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  1. Kate

    A bet to the moon!

    Yeah there are but don't use any unless it is an official one or has the approval of Stake like the Dicebot for PD and stake.
  2. Kate

    Hidden tricks?

    Won't share anything unless it is official . Because i can be blamed of as a person who might be possible to be one of the links to the stolen coins of someone who uses the bot or some .exe i recommended
  3. First of all i like what you did with the Instagram colours Also gl to all and thanks stevie
  4. Running an unknown or non official or approved bot by the stake team is risky because it can be a virus or a bot to steal your balance. Also i found a python blackjack bot somehow.
  5. Well it is not yet safe because : It is not approved by the Stake team It is not posted anywhere in Public It is not that well known by others so hence it can be a potential virus .
  6. The site is owned by both of you ? Nice Username : Doseupz
  7. Lol what do you run in your Firefox ? Are you mining from that ? 2GB usage goes towards firefox ? that ain't normal my friend.
  8. Wow what a choice. By what a choice i mean that's the worst choice. No matter what gambling can't be picked over wife or any of your family members.
  9. What is that that is that . That was that until you said what.
  10. Ah i heard about this site. A friend told me about it last month or something i guess. The site is fun to use and the interface is great it seems and there are only some minor bugs in the game but the payout has no bugs.
  11. 2019 could be the year * fingers crossed * . This can be the year when all the altcoins rise and go behind Bitcoin. We can't surely tell but have to wait and see.
  12. I would never store my cryptos in bank . A bank is just a very greedy cooperate that is established just to take our money away from us for no reasons. Holding money in that is also a thing i hate to do but have to do it.
  13. I guess the link you provided is a referral link ? Please also provide a clean link along with the referral link. It is against the rules to just provide the referral link. Thanks