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  1. Yeah i believe that they should add the reactions of new coins which is a nice touch to the reactions of the site. But i believe that there is a lot of reactions already tho .
  2. How much do you earn for 1 video may i know ?
  3. I suggest that any huge amount of coins if anyone is buying then please go for Binnace dont go for YObit it is just a scam site and nothing else. Binance is better for big amounts.
  4. I just dont try to hit challenges in mobile because i feel like it is way better to do it on PC and there is a less lag and better way to check ID on PC , i just feel like thowing something while playing on phone lol.
  5. Well a good idea to quit and hope you do return if you want to because stake always welcomes ya and congrats on hitting that huge goal you had which was pretty big achievement.
  6. Because they want to help some people and knowing that a small tip from you can change someones life or possibly just put a smile on them then that is the best feeling thats why.
  7. Umm would love to be fast and charming πŸ˜›
  8. Kate

    Gambling days

    It is just a luck thing some days are lucky and some days are unlucky nad some days are worst and some days is the best lick and a very huge luck and you win a lot from that day.
  9. Umm i wuld go with the lowest risk possible from it like for example dont play plinko or dice but rather go for mines and try playing it slowly and building it up to the goal that is needed.
  10. I don't think that trump can do anything to stop something that is out of his hands but still he can restrict usa residents from using bitcoin by blocking a lot of sites and a lot of things.
  11. So basically crypto which is linked with which of the things we all use every day and like it a lot. Hope that this becomes true and doesnt fall out because this is just a great coin.
  12. Could you imagine if this would happen ? Like it would be great no doubt but just think of how vast it would be and bring in so many more players to the site that is for sure.