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  1. Wow
    Kate got a reaction from ITDex in A stop button for the wheel.   
    So you all know the game wheel right ? The game on stake basically which is loved by some and hated by some. So i was thinking to make this game a better one by adding a new button what this button does is we can click on it and it will stop spinning the wheel like not instant stop but it slows down the wheel then only.

    So what do you guys think of it? Wouldn't it be a great idea for the wheel game ? I believe this would be really great for the game to make it more adrenaline filled.
  2. Wow
    Kate got a reaction from TIPPER in Help us create the best affiliate platform for you to profit!   
    I would also like to suggest one more thing . This is an idea of a PTC ( Paid to click ) Like for every 1000 Click on the link or people who visit the site through a referral link gets paid like a certain amount 
  3. Thanks
    Kate got a reaction from htetaungxx in Is really need to spam to recieve tips form rainbot?   
    No i dont believe so and dont think so it is not needed doing so doesnt guarantee you get a tip from raindbot that for sure but it does guarantee one thing that is getting mute or a ban from a mod.
  4. Love
    Kate got a reaction from johnpogi in Has investing in Bitcoin changed your lives in anyway ?   
    So most of us have invested in Bitcoin to try and earn some profits and some of us might have got some profits and kept going and some of us would have just stopped from there on ans not invested in it yet again.

    I have invested quite a few times in Bitcoin and it has changed my life like a lot to be honest while looking back i had really wished that when i was 14 or something i would have gotten into bitcoin investment.

    So i wanted to ask the investors out there has Bitcoin investments changed your lives in any sort of way ?
  5. Love
    Kate got a reaction from CntryBoy in Stake Bday for non-vips   
    Why do you all think that stake is a charity company ? Lol no seriously why do you ? They dont have to do these giveaways you all would know but still they would do this because they are very generous 
  6. Love
    Kate got a reaction from Kippo in Status of server announcement   
    Umm well i know it would be a good feature but at the same time it seems pretty like not useful for most of the users that are here what i believe but it is a great sweet touch to add.
  7. Love
    Kate got a reaction from Hoffguy in If you were eddie what speciality would you bring to stake birthday ?   
    So being eddie is a big task and a wonderful and powerful one at the same time and some of us wish to become like him or he him lol. So if you were eddie hypothetically in his place and you must think of all factors what would you do something special for stake's birthday ?

    If i was in Eddie's shoes or was him then i would just do a total tip of maybe 3 Bitcoin or so ? And make the support team do the live stream and chat with us 😛 .

    So what would you guys do in his shoes or you were him ?
  8. Thanks
    Kate got a reaction from bitman007 in Can Bitcoin Poised to Hit $15,000 – $20,000 In Matter of Weeks ?   
    Umm not surely in weeks but within like 2 or 3 months surely because bitcoin is not trying to raise straight up but stabilize like around every priceand slowly keep on rising to the high price.
  9. Ethereum
    Kate got a reaction from bitman007 in What Altcoin has the biggest potential in the next 2-3 years?   
    I really believe that ethereum is the only altcoin that could survive and take big hits and road blocks that comes towards it. Hopefully it is in fact ethereum that survives for a long time. 
  10. Love
    Kate got a reaction from bitman007 in Nice start of the week with a good $BTC pump   
    Well indeed this was a great week the bitcoin i had i soldall of em and profited a good amount from it so thanks to the whales for the rise of Bitcoin i think next bitcoin would be up for 13000 usd.
  11. Thanks
    Kate got a reaction from bitman007 in Why Bitcoin and Xrp are green ?   
    Umm because mainly bitcoin had been in low and whales are trying to help investors or maybe because this is the time of rise for bitcoin amd for the time of predictors prices to come true to life. 
  12. Love
    Kate got a reaction from Lotary in Stake Birthday!!!   
    To be honest i am going to advice you to not drink and play since you will just end up loosing and nkt winning but still if you wanna do it go for it and have fun and happy birthday to stake. 
  13. Thanks
    Kate got a reaction from bitman007 in Litecoin Price to moon or down?   
    Well as soon as bitcoin starts dropping then yeah litecoin would come down but untill then litecoin gonna stay high till bitcoin keeps on rising more and more everyday hopefully doesn't drop. 
  14. Thanks
    Kate reacted to Aazzah in What do you think of the person above you game!   
    I think the person above me is a real forum og haha!
  15. Thanks
    Kate reacted to CntryBoy in What do you think of the person above you game!   
    I enjoy reading her topics and responses here in the forum.  She has been around since the beginning and you have to respect that.
  16. Bitcoin
    Kate got a reaction from tae40127 in IRS Letters go out: S**T is hitting the Fan for US Crypto Owners   
    So taxing we all know this term and hate it a lot because it takes out most of our income away and if you own a business you might end up paying taxes with your profits so bitcoin cannot be taxed you all might think right ? Well nope according to this thread on the forum it seems like 10000 people were given tax letters for their bitcoins and they are somehow aware that they use bitcoins lol. So there are three parts of the letters and each part has a role of its own .

