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  1. Thing is i guess why they didnt add that yet is because they dont allow alt accounts to activate rakeback in 2 or more accounts because then lets face it stake would just be loosing money rather than making some to be honest.
  2. Well it depends on the games that you choose like for example plinko has a good chance of hitting high multipliers but dice would habe a way better chance and limbo has a lower chance from it.
  3. Umm i use it as a poggy bank and sometimes like a bank like i deposit a good amount and keep only 10 percent in my balance and the rest goes into the vault and withdraw it when i need from the vault.
  4. That story you defined is wxactly the story that happens to everyone here i believe so and i think is true but of course smaller accounts not account like those huge because those are too big lol
  5. I used to complete it almost everytime before but now i rarely get the time since i am a bit busy from work so not much free time i got on my hand to play and try to hit those challenges that take a while.
  6. Wow a nice hit indeed and to hear that you won it by accident is what makes it more sweet and nice and congrats on the hige hit you got a very damn good huge payout you got from this to be honest.
  7. Be satoshi to be honest because satoshi holds the largest number of bitcoins that is ever out there and having that is much more better than having like 1 million bitcoins i feel like that πŸ˜›
  8. Mostly from online business started and some from the forum too and a percentage is only deposited of the profits that i get from the business since cant risk too much thats why πŸ˜›
  9. No i dont believe so and dont think so it is not needed doing so doesnt guarantee you get a tip from raindbot that for sure but it does guarantee one thing that is getting mute or a ban from a mod.
  10. Lol this aint some type of game to do that this is based on pire luck and skill to be honest and your team if has a bad luck player the whole team could end up loosing from it so no dont like this.