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  1. Kate

    Last letter game!!

  2. Kate

    I Get Squirrely...

    I also don't but I generally sometimes when I am in a high mood or like drowsy I'd do it for fun . But in moods where I am serious and all I dont I go for stand.
  3. Kate

    Bitcoin future and investment

    If you are going to start a trading business I suggest that this would be the perfect time since there are investors looking to buy bitcoin and you could sell it to them at a profitable rate.
  4. Kate

    A never ending thread (last post wins)

    Ok well I guess mr boss chose me
  5. Actually , we can't really connect and say what dropped the price of Bitcoin. We can't blame it on the altcoins and due to their drop they pulled bitcoin's price along with them it can be maybe because some traders are starting to hate bitcoin and want it to die or maybe its because it's resetting.
  6. Kate

    Real Talk.

    Your a open minded person who wants to talk with others and give advice to others which is a great and very good characteristic of a person.
  7. Kate

    Suggesstion For Keeping Chat Spam-Free

    Keeping a different room for games is a good idea but the problem is the person who don't see the message of a mod saying that a game is going on in another room he/she would miss the game and start getting furious and would suggest for it to be removed.
  8. Kate

    Future Blockchain

    Well yes i Do . I beleive that in the coming future Bitcoin will develop a lot and that transactions would be confirmed much much faster than Dogecoin confirmations and every single shop in every country will accept Bitcoin and that we can pay for everything with either crypto or Cash.
  9. Well i don't understand any uniqueness of this. Coinpayments and Bitpay offer the same service of accepting bitcoins or cryptos from others by offering them an invoice. Also link the website so its more clear to others and they can check it out.
  10. Kate

    🎨 Stake 2.0 Homepage Sneak Peak

    Its looks nice its more of a rigid shape by seeing the chatbox. Also please tell when is the update gonna release ?
  11. Kate

    Most first big win at the wheel.

    Not a bad win 14x is a small multiplier but its the amount of winnings you got. Good luck and congrats on the winning hope you win more
  12. Kate

    Wheel - The worst gamemode on the site.

    The worst gamemode is Chartbet in my opinion wheel is actually much much better than chartbet but worst than all the other games except chartbet.
  13. Kate


    I used to play it way before when preston used to I played on PC since ps was hard to control.
  14. Heya stakers , So there is a lot of gambling sites out there other than stake and prime dice Well what I wanted to ask was that whether you have tried any other sites than stake and pd ? For me yes I have tried luckygames and it was a good site many coin to gamble with but only one game and that was dice which I hate So which are the gambling sites you guys have tried before stake ?? Comment below
  15. Kate

    What Do Your Statistics Say?

    Since i play mines most of the time i would suggest you to go with 5 Bombs and go a pattern of a heart which would get you a profit of around 10000 Satoshis which would hit after like 20 bets or so And the rest of how to retrieve is your call tbh.
  16. Well thats nice of the traders too return them back. Maybe the site could offer them some incentive while depositing or withdrawing like lowering the fees for whoever had sent them back the btc. Well its 5 Million Dollars And any exchange loosing that much money would immediately go into a huge debt and eventually shutdown even though they spoiled their reputation it will dug deep down and planted there.
  17. Kate

    Pains of lost, who affects most

    Well in my opinion i guess they like or want to date her which is why they get tips and money returned. It's just because of the human body and mind.
  18. Kate

    Wyoming making moves to define crypto

    It sounds too good to be true. Never trust banks regarding your crypto assets they just need that money to put tax on it. But if they aren't in a crooked state of mind then its good for the crypto world
  19. Lol thats great news for traders but bad news for the exchange. I dont understand why dont they check the address before sendibg ? It barely takes a minute.
  20. Kate


    The server is a good server and the community us friendly and everything. I used to earn csgo skins before by doing this. I will try out the new btc feature.
  21. Kate

    My lucky bet

    Wow nice hit and congrats on the winning would've been even much much greater if you had bet like 1000 Sats but lets face it we don't know the outcome of each bet. Hope you win more Good luck
  22. Indeed the blockchain has been trying to expand by a lot and this is a great news but I guess this is just for like introducing a new stablecoin's wallet into their site. I don;t think it would create a big great thing but we have to wait and see.
  23. Kate

    Hello From Shrey

    Hello , Welcome to the Stake forum. I see you have already connected your Stake account so that's done. Next thing would be reading the rules and knowing about the forum and a bit more. RULES - Facts about forum -
  24. Kate

    Sphere dice or Original Dice.

    Dice a game we all like and maybe it's because of the old games we used to play like Snakes and Ladders or Monopoly or any other games which has dice. The game has huge multipliers which allows us to win big or loose big. In Stake there are two designs for Stake one is the Original good looking dice which is the same design used in most gambling sites and the sphere which is kind of like annoying and not so good looking. Most of us would prefer one over the other either the sphere or the original one. Which do you guys prefer ? I personally like the original dice because in most of the gambling sites it's the same and it makes me more comfortable than the sphere dice. I don't like the sphere dice since it's not a design for dice maybe some other game but dice should be like the original one. The sphere dice just looks like a speedometer in my opinion. Also i guess in the re design i am not very sure but they are going to remove sphere dice. So which one do you guys prefer original dice or sphere dice ? Or does it not matter for you ?
  25. So we have seen Bitcoin going from 4000$ to 3600$ or even 3200$ and then rising back up again and then dropping I guess the drop and rise between 3200$ and 4000$ happened like around 4 or 6 times in the past days. Do you guys think that there is a message behind the drop and rise of Bitcoin ? I feel that the market is being controlled by a person who is controlling the market and telling us in an indirect way that we should buy the coin at the 3000$ mark no exact but eg 3200$ since maybe he or a group might use their efforts to rise the price.