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  1. 17 BLACKJACK: 8,753,478,265 placed by boobs on 10/09/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00000100 18 BLACKJACK: 8,754,127,933 placed by boobs on 10/09/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00000100 19 BLACKJACK: 8,754,188,893 placed by boobs on 10/09/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00000100 20 BLACKJACK: 8,754,230,526 placed by boobs on 10/09/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00000100 21 BLACKJACK: 8,754,363,042 placed by boobs on 10/09/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00000100
  2. i have made a quick excel for that (the payout ...x may seems off a bit but it is just visual, the cashout amount is corrected) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bXbuZYxY80OnD48ZsD1i57vPAOECSEodRzLQaRVErg4/edit#gid=1361250624 if 21 card isn't enough, you can drag the lastest 3 block to add more (aside from the first set, which have different function than other)
  3. the problem with martingale is 1. in the end it will have the same chance for risk and reward than when you bet normally 2. you'd actually performing worse than betting normally since you can't optimize every bet to the best amount (if you didn't using script or re-adjust every hand) 3. the house payout cap or your balance cap let's say you have 1 btc and want a 2 btc as a goal. normally if you go all-in in dice for 2x, you'd have a 49.5% chance to get that (or lose all money) then if you're using martingale, let's say you're up to 12 losing streak, the initial amount would be ~24,420 satoshi, and those would give you a 0.028% chance to lose pre bet per chain of bet if you're using the same payout setting (which if we divide those by 1, it would give you an average 3635 roll until you hit the busted streak) let's say we run auto at 24420 sat for 1800 roll (which is half of expected roll to busted), it would give you a 24420*2*49.5%*1800 = 43,516,440 sat, which is about 57% less than expected value of 1 btc we'd get from the same risk of going all-in why it is lower? well, because you need to re-adjust the bet amount every time you win for optimal amount if you want the same risk and reward when you going all-in, which defeated the purpose of setting an auto-bet in the first place i do post the fine-tune bet script for martingale in Seuntjie dicebot's topic tho, check it if you're interested but i'm not using it since bet it manually is more fun to me than just watch the bot roll and then busted (wrote the script is fun part tho)
  4. another script i planned to write 1. random 5-49.5% chance as the first bet 2. if lose, switch into a random 2.01-2.99 payout for the next roll 3. if lose again increased the payout to 3.xx, 4.xx, 5.xx til reached 9.xx 4. then it will start martingale from the last 9.xx til busted or hit the limit chance = math.random(1, 4950)/100 if win then xxx elseif currentstreak <= -1 and currentstreak >= -9 chance = bla bla from [ payout = -1*currentstreak+1 + something somthing from last chance between 0.01-0.99 ] else margingale bla lba til maxred
  5. it is very easy to use you just need to put in your username, api copy from stake (which will act as a permission token to login and bet) and 2fa if you're using it (no need for password) tho i preferred write the script myself because it's easier for me to use than a preset one it is very similar to stake autobet with a betting system build-in so it shouldn't be hard to figure it out
  6. yes, most of them are doable since the payout will likely to replenish itself (roulette, dice, blackjack, keno, diamond poker, baccarat) as long as it isn't something absurd (like hit a 0.00 with 9900x) however some are pretty much lower your balance every bet until you hit it (plinko and chartbet come to mind) so i'd likely avoid those if it's part of a challenge (unless it's something like hit 100x on chartbet which isn't hard to do)
  7. yes, imo it is better to play an equal bet rather than progressive bet on blackjack. because 1. you will hit the limit eventually (either casino cap or max amount of your balance) 2. to get most out of blackjack you need to both play split and double, which will screw your martingale plan since if you lose, the next bet must be 4x, and you can't do a 4x bet if it is your semi-last bet
  8. i remember see a forum post about this said the backend is nearly done and only the frontend left. so soon i guess? (as in the early month next year)
  9. hope this help because i don't understand it at first too
  10. my first script a martingale thank you for the bot it is very helpful chance = 50.01 --sets your chance for placing a bet multiplier = 2 usemultiplier = false --set to bet base on multiplier instead of chance, this setting ignore the chance setting edge = 0.01 --set the house edge maxred = 8 --set max lose in a row to calculate base bet capred = 6 --set max lose in a row to stop betting when reached the cap, disable by set it to 0 initialbalance = balance --set initial balance. you could also input in by hand minbalancemult = 0.55 maxbalancemult = 1.2 balancemult = true --set to use balance cap (min/max multiplier of initial balance) or not minbalancenum = 0.0001 maxbalancenum = 0.0001667 balancenum = false --set to use balance cap (min/max amount of balance) or not bethigh = true --bet high when true, bet low when false hilorandom = true --set to false to use bethigh and enablezz, set to true to make it random enablezz = false --set to true to use high/low switching using settings from advanced mode enablesrc = false --set to true to use stop/reset conditions using settings from advanced mode paidout = (1-edge)/(chance/100) addeachlose = 1/(paidout-1) balancewin = balance basebet = balance/((paidout-1)*(-1+(addeachlose+1)^maxred)) nextbet = basebet if usemultiplier == true then chance = (1-edge)/multiplier end function dobet() if balancemult == true and (balance >= initialbalance*maxbalancemult or balance <= balancewin*minbalancemult) then stop() end if balancenum == true and (balance >= maxbalancenum or balance <= minbalancenum) then stop() end if hilorandom == true then enablezz = false if math.random(1,2) == 1 then bethigh = false else bethigh = true end end basebet = balance/((paidout-1)*(-1+(addeachlose+1)^maxred)) if win then balancewin = balance nextbet = basebet else nextbet = previousbet*(1+addeachlose)-0.0000000001 end if currentstreak <= -1*capred and capred ~= 0 then stop() end end
  11. lolipant

    Hilo 47000-x

    wow.. such a huge multiplier, are you using bot to hunt them?
  12. i only do that when i bet big from the bank account, on the main account i disable ghost mode
  13. simple suggestion: probability to hit it
  14. for me: i look at each game as a pure number, baccarat is one of the worst game on site imo let's say we group the game on stake as the following (if you don't use auto-bet): 1. fixed chance fixed payout (customizable or not): diamond poker*, baccarat*, dice, roulette* this meant the game that, you bet for a certain multiplier, and with a certain chance to get it for example: on dice you bet with 49.5% to get 2x payout, on roulette you bet with 18/37 to get 2x payout, on baccarat (tie for example) you bet with about 9.5% to get 8x payout (you get the idea, that the rate won't change once you start playing the game) among them dice is the best due to the customizable of payout and chance, also have the lowest house edge. baccarat is kinda a re-skin of dice and have higher edge in any side you pick * can also be a various payout if you bet on at least two side 2. fixed chance various payout: wheel, plinko, keno this is the game where, each multiplier have a certain chance to it, and from one bet, it is possible to hit one of them 3. various chance, various payout: hilo, chartbet, mines this is the game where, the chance to win change while you're playing, the more risk you take during the play, the higher payout, you can choose to stop at any point while playing 4. various chance, fixed payout: blackjack this is the only one game that doesn't have a fixed house edge, where the chance to win is entirely up to the player, how he play will affected the game in the long run
  15. i try to fit the rule of zilch into casino format and it come to this https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yrMi1jsUxzilrKoUfmSo8qHfFfTN2lxKEextfUSS7D0/edit#gid=0 which i take the blackjack model to adept, and i think it should favor the house while give a player decent chance to hit (somewhat) big. would you play it if it's real?