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  1. Yup they are one of the best they handled the tipping for players thing when they had a lot of support tickets to reply too and they also handle these challenges things.
  2. Dice would be the choice for me because dice is one of the best games , it has a good payout mechanism where as keno is just stuck with the number that is fixed in the game.
  3. That's why stake increased the minimum from 1$ to 10$ and now they have done it to 100$ it isn't 1$ now , and yeah it annoys that they can deposit 1$ and just go on dice with full green and reach that easily.
  4. Do you have any sort of payment proofs ?
  5. Yeah eddie said that they had to remove it because there were no players using it and everyone just used the dark mode and it will be re released if there is a high demand for it.
  6. My best bet on coins are : XMR DOGE BTC LTC ETH Just have a feeling that these coins would boom along with Bitcoin for a few time.
  7. i am not a fan of slots at all the game is just not that good to be added to stake yet in my opinion but if they do bring in some changes that would be a nice add on for the game.
  8. Well because it is not against the Terms of Service of the site and is allowed by the site to create alt accounts and do anything you want in that if they added " Can't talk when muted in real account " it would be a good adddition.
  9. Actually the current logo of Bitcoin is actually the best one , because it is not a much of a very radiant colour but is bright to attract people and isn't a colour which can hurt our eyes.
  10. I assume the fews is fees ? To my surprise yesterday was like the first time i exchanged eth to bitcoin for months i have done it before but the fees was sooo less this time and also a plus side it got confirmed like in a snap.
  11. True because most of the people you have tipped would be beggars and they don't want to appreciate anyone but just want to get your money , honestly i'd do a rain instead of a huge tip in your shoes.