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  1. Hey i can exchange your forum satoshi's to Stake satoshi's for 3% Fee Minimum Requirements : Must have 100 Posts That's it. Nothing else . Since to send sats you should have 100 Post's. Exchange from Forum satoshi's -> Stake Satoshi's with 3% fee
  2. Kate

    Coinbase met SEC to apply for banking license

    Ah that sounds good . Hope it comes true so we can exchange crypto's and currencies easily i guess. Its very hard atm to exchange from Coinbase wallet to other crypto's or currencies. Anyway thanks for the info
  3. Kate

    Need stake sats exchanged

    I want Eth for my btc so anyone der who does this exchange ? Thanks PM me in forum
  4. Kate

    Bitcoin.com sponsored MMA Fight, can Stake.com do this?

    Yea it's great but the amount of btc needed will be a lot and it might affect the win percentage in the site for us so I would not advice it. But if Stake can do it withouth affecting the win percentage then okay i am in since stake will be famous all over the world
  5. Great info. Also came to know of a new coin called Namecoin WOW. Btw is that a new coin ? Also is this analysis done on the prices of the coins 5 years back or now ? Also that list is the top 10 coins list ? Or just a list you made and put all the coins that are good in value and are known to everyone ? Thanks for the info
  6. Ok let them keep some regulations that don't make people who use crypto's to worry or not be interested in that. But let them keep like 5% taxes or something like that. But banning of crypto mining ? Seriously !! That is so not good. I feel almost 95% Crypto users earn their revenue from mining and i am one of them. Also not suprised that they are putting regulations since there are many countries who have put some regulations Anyway thanks for the news
  7. Kate

    China Has Found 421 Fake Cryptocurrencies

    There are a lot more than that. They said that these are the accurate amount of Fake coins so its just an accurate not exact. Feels bad that many people get scammed by these. I don't get it what do these scammers get by scamming them ? Placement in the top wanted list ? LOL Anyway stay safe there guys do some reviews or just wait until it hits exchanges so that they are legit and not fake. Now i understand why China banned some crypto's though. Due to these scammers crypto's can't develop
  8. Kate

    Jaxx - LTC Mobile and Desktop Wallet!

    Oh okay will try this after seeing some reviews. I had downloaded a Monero wallet but people had reviews that they were scam and that their wallet had been empty when they checked back in. Well if a mod recommends i will try it out. The name is also funny lol ( JAXX ). Only Litecoin wallet huh ? But anyway gonna check it out soon as i get some Litecoin's
  9. Oh yeah i read about this. There were almost a scam ICO of 18Million Dollars this year. Feels bad that many ICO's scam people. People should do more research about the project then invest i guess. Anyway thanks for the info and be safe while investing in ICO's guys.
  10. So guys you all might have seen an ad about Minerone while watching YouTube. So today i go and checked them out. Their site doesn't look too bad. And they have achieved some good things like mining BTC from the sky , where they launched a Helium filled balloon and they mined btc. Not a lot of btc but some. Also they have mining rigs set up in Sweden i guess. They are planning to make btc mining profitable and i don't know how. Their site doesn't have that much info on that. But they have partnered up with TOKIA. Also wanted to say that they mined btc in 35000+ Feet. That's awesome. Also they made a video on it here it is : https://medium.com/@minerone.io/we-took-bitcoin-to-35-000-60341a855942 Anyway their Crowdsale sold 13 Million coin. So the big question is it Good enough to invest ?!! Site : https://minerone.io/
  11. Ok my view : Want to exchange crypto's to other crypto's ? Tradesatoshi ( Small fees ) cryptopia , Poloniex (DONT USE SCAM EXCHANGE), stocks.exchange and BTC - ALPHA Want to exchange paypal to crypto's or crypto's to other transfers ? Use bestchange.com .Best site by far also they have low fees = Lionex . Exchanges almost everything. A little complicated but support is actives for 15-18 hours a day in a week. And they respond very fast and help also.
  12. So i was so curious to know who all here has seen their wallet in the form of : BTC BALANCE : 1.00000000 BTC ? I have never achieved it but i have acheived it in Ethereum so that's the best thing for me. It's hard to achieve the whole number in BTC when the prices are in the moon for 1 BTC. But anyway tell me who all have the whole number BTC in there wallet ? Or have you ever been so close to achieving it but something came in the way ?
  13. Kate

    Need Forum satoshi exchanged

    Can anyone close this ? I have withdrawn the amount thanks everyone. Also @GodLoft i have sent you a request for an exchange regarding something else. Please look into that also
  14. Literally blockchain is ging to be used to run the government in Dubai. So i don't think there will be anything that can stop Blcokchain from getting into something or the other. Blockchain is used in Music,Medicine,Games and a lot more now a days even in GAMBLING !! Lol. Seems like blockchain gonna go along way and maybe control water too soon
  15. I heard that many big crypto trading companies have switched their exchanges due to this news that Bittrex is dying. I have traded some eth before and i did have some problems. The deposit address wasn't being shown. Then when i sent the funds and the transactions had been confirmed the wallet still showed 0 ETH balance. But the support helped me but it took 5 days for the problem to be solved. I mean if they want the exchange to keep going they gotta remove some major bugs. All in well its a good exchange if the bugs are fixed most coins price's are high here if you wanna sell