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  1. Well I don't like ut to be back but as a seperate mode from pinko than I'd like it to be back
  2. I miss the old version rather than the new . I liked how it was before with that chatbox and bugs and everyone complaining about it in chat.
  3. Lol badluck i suggest you not to keep on playing this game for a while or if you really really want to play the game then I'd suggest you to go with a change of seeds to some random one
  4. I know this exchange the exchange doesn't actually exchange for you but shows you sites where you can do the certain exchanges you want with the fee and minimum amount and more details. A great site indeed by being a trader.
  5. Well the game is not dead what makes you think the game is dead ? I don't have any vibe that makes me feel that the game is dead and no more.
  6. Just type old.stake.com in the url and press enter and you have to log in as to play on the old mines. I suggest you play in the new one so there are no problems concerned with the funds.
  7. Thanks Db for the Giveaway. Yeah i knew the coin would die soon because when i saw your list of people who didn't redeemed yet i had that feeling no one would be interested sad to see it gone
  8. Well welcome to stake the best community and friendliest one and hope you have a journey filled with a lot of joy and happiness . Welcome Again to Stake. Btw this is the Stake forum
  9. Kate

    Holy Kaboom!

    Well you could try going to your history of mines bets and try searching it ? Or download the history bets file and open the file in excel and then search it column wise.
  10. Yeah that's why bet small make a huge amount and then bet big so you get a better payout with the same risk you would have when you had bet with the smaller amount.
  11. Late but congrats on your wedding Nice job ! Hope you have a wonderful life and have many children Doseupz
  12. I guess it was for that moment only and maybe they found it difficult to do because of the lag and the ping delay.
  13. Twice ?! Lol we barely get 500x once in a month and you hit 9900 X multipliers like twice within 200 rolls. Nice bet . DO you have the bet id if you don't mind ? Wanna check it to do the same and try my luck.
  14. Well it's your business so no problem but i guess to save money people won't use that at all.
  15. It is a Bot which is used for Botting DIce and hunting challenges for the stake weekly challenges. The API ( the thing you show in Picture ) is used to allow the bot access your balance for betting.
  16. Well not if Stake finds members to be the live Dealers for the game who are as trustworthy as the Support Members or maybe get one of the support members to do it.
  17. Kate


    Martingale Strategy = It is a strategy used by gamblers all over the world. It is a strategy which consists of increasing your bet amount after every loss to try to win a bigger amount. There is also reverse martingale which is the opposite of Martingale instead of increasing you decrease the bet amount. Hope it's all clear
  18. Well if you lower your bet you could win a bit bigger amount than your balance and try to bet higher amounts once you reach a good balance and bam you hit a multiplier with a bigger balance than a smaller balance.
  19. Well if your new in Stake then i guess you'd have a lot of time gone into trying to hit that 1000x because you are new but after you've hit it then you have a better chance of hitting it again.
  20. Yeah that happens quite a few time it is just a paranomal activity i don't think it's because of Stake it is just an inner feeling for us.
  21. My biggest win would be 70x in Hi lo i guess. I got a pretty decent payout of 43k Satoshi's it was a fun game too i was playing it along with my cousin and friends