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  1. lolipant

    [Suggestion] Upvotes and Downvotes

    there's those already, you could use react as haha or thanks for upvote, and lame for downvote.
  2. lolipant

    The official Chartbet Cap

    pretty sure it's 1,000,000.00x source: open-source verification source code https://github.com/RGBKey/stake-verifier/blob/master/main.js it show MAX_CHARTBET: 1000000, and i certainly have seen more than 10000x before, so it can't be 10000.00x
  3. lolipant

    What do you guys think?

    isn't this meant we have to take a full risk (no support from stake anymore) but are allowed to post in off-topic (or whatever forum) instead?
  4. lolipant

    How many accounts you play in a day?

    i play only one account, however i'll preroll until the inevitable losing streak is gone then i'll play it for real or change to other game when i found the trend on the seed. since some bad roll on one game may be the good roll on another game oh and learn to get the feeling of how the seed/nonce works help me a lot at that i do use bank account tho, i guess that make me play on 2 accounts? (altho i didn't bet on the bank account)
  5. lolipant

    Dicebot and challenges

    i tidy the code in my previous post up a bit to make it easier to input the number if anyone interested
  6. lolipant

    Trivia Bot Question

    it should hold the amount when user create the trivia, and returned it if user cancel (but in case of cancel it should also have message tell everyone in chat), and make it so the user who create the trivia can do other thing while it is running (not have to just sit waiting for the corrected answer or play in another tab)
  7. lolipant

    Will Stake offer conversions?

    a middleman bot between two user (fees 0.5% each) is fine as well, while both can put in a required amount from each other
  8. another script i planned to write 1. random 5-49.5% chance as the first bet 2. if lose, switch into a random 2.01-2.99 payout for the next roll 3. if lose again increased the payout to 3.xx, 4.xx, 5.xx til reached 9.xx 4. then it will start martingale from the last 9.xx til busted or hit the limit chance = math.random(1, 4950)/100 if win then xxx elseif currentstreak <= -1 and currentstreak >= -9 chance = bla bla from [ payout = -1*currentstreak+1 + something somthing from last chance between 0.01-0.99 ] else margingale bla lba til maxred
  9. lolipant

    Plinko calculator!

    it's the same number in different format. in Dan topic it's 1/32768 which is 0.000030517 which is 0.0030517% (for both side, for each side it is 0.0015258%)
  10. lolipant

    Original dice or Sphere dice?

    it's the same game, the different is just the shape of dice and sphere dice show last number you roll (normal dice number will fade out after 2-3 secs). so i always go with sphere dice
  11. lolipant

    [Limited-Time] Free Online Courses!

    i can just click enroll to keep it forever right?
  12. lolipant

    Visualizing Provably Fair

    is this still in development? it sound interesting
  13. lolipant

    Verifying bets

    there are many third party verifier, in this topic also have some
  14. lolipant

    Pot luck, or something fishy?

    it only show winning bet, i check his recent bet with api and he losing a lot (all bet is 10k) since he use ghost mode i won't revealed his name, but from what i see it's pretty normal
  15. lolipant

    what i do in diamond poker

    martingale doesn't going good with diamond poker, since 1.5x will ruined it even if you doesn't hit the long red and busted