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  1. The place where btc is used in every single shop and person and btc is the currency
  2. Kate

    Bitcoin Fees

    Its according to the price of btc that the fees varry while sending the transaction
  3. Lol hahhahaha nice quoting jt Suddenlybroke Umm also meme this in wrong section should be under altcoin discussion
  4. Kate

    Block Show

    Well thats the truth I am lazy since I am on mobile πŸ˜› would click the link if I was on pc
  5. Heya stakers, Since we all gamble with either btc or eth I wanted to know if you would like to gamble with a different coin ? And why would you choose that coin ? I would choose dogecoin since its fast to send cheap fees and can win a big amount since we would be betting like 50 doge every game or more. So leave your coins below which you would like to gamble with.
  6. Coinsmart has launched a new crypto exchange especially for candian tax payers. The exchange comes with a tool that helps the users calculate their tax. The exchange will be releasing many coins in the future for now they plan to release coins like BTC LTC ETH etc. The interface is made in a simple design for newbies to invest in cryptos easily. What are your thoughts on this guy's ? Source : https://news.bitcoin.com/coinsmart-launches-cryptocurrency-exchange-for-canadian-tax-payers/
  7. Kate

    Bitcoin will die?

    Umm no since its a one of the coins out there that has a traiding pair with every single coin
  8. Oh well now I know a bit more of btc and the only thing I know about btc history is that it was made by satoshi namokato
  9. Yup I bought gaming accounts with btc for overwatch and for fortnite
  10. Tagging @Mirela to close this since the puzzle its already solved :). gratz to who solved it
  11. Kate

    High risk or low risk?

    Trading is also high risk since ehrn you buy a coin to hodl and expect it to go up it sometimes might not
  12. The huge variety of games it offers and the winnings they give us
  13. Kate

    Best Gambling Site 2017

    Oh congrats primedice has won so I guess @Mirela can lock this topic. Gratz siter company PD
  14. Kate

    Gambling Disorder

    You have a typo it should be gambling mot gaming you missed the b and l I guess. But damn gambling can be controlled by people who are addictive and those people who are able to control things in their lives
  15. Kate

    Gambling awareness (warning!!!)

    Wtf damn that picture is freaking me out ffs lol. Now I will be so paranoid everytime for 1 week. Thanks a lot