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  1. Electricity a component that we use in our daily life and is required by almost every single human living person in the whole world. Well some human's around the world use electricity to fulfill their daily needs like ironing , charging their appliances etc. But some use it to earn Income by using the Electricity for Mining crypto's like Bitcoin , Litecoin , Dogecoin , Ethereum and many more. Mining isn't a small proccess that just needs 2000 mAh of power like a normal battery of a phone but it needs more than 100,000 mAh per minute which is a lot and also generating Electricity is also hectic and expensive and isn't safe these days because nowadays people don't generate electricity by wind or solar energy but some produce by burning of fossil fuels and also some include burning of petroleum etc. So my main point of Question is : Do you think Mining is harmful for the environment or is it a way to kill the earth ? My answer yes. But it can be avoided by setting up those mining rigs in places where energy is produced in natural ways so it doesn't harm the environment around us.
  2. Challenges a basic thing where you are given a task to do but the task is not easy to achieve in fact it's hard. So in Stake we also have challenges and for completing or taking part in it we get those juicy rewards in return. There are many different challenges given by Stake on different games , some are very hard to achieve while some are moderate and some are very easy to achieve ( like the current roulette challenge we have; it was easy ). So there are a lot of games on which weekly challenges will be given it can either be Keno or Mines or Dice etc. My question is from all the 12 Games that stake has to offer which game is the game that you feel the challenges given for that game is very easy to achieve or is better and easier to achieve than the other ones ? For me i would have to go with Mines challenge since the current mines challenge is hard tho but i fell it's better and easier to be achieved than the last week's Keno Challenge. Also i can just click spamming the auto bet's Start automated betting and Stop automated betting so i get it very easily xD. Infact i just have two more of the patterns to achieve and after that i can Rest in Peace xD. P.S : I already completed the mines challenge xD.
  3. Before high rollers go for hunting big multiplier x's they usually pre roll the roll's because in some games the chances of hitting 1000x is rare and pre roll allows to complete the rolls that is required to achieve the bet. Pre roll is basically rolling around 5000 bets with small bets like 10 satoshi's or even 100 Satoshi's so that the next bet when you put a bet with amount i don'y know let's say maybe 0.001 BTC then you will most probably hit the 1000x with that. This is a belief and a concept going around. My main concern in this is : Do you think it's really true pre rolling helps you to achieve the high multipliers without having to bust a huge amount ? Well in my case i don't believe so. I think that it is mainly based on the rolls you do and the number of bets you have won and how much you have won. I don't think pre rolling will help to hit any high multipliers. If so then it would be easy to get a steady income from gambling on Stake which would be never true i guess.
  4. Kate

    🏆 [0.08 BTC] Tetris! | Mines challenge!

    MINES: 1,544,333,977 placed by Doseupz on 19/11/2018 Wagered 2.20000000 Multiplier 297x Profit 651.20000000 MINES: 1,544,393,404 placed by Doseupz on 19/11/2018 Wagered 2.20000000 Multiplier 227.7x Profit 498.74000000 MINES: 1,544,409,002 placed by Doseupz on 19/11/2018 Wagered 2.20000000 Multiplier 357.814x Profit 784.99142857 MINES: 1,544,535,067 placed by Doseupz on 19/11/2018 Wagered 2.20000000 Multiplier 178.907x Profit 391.39571429 MINES: 1,544,792,699 placed by Doseupz on 19/11/2018 Wagered 2.20000000 Multiplier 178.907x Profit 391.39571429 MINES: 1,544,897,197 placed by Doseupz on 19/11/2018 Wagered 2.20000000 Multiplier 99.3929x Profit 216.46428571 MINES: 1,544,959,287 placed by Doseupz on 19/11/2018 Wagered 2.20000000 Multiplier 59.6357x Profit 128.99857143
  5. ROULETTE: 1,544,223,860 placed by Doseupz on 19/11/2018 Wagered 2.20000000 Multiplier 2x Profit 2.20000000 ROULETTE: 1,544,227,975 placed by Doseupz on 19/11/2018 Wagered 2.20000000 Multiplier 2x Profit 2.20000000 ROULETTE: 1,544,235,817 placed by Doseupz on 19/11/2018 Wagered 2.20000000 Multiplier 2x Profit 2.20000000 ROULETTE: 1,544,240,316 placed by Doseupz on 19/11/2018 Wagered 2.20000000 Multiplier 2x Profit 2.20000000 ROULETTE: 1,544,242,953 placed by Doseupz on 19/11/2018 Wagered 2.20000000 Multiplier 2x Profit 2.20000000
  6. Kate

