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  1. Honestly best advice is to get your self away from gambling if u dont want to loose more, rarely i see lucky people in gambling slots and random number generated winnings, i have my self lost more then i have won, tho in total i have won more then i have lost but i play again and loose, probably same shit with your life savings, tho thing is u will wind up loosing your bankroll more and more if u dont play it strict and loose only what u can loose!
  2. Hey eddie, GL man ! Trigety
  3. SLOTSSAMURAI: 27,100,587,814 placed by Trigety on 01/08/2020 Wagered 0.00002048 Multiplier 70.5x Profit 0.00142336
  4. Sad to hear that about Reckful! RIP
  5. Ty you everybody for the nice words, hope its usefull for you and again wish you win at the games!
  6. @Lillyflow You are honestly right, it could be used to be a quick guide, i will update it today with the new content updates and i will add a little of things ive sort of missed in the post, honestly didnt think the post would bring so many readers Also everyone, if you feel like there is anything u would like to know or what not in gambling, feel free to contact me private on msg here on the forum, i know pretty much all there should be within gamlbers reach, u can go from noob to pro easy tho the post is the basic, rest is intuition! Ty all for reading and nice comments i like it that you all took your time to write aswell, @Enzo I feel you, every gambler has their own up and down periods. @cryptofly Good think cryptofly, i will add that to my post as a missing thing i belive it will help a lot to master one game then move to others, atleast start with what you like ye and master it, then try around when ur on the profitable side :)? @Rybak Good Choice Rybak, is a good thing to experiment, tho be limited to what you can loose when experimenting .
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