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  1. SLOTSSAMURAI: 27,100,587,814 placed by Trigety on 01/08/2020 Wagered 0.00002048 Multiplier 70.5x Profit 0.00142336
  2. Hi Eddie, Trigety here :) Gl with the stream!
  3. Gl with the stream eddie, Trigety, here RED!!!!
  4. Trigety here ! GL ! (Blue)
  5. Trigety

    RIP Reckful

    Sad to hear that about Reckful! RIP
  6. Aloha Eddie gl man ! (edited) Trigety is my account !
  7. HILO: 15,756,525,243 placed by Trigety on 03/02/2020 Wagered 0.00005000 Multiplier 113.02799987792969x Profit 0.00560142 the rest will be continued.. Suddently the wheel ate my balance 😮
  8. Everyday all the time, occupied thinking about money, getting money just for the chance of using it on another chance, u gotta master it, tho rng is a bitch and allways wins in the stressfull end all those excuses ran into my head everyday, endless cycle of destruction, WOOOOOZAAAAAAH WOOOOOZAAAAH, got to reach the goal and achieve money for what to do frustrations, life situation gets more complicated, money lent right and left but still in the damn cycle of destruction.... I stopped gambling, pushed it away for 5 days, and were looking at it, looking at my life, honestly its a nice thing to have fun with, money comes and goes anoher excuse to make my gambling easier.. What to do? what to do.... This was my life for 11 years... Profit? Yess i did profit totally a 100 times but then u know greed, controle ... meeeh lost all, all all all... But as my bro allways said im a fuckd gambler, id rather take one spins for 1000 then 10 spins, so i was bit to agressive, but ye was fun, i also made a post on the forum about the games on stake, take a look at it, can help u guys with some if u ever run in to need some good tactics. Anyway i just wanted to say this so if someone really feels stuck u could maybe use what i have learned just be persistant and evertime u face it push the situation out of your head a little and realize !!! Anyway, lots of love to the community, i loved being a part of it for as long as it lasted and it was nice, i were a bit out on the side, socially i were more there only to steal all the rain, SSSH keep it secret dont tell anyone lol .. Naa i were there more for the chat, just had deep issues so i couldnt ever really connect 100%, but i liked the community and i hope you guys make it even better. Best wishes to all of you... Gl everyone!!