    Seems like i guess bitcoin wont be a good way to get around the tax barrier after all. After all this time thinking bitcoin being tax free its not.

    Article or Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5169310.0
  17. Thanks
    Kate got a reaction from ashmanzam in Cheap/Free bitcoin sites?   
    Umm yeah there are a lot of sites out there that offer these services and is kind of good but the way to earn is not from faucets believe me why dont you give the forum rewards a go and see ? 
  18. Thanks
    Kate got a reaction from chinitz in Had it not been for stake would ya be in crypto ?   
    So being brought into crypto different people have their own different stories some came from friends different websites etc. But for me actually i was brought into crypto by stake i just visited this site from another forum and came to know about bitcoin and just in general what is cryptocurrency about ?

    So any of you guys out there who are just lile me ? Who have joined stake and it is the main reason that you have been bought into crypto from that ?
  19. Bitcoin
    Kate got a reaction from akmal1984 in Will continous new games kill the vibe ?   
    So as you all know stake has a lot of games that they have added in the past and they are keeping on adding a lot of games every month or every 3 months or so so i was thinking will stake adding these many games could kill the site ?

    Like you know the saying too much is too bad so i was thinking after some time will people be fed up of the games and just quit ? Because they just add games and it is just saturated so it kind of kills the vibe for me at least a little bit.

    So what about you guys what do you guys think ? Do let me know.
  20. Payday
    Kate got a reaction from sugam in Stake Community Is the BEST community   
    Yeah no doubt stake has the best community with many friendly people here and the chat is the best part from all of them with people being goofy and funny all the time . 
  21. Thanks
    Kate got a reaction from ethsawin in Grab that $25!   
    Some of the users are not aware that if you get a place on top 100 you could get a good amount of money from them as a reward because they aint active on the forum and just come here to play. 
  22. Bitcoin
    Kate got a reaction from GOODBIZ in Replace it with prizes.   
    Ok so you all know the wheel game right ? The game that is boring now ? Well for me it is so i was thinking to make this game come back to life there is only one way and is it to make the wheel give certain amounts of bitcoins away and take a certain amount of fee for each spin from the players this will liven up the game and actually make the game wheel be called the wheel for sure.

    What do you guys think on that ? Would this be a good idea to add on the wheel for any of the next updates ?
  23. Haha
    Kate got a reaction from KinAniK in Should gold be added to stake?   
    How would you even deposit gold ? Like how ? From the bank or something ? I really don't get it yeah playing with usd not possible but seriously just think how to deposit gold ? 
  24. Payday
    Kate got a reaction from htetaungxx in anyone here slots funs?   
    Yeah i am waiting for it cant qait for it to come out just so excited for it and cany wait to see if it is a button pr a lever we have to drag literally with our mouse that would be great.  
  25. Love
    Kate got a reaction from Joker2nd in I like stake.   
    Yeah so does everyone since they do more giveaways than anyone else on this business and they giveaway so much other sites are rather like more holding in rather than giving.  
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