing it starts to take a grip on you. Denial sets in where you lie and you cover the addiction to family and friends, because basically you don’t wanna stop. You start to plan your next gambling adventure, you next session, you forget and then lose your interests and hobbies, you forget your morals and your own standards as a person as the addiction takes holds, and you simply feed it, never yourself. Addiction blocks emotions, it suppresses them so much you don’t ‘fee’ anything, only when you gamble, it takes you away from you, and your problems and then gives you a hundred more. It slowly starts to eat away at your self-esteem, your confidence and any belief you had in yourself. You live when you gamble, you feel and everything is gonna be ok, but you always, always lose, you have to if your a compulsive gambler and you then let go of so much anger and frustration, but you blame yourself for being so stupid and worthless, you feel like a nothing and then you have to play again to feel anything and feel good about yourself. Gambling is a great way to feel like a something, and a great way to make you feel like a nobody. You lose your money or you want to stop for good, then loads of pent up emotion is there, huge feelings of loss, guilt, shame, sadness and anger from the past 5 years of addiction, which makes things so difficult to face, a life that seems black and endless. Queue thoughts of suicide, depression and anxiety which are there constantly underneath.
  17. Gambling while unemployed is an important subject for discussion. I know that being unemployed, amplified my stress and depression. It caused thoughts like oh Ive nothing better to do so I will just go a win a bit of money.
  18. NEVER stop gambling! My interpretation of gambling: Taking a risky action in the hope of a better result. Your whole life is a gamble. We will never really know what is going to happen. Preparation is key, but the outcome will never be certain. We can only foresee so much. If people would stop gambling, mankind would stop evolving. Elon Musk gambled on the future of the car industry with Tesla, Jeff Bezos gambled when he started his online business. Hopefully there are people right now gambling with there future by building the companies that will define the world that has yet to build. Sometimes a little risk is a good thing. Just remember, if you keep trying, eventually you will win! What do u think?
  19. Damn thanks for these tips! They are actually very helpful and im probably gonna use then tonight!.
  20. I'll be making the best damn mac n cheese ever made! I might throw in some raw hotdogs and deep fry the whole thing for the right crisp 😉
  21. I hope it's a 2 part; 1. 9800x two times in s row 2. 100x keno