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  1. Trigety

    skywallkee's 19th stream live!

    Good Luck Trigety
  2. Trigety

    [Giveaway] How much profit?

    2.4 id say and gl
  3. nice oleg gl with the games User: Trigety
  4. Trigety

    [Giveaway] Only for the 10 fastest people here

    Im here with 21 posts wtf 40 posts 😮 Anyway nice with a giveaway
  5. Awesome Oleg, im going to join in on that one Username: Trigety
  6. code: Eth invested: $30,000 code: Btc invested: $20,000 code: Ltc invested: $20,000 code: Ada invested: $20,000 code: LSK invested: $10,000
  7. Trigety

    Hanvee - new member

    Hey hanvee and welcome to the forum of stake
  8. Trigety

    29 BTC Selling!

    @CaptainLorca mmh
  9. Trigety

    29 BTC Selling!

    The possible code is 6 digits or 9 digits id wonder why someone would go ahead and make 7 or 8 digits (You'd either think ill make 6 or 9 or have a special reason to make the 7 8 digit code) my conclusion is that its either 6 digits or 9 digits, therefor u will have to make combinations for 6 digits and 9 digits. Id say the human being would go for something you'd remember. Especially hiding so many btc in a wallet would probably make you make something you are connected with in some way. If there is no lock on the wallet, maybe go and try the different possible combination of 6 and 9 digits with this video. Just write the 6 and 9 instead of the 4 digits There will be a few million digits to test, but atleast u'll have it back at some point maybe if the combinations are right. Gl And hope you make it work If u need more help msg me, maybe i can help you out. Hacking the thing would be impossible cause the code is the only way to open the wallet, im sure even the maker of the wallet cant crack the wallet without the code, therefor u will have to crack the code. For that u will need a lot of time and an unlockable wallet idk if it has a lock or cooldown or something on it? But msg me and i might be able to help you out, tho i need to be certain and know everything about the device.
  10. Mines:302,419,382 placed by Trigety Wagered: 0.00001000 Payout: 404.11x Profit: 0.00403105