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    Bragging about btc isn't safe

    Well if your bragging about the amount of btc you have then stop doing it since the head of security in Google said that bragging about big btc amounts aren't good or safe. Here is the article : https://news.bitcoin.com/google-security-expert-warns-against-bitcoin-bragging-online/ So if there is a person who shows of his btc to you then wait because something bad might happen to his btc's
  2. Kate

    Arteemsh didnt pay

    Well its been 1 whole week btw And @arteemosh had taken 50k and not paid back. here is the link :
  3. Kate

    Will Amazon Create Their Own Cryptocurrency?

    If they do it then they should maintain the price at a stable rate like tether
  4. Kate

    Bug found in Nodes of BTC

    I am not too into like Nodes and like BTC coding but i know whats a node and this is a big loss for Node owners. So basically some anonymous guy found a bug in the new patch of the nodes which was released in 2016 so yeah its been a long time. And this anonymous guy went through the files like maybe he was bored SOURCE : https://news.bitcoin.com/critical-bug-found-in-bitcoin-core-invokes-the-multiple-client-argument/?utm_source=OneSignal Push&utm_medium=notification&utm_campaign=Push Notifications
  5. So the Islamic Republic of Iran has lifted or maybe allowed the import of Mining Equipment's to Iran. Abolhassan Firouzabadi the Head of The IROI said : Many coordination has been done so that there is enough equipment for the mining of btc. So i guess they are back of btc and not other alts maybe Source : https://news.bitcoin.com/the-daily-iran-to-allow-mining-hardware-imports-cyprus-creates-fintech-hub/
  6. Kate

    Artists Celebrate Cultural Impact of Bitcoin

    Edit Kargai : This thread was merged There is gonna be an Art exhibition in France about Bitcoin since its gonna be Bitcoins 10th Birthday soon. Here is the article : https://news.bitcoin.com/art-exhibition-in-france-to-celebrate-bitcoins-tenth-birthday/?utm_source=Art Exhibition in France&utm_medium=telegram&utm_campaign=Telegram Channel You can buy like many stuffs with BTC and some altcoins which are well known also the exhibition will teach you things about btc and etc. One thing i would like is a scavenger hunt of this like they hide btc wallets in certain pictures and the one who figures it out wins Anyway leave your thoughts ?
  7. Selling Netflix Ultra HD accounts for 1 month with 4 Screens. Is it safe ? Yes 100% i don't like scamming people. Why do you sell it for cheap ? Because i got a method to get netflix accounts free in a cheap way. Am i selling the method ? No not now. Sorry What is the price ? Its 2.50 Dollars ( Price Reduced ) Payment methods. Stake balance, Stake forum balance or direct to wallet(Bitcoin,Ethereum,Dogecoin) . If you wanna pay with other coins ask here i will see if i can do it. Stock : Available For Bulk purchases these are my prices 100 accounts - 50$ with 1 Month warranty 50 Accounts - 30$ with 1 Month Warranty To people i have sold : 1. @ravenyvolle2 - 5 Accounts 2. @GodLoft - 1 Account
  8. Kate

    Shuttle Delivery accepts BCH

    So Shuttle Delivery a door to door delivery of food services have started to accept Bitcoin Cash. They will do meal deliveries in Seoul. This is a good extension for Cryptos and BCH in General. Hopefully this starts to get implemented everywhere. So any of you live in Seoul and gonna use this ? Source : https://news.bitcoin.com/seoul-based-food-delivery-service-now-accepts-bitcoin-cash/
  9. Kate

    Nearly at 100 forum posts. Now what?

    You have unlocked Lending Section
  10. Kate

    Wirex extends to Canada

    Wirex the well known cryptocurrency card provider has just extended to Canada for supply of their services and cards. They were only there in Europe first but now they are extending to Canada. But i dont know why Europe customers like me still haven't moved up the line for getting a card wish they had solved and supplied to Europe members before they exteneded But anyway happy for them tho The app supports ETH BTC LTC AND XRP Source : https://news.bitcoin.com/the-daily-wirex-expands-to-canada-coin-stats-syncs-exchange-transactions/
  11. Kate

    Lending Shop.

  12. Kate

    Lending Shop.

    Ok since I am starting this like newly so I am keeping the amount to 50k sats with 10% interest. I will reject any request with no reason sorry for that. Just put ur username and amount is 50k sats only no more. Also Repayment should be done within 3 days. Tip should be sent back to the account you received the loan from
  13. Bithumb and Coinone two major South Korean exchanges said that they will be stopping withdrawal of Fiat currency of Korea for unverified users. This is a major bad decision imo since many people what they expect from an exchange is to trade their cryptos they got to fiat so its easier for them to use. This will take place on Oct. 15. So all of you who are unverified start trading on other exchanges so you get used to that. Source : https://news.bitcoin.com/bithumb-coinone-fiat-withdrawals-crypto-traders/
  14. Kate

    Discord Giveaways

    I asked Irena they said that they stopped it sadly
  15. Kate

    Lending Shop.

    Sorry i was gone if you need reply. Mate you got hacked so i am saying no for no Sorry but i can do only 50k sorry
  16. Idk if you guys know this but you know that google picks out mistakes like in mine the IDK at the beginning and etc. So btc was also a mistake taken by the text field but now not anymore Bitcoin you can literally type it and no underline underneath it but only thing is BTC if you type there is an error. And hopefully they add Litecoin Dogecoin and Ethereum and the word BTC as a not mistake
  17. Kate

    Last time you quit

    So when was the last time you guys tried to quit stake or gambling in general ? For me i tried to quit two months ago it didnt work and now i am trying like to visit the site less often but that less often visiting isnt working at all since we can bust within minutes or even within seconds. So comment the last time you tried to like quit stake ? Also has it gone well ?
  18. Heya stakers , I wanted to ask you how many times do you guys visit the site in a day ? I usually visit it like 6 to 9 times in a day and maybe even like 13 times if gamble that day. If you know what I mean. So how often do you via visit the site ?
  19. Ok i am so pissed because of this tip log issue. I really need it back now Whats the progress ? Can any developers say ? Its really frustrating cause i get tips and i cant see from who ffs. When is the real release date ? pls tell me
  20. Well @Paecga129 didnt pay her loan she took 50k and responded saying her btc seller is offline and she hasnt paid back yet. Also I dont know who sent me a tip but if its u paecga then ill close this.
  21. So i have a Netflix Thread and i am a trusted Seller well today i Introduce you my shop of VPN's Every VPN will varry but less than 8$ or 4$ sometimes The list : USblockUS NordVPN ExpressVPN IPVNISH VPN vyprVPN StrongVPN OVPN HideMyAss PrivateVPN ZenMate WindScribe Premium VPN Virtualshield VPN premium ibVPN Premium Unlocator Premium AirVPN Premium VPN Unlimited Premium TunnelBear Premium All accounts will be valid for 2 Months. If you guys want you can pay me by : Dogecoin , Ethereum , Paypal ( ONLY TRUSTED MEMBERS ) , Bitcoin , Forum Sats , Litecoin.
  22. Whats that lol ? i make the accts
  23. Ok selling again Yup i have spotify too Contact me for price i cant officially put it here since i need to make the stock
  24. Kate

    Paecga129 not paying

    Heya guys i got the payback so maybe @Katarina or one of the mods unban her pls
  25. Heya stakers , Since the market had become red I wanted to know which coin according to you guys got affected the most ? Only altcoins In my opinion it would be NEO I mean it was like 120 bucks and now 20 that's a big decrease in my view for that coin since that is a good coin.