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  1. Yes $10K and so on. just edited my last post and now has to be correct one. Thanks.
  2. Just FYI, to get bronze level you have to wager precisely $10000. You can reach it faster if you play in stake.com by enjoying your time don't focus on any profit as fast as you can coz will drop you down with blame the site or anything else. Dont forget to explore Sport Betting and join the community like this forum aswell. (only advise). I'm gold and i'm not interesing on my proggress to platium. i joined stake on Dec, 2017 reached bronze on January this year. it took 3 years for getting inside their VIP community. Then i learn something, profit will follow if i can make more interactive communication like gain more deep explaination regarding seeds etc. From bronze to silver we have to wager for $25.000. its a lot, yes it is. and Silver to Gold have to wager $50.000. Sounds creepy right? But all passed by and i'm manage my profit/ loss. Hope you enjoy your time at Stake and keep on profit.