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    txtpocar got a reaction from speed1906 in 🏆 [$800 ] Double the Green & You Win!|Roulette Challenge   
    ROULETTE: 30,400,026,977
    placed by txtpocar on 24/10/2020
    4.04000000 Multiplier
    36x Profit
    141.40000000 ROULETTE: 30,400,027,928
    placed by txtpocar on 24/10/2020
    4.04000000 Multiplier
    36x Profit
  2. Wow
    txtpocar reacted to Saaho2019 in 🏁 [3.2 ETH] Winning Bets Race! ​[TIER]   
    sport:3026929 sport:3026817 sport:3028468 sport:3028454 sport:3029179 sport:3035202 sport:3037710 sport:3037330 sport:3037825 sport:3038956 sport:3039570 sport:3039739 sport:3039622 sport:3039812 sport:3039866 sport:3038877 sport:3040834 sport:3041538 sport:3041300 sport:3042704 sport:3043468 sport:3043449 sport:3045193 sport:3045000 sport:3045879 sport:3046694 sport:3045838 sport:3035356 sport:3048171 sport:3026447 sport:3053371 sport:3053356 sport:3054107 sport:3054860 sport:3056182 sport:3058573 sport:3057669 sport:3059084 sport:3059408 sport:3057292 sport:3059385 sport:3061220 sport:3061181 sport:3061744 sport:3062237 sport:3062695 sport:3062815 sport:3062931 sport:3063160 sport:3061249 sport:3063217 sport:3061271 sport:3063072 sport:3063440 sport:3063618 sport:3063633 sport:3063687 sport:3063678 sport:3063561 sport:3063865 sport:3064362 sport:3035269 sport:3064697 sport:3065668 sport:3070470 sport:3071048 sport:3071239 sport:3071400 sport:3071201 sport:3072501 sport:3072879 sport:3074328 sport:3074366 sport:3074427 sport:3074590 sport:3074793 sport:3074894 sport:3075108 sport:3075211 sport:3078387 sport:3079076 sport:3087633 sport:3089156 sport:3090873 sport:3091323 sport:3092403 sport:3095645 sport:3110493 sport:3110512 sport:3114899 sport:3115087 sport:3116368 sport:3120233 sport:3121353 sport:3106837 sport:3097436 sport:3107009 sport:3106867 sport:3097646 sport:3121172 sport:3106977 sport:3097587 sport:3098573 sport:3106934 sport:3098836 sport:3106807 sport:3106882 sport:3098301 sport:3106847 sport:3097890 sport:3097356 sport:3098775 sport:3106874 sport:3096930 sport:3097944 sport:3098635 sport:3097505 sport:3096791 sport:3131965 sport:3132312 sport:3132578 sport:3133533 sport:3133670 sport:3133583 sport:3132667 sport:3132655 sport:3132149 sport:3132095 sport:3134866 sport:3135232 sport:3133612 sport:3134945 sport:3131946 sport:3132042 sport:3136350 sport:3136307 sport:3136496 sport:3136319 sport:3136398 sport:3136371 sport:3130479 sport:3130396 sport:3130498 sport:3130633 sport:3130676 sport:3130615 sport:3130653 sport:3130553 sport:3130410 sport:3130447 sport:3130522 sport:3130567 sport:3144808 sport:3144741 sport:3144919 sport:3159900 sport:3159942 sport:3159879 sport:3159963 sport:3159995 sport:3159915  

  3. Wow
    txtpocar reacted to automatic in 🎵 Stake Birthday Singing Contest 🎵   
    HaPpY BiRtHdaY STaKe....
    My own lyrics from the tune of my favorite song...Sometimes.
  4. Wow
    txtpocar reacted to xtinepink in 🎵 Stake Birthday Singing Contest 🎵   
    I love it when I double my deposit
    I wish I could 3 times my cryptocoin yeah
    But every click is oh la la la
    It's true la la la
    Oh I should be running
    Dice I keep coming for yah
    All in my money
    That bet went hot from all that drop
    Switch side to green yeah
    Before it even goes R.I.P yeah
    It felt like oh damn sh*t No No No
    I got more bet in I played for hours in the site
    Till it get sunrise
    Oh sh*t damn baby baby
    It's Stake's party
    Oh 3rd birthday party, yeah
    I wish you all the best It's party party
    Come on and sing some happy birthday party
    Enjoy some crypto rain coz it's Stake's, it's Stake's party yeah.
    Oh I should be playing
    Dice I keep coming for yah.....
  5. Thanks
    txtpocar reacted to Nenad in 🏆 [3.2 ETH] Slide Your Way to Stardom | Slide Challenge   
    You can claim prizes on the link below until the 7th July:
    CLAIM HERE Make sure you are logged in into the proper account
    Congrats to the 137 winners!
  6. Wow
    txtpocar reacted to lEscanore in [0.0045 BTC] Exploring Your Country​ 🔎 | Discord Challenge   
    Also here you have somes photos from my trip to Roraima. The one from the tent is the best photo I have taken

  7. Haha
    txtpocar got a reaction from Arahmgomez in 🏆 [0.08 BTC] Pot of Gold | Diamond Poker Challenge ​​🍀   
    Full House
    DIAMONDPOKER: 18,649,590,216
    placed by txtpocar on 17/03/2020
    3.80000000 Multiplier
    1.5x Profit
    1.90000000 Four of a Kind
    DIAMONDPOKER: 18,653,664,558
    placed by txtpocar on 17/03/2020
    3.80000000 Multiplier
    2x Profit
  8. Payday
    txtpocar reacted to lupandina in 💰 [0.09 BTC] Treasure Hunt: Silver Chest | Baccarat & Limbo   
    Can I use my wild card now?  I won't hit that
  9. Love
    txtpocar reacted to truemeng in Real Life Pictures   
    hello. 😄 
    btw. not lesbo. 😂
  10. Love
    txtpocar reacted to hanvee in Real Life Pictures   
    me 2 years ago, when i still a skinny b*tch - now im fatass but yah this one is the best photo i want to show u guy hihi  happy birthday stake 

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