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  1. Kate

    fun giveaway

    Limbo base bet 100 satoshis and go for payout 69
  2. Kate

    Strategy Limbo

    What type of trick or strategy even is this ? It is like oh stake does payout and limbo gives more green when you set the payout to less that 2x weird saying.
  3. Kate

    The cursed bet

    Lol dont use that money at all just do some ritual and give that away it is cursed . The odds of getting that type of weird numbers would be like 1 in a million.
  4. Yeah because a new seed resets everything so you have more chance of winning in a new seed most of the time than you have chance of winning in the old seed.
  5. Yeah true you can roll much quicker when you play on more than one tabs but the thing Is it will cause bugs in reference to your balance so that would be a problem
  6. That is a true person who got more greedy ad they played . Thats why be happy with what you got and never go for more or else you might bust all of it.
  7. High risk is to risky in dice because the chance of 50 50 or 99 1 is removed when you go for high multipliers but try to go for 20x it hits most of the time
  8. Umm i don't think that stake would make it because players would later on say that ughhh they rigged the game's auto and i bust all i had and this just causes more problems.
  9. It happens usually if you plau on mobile sound it is so small the screens fired some of the phones and since there it's a bit of a lag that can also cause delays.
  10. Hello and welcome to the forum of stake hope you have fun here and good luck.
  11. That is a next level of impersonating someone damn feels bad. Sorry lilly you had to go through this. Thats why you should have messaged the person asking if it was her or no.
  12. Kate

    You are banned !

    HighDamage has been banned for banning