    [Suggestion]: Trivia a bit different (upgrade)

    Well it is but if they get it within a time frame of 5 seconds it's not Well giving a hint is a good Idea but it will make it too easy for the users to win. Trivia's should be knowledge based on Old History and New updated present. Also this suggestion might only be picked my moderators but if you're the one doing the trivia then you can either give a hint or not ( if the question is very easy ). Also most users just google the answer. The spam comes in when trivia's are asked about a person's favoritism. For eg : What is @Bojana's favorite colour ? So in this case the chat will be flooded with Spam.
  7. Kate

    Perspective on Staff Tipping

    In my view they generally tip the players who are kind and very active in chat and users who are helping others out when they can't find a feature this is a good thing they are doing to reward members who makes their job easier by helping out users for small doubts.
  8. Kate

    Will the drop in Value make you deposit more?

    To be honest i don't care much of the value of btc when i deposit the main thing is the 0.002 value like maybe 200,000 Satoshi's or maybe sometimes less or maybe even more less or maybe more. Gamblers here who use the USD conversion for Gambling will certainly will be depositing a huge amount of BTC into their wallet because they think that much is 20 USD ( example ).
  9. Yes many people do accept with pre rolling but one main fact is what if the bet you were looking for let's take the keno challenge example So you started pre rolling your rolls and suddenly since you had played a lot of Keno before you hit the K word from the challenge but since you were pre rolling you can't use the same bet id. So what do you think will happen in this case ? It's sometimes good ( pre rolling ) but only if you know you have never played a lot of the particular game mode
  10. Bounty a well known word in the crypto community because it's a way of getting free coins and also a way of earning some reputation. There are a lot of Bounties out there which are offered by different companies and different Altcoin organizations. Bounty's include small tasks like do this,follow this page,like the post,comment here,be active etc. and in turn you receive a payout. My main thing here is i wanted to know how many of you have ever participated in a Bounty program ? Also how was the experience or have you ever tried participating in one and how much have you earned ? My exact payout from Bounties is : 0.00610 BTC Well i had participated in 9 bounty program's till now. Most of the Bounty's were easy to complete and some of them required patience and Skills and Knowledge but the payout was nice and juicy tho. The experience was wholesome and tiring some of them were like Like a lot of posts and some of them were was like be very active in this forum that forum this blog and all. But it was like a Job which was kinda fun.
  11. Bitcoin for being too Big because to complete a whole bitcoin value we need 1.00000000 BTC so Instead of saying it as 0.0002 BTC or 0.1 BTC we use the word 20,000 Satoshi or 1,00,00,000 Satoshi which is in smaller terms and means like 1 Millionth of a Bitcoin or that many amount of BTC. And this can be used in other coins for example in Ethereum we say it as 10000 etoshi's instead of 0.0001 ETH and in Litecoin we say 100,000 Litoshi's instead of 0.001 Litecoin and etc. My main question here is if you notice in Litecoin and Ethereum the common thing is the first three words of the coin are used along with the word oshi's so why in Bitcoin is it Satoshi and not Bitoshi's ? Kind of a puzzler ain't it ? Well i mainly guess it was named after the creator of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto so if you see the first word its same like Satoshi's minus the s at the end. Why not use Bitoshi's instead of Satoshi's ? Why do you think Satoshi is used rather than Bitoshi ?
  12. Kate

    Best seed ?

