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  1. Hi Guys, I just wanted to warn you and alert you that my account has not been in my possession for the past few days.

    I was hacked by the User @Memplus, according to the admins. I had not activated my 2FA until then, because I did not hold any coins on an online wallet, but always played and after I finished my "session" the bitcoins also paid off. Please take care! I did not ask for naked photos, nor did I ask for a rental !! Everyone who knows me knows that I would never do that. 

    • I have NO TELEGRAM! I'm only in touch with the admins if anyone needs me, whenever.
    • I will NEVER ask users for private data, investments or for money, nude photos or whatever !!!
    • I will NEVER contact users by themselves and ask for something! I hope not many users were harmed. And if so, then I can only express my condolences to you, because actually every normal user should know that I will never ask for a rental.
    • My Account is now under my control again. 

    For all those who do not believe me, an admin or support will confirm this.