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  1. It`s not gonna happen too soon not because of the lag as you say, but because it needs a special room to built it in Stake site. It`s not that easy as you think. Tho the admin could hold private cash tables/tournaments on some big poker room. And even doing this it`s a lot to discuss.
  2. What can you expect from a fun coin or meme coin as someone here named it ? It`s a fun coin, so have fun with it. I wouldnt have too many expectations from it.
  3. It`s called gambling. You can`t help it. But in the end you lost just 2$ and not 200$. That`s how i set up my mind when this things happen to me. It suck but it will make you feel better in the end.
  4. Trump is my bitch, I spank his ass every morning for good luck. Then i log in on Stake and lose all my crypto with one click !!! 😅
  5. That`s actually a good idea. It will be lot easier to know how much it`s worth your crypto, without going through google & stuff. I quote that.
  6. I could send you a msg with my ref link on some good poker rooms. Just let me know if you are interested
  7. I play all variants. I don`t think it`s going to be easy to do a poker room on stake.com. But it would be easier for the owner to host some tournaments on other big poker rooms. Or on the crypto related poker rooms. There are a few. And i`m quite sure the poker rooms will agree to host them.
  8. moolB


    Thanks Rade, I`m quite sure i`ll do have fun. And that`s not all. Seems there`s a lot of interesting things around Cheers mate
  9. moolB


    Oh yes. BLAH is around of course. Hello everybody. This is Bloom aka moolB, aka Zzizux, aka i dont ever remember what other usernames i was using lol. I was just watching the forum until now, the moment i decided to join in. I must say it looks pretty cool. See you around guys. Take care and stay safe. BLAH to all ! OK I`m back now !!! lol