    Heya stakers , So I wanted to ask the gamblers out there. Which is your favourite or best seeds ? Or the seed which always gives you luck ? For me its the number 333 and then I click rotate server seed made 50k out of 100 sats :). So which is your lucky seed ?
  13. There are a lot of places in this world and some places have their own pros and cons and some people settle in some places because either the electricity is cheaper or the cost is cheaper or the food is better or because of your family or due to your Job. But just imagine you are a person who trades buys sells and holds bitcoin and mainly his income is in the form of Bitcoin. So if you were this person which do you think would be an ideal place to live ? Like where there is no Tax or all the shops accept BTC or some of them at least and buying and selling is easier and government also supports the coin and where you can pay someone else in Bitcoin ? Is it Bitcoin Heaven ? But i guess the best one would be Georgia because there is no tax according to my Knowledge but shops aren't that developed to accept BTC but there are some BTC ATM's that are placed around the country and when i went there i met 2 people who know's about btc and even accepted btc as a payment option for their service.
  14. Lol Xtine here with the impossible challenges xD. If we do succeed on doing it I bet we won't be able to keep it until for Christmas there are those people ( like me ) who open their Christmas presents before 3 days of Christmas.
  15. Kate

    Visa crypto prepaid cards

    I always wanted to acquire the Bitpay Card but unfortunately they don't support my country. With this coming I hope they make it world wide and not just limited to ceetain countries so that there is a wider range of customers.
  16. Kate

    Stake Is Lucky

    Well Crypto sites and gambling sites are one of the major sites which are targeted by a lot of hackers every single day. So if Stake didn't have this protection service then almost 20% of the players would fall into scams by hackers. Thanks to Stake's security this doesn't happen very often.
  17. First of all before accusing a mod you should be very sure which mod had muted you and second if you dont know which mod just ask the live support team and ask them to reduce the time :). Thrid of all you were given this long mute because since you might have been warned before for the same reason you have been muted.
  18. Kate

    Keno challenge is very hard?

    To anyone still trying to hunt this : you can run the autobet and after some time just search through the bet archives for the 17x payout and copy paste that and do this for all the words.
  19. Kate

    Keno challenge is very hard?

    I do agree its hard but if you see how many people entered its less compared to the other challenge Diamond Poker one. So if less people you get a bigger split from the pool which makes up for the time you have put into hitting the particular bet. Even if it's hard you get a bigger payout than what you get from the easier one.
  20. Kate

    Best seed ?

    Seems like you both have a seed and mind in common xD. You both use reverse psychology in the game huh ? Nice !!
  21. Heya stakers , I wanted to ask you how many times do you guys visit the site in a day ? I usually visit it like 6 to 9 times in a day and maybe even like 13 times if gamble that day. If you know what I mean. So how often do you via visit the site ?
  22. Kate

    Stake Awards 2018

    Last year the Stake awards for 2017 was there so i am pretty 100% sure that this time they will hold a Stake 2018 Awards and they will give prizes such as BTC , Shorts , coins etc. Like they did last year. Hopefully this year they create more categories
  23. Kate

    After Update Nightmare

    If it's not seed then that's how it is i guess. Maybe if you loose more now maybe after some time you might win small and big bets with 100% ? Well you can't really complaint because it's gambling so you can't really do anything and they have a provably fair system too to ensure cheating doesn't happen maybe it's just your luck.
  24. Its like in a day you always check your mail right ? Like that same routine instead of checking your mail you go to Stake.com. So in that sense how many times in a day ?
  25. Well Russia isn't the only country that has taken this step infact it has done this late than other countries. There are a few countries who have already started making courses for cryptos subjects. But its good to see that a big country like Russia is going to support it