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    So yep i am back , lol . Can't believe stake still running stronger than ever lmao. Nice to see all mods still in the game. Was in a long break lmao. Just wanted to know if i am still the highest post forum member @williamshennie9 ?
  2. Be satoshi to be honest because satoshi holds the largest number of bitcoins that is ever out there and having that is much more better than having like 1 million bitcoins i feel like that 😛
  3. Well the price of Bitcoin is pretty high tbh and its understandable to reduce it but reducing max cap from 7.5k satoshis to 2.5k satoshis is just outrageous it is not even worth anymore tbh.
  4. Umm yeah i like this idea it would be a great touch for the site to have this so people could be in their limits and not complain later and start accusing stake for being unfair lol
  5. Lol i hate when this happens to be honest lol its like why did i even give out lol ? I feel this way but still its okay since i just come here to have fun and play so not too serious for me lol.
  6. So investing in altcoins is a good income way to get money from it altcoin investors are of two types one is who invest just for the pump and drop and other one is who believes in the coin and looks for long term growth profit. So from these both which one are you ?. Well for me i am the one with long term growth profit because pumps and dumps are a bit risky in my mind i believe so thats why i never try to do so since one main risk is if you arent present during the pump you loose ya money.
  7. Well i started playing it again like 2 days back to see if it is same and well yeah it hasnt changed the same keno is the same keno now but noticed it is a lot smoother now i dont know why lol.
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