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  1. @LilIntroVert Great it works for you! Gl at the games man!
  2. Hello Cyber welcome to the forum and site also, if you need a little kickstarter this is a good one i made it my self Also if you need extra cash to test out the stakes machinery i can get you 10$ for free on just use my link it will help us both!! https://coinbase.com/earn/xlm/invite/jdcrgvsz And also coinbase.com is the regular page, this is because of the rules so you can see what is going on, otherwise i may not post the links If you are interested in earning more you can allways invite your own friends to the coinbas earn system and get 40$ more Gl and have fun !
  3. Trigety

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  4. No problem Jerickj, gl with the games man
  5. 50/50 as in you choose one of the sides each time, so in some way it is 50/50 if u get what i mean. Tho ofcourse picking a low under nr 2 is ls slight lower chance then picking a high at that point but u still get a 50/50 chance of picking the right nr. Honestly i have same issue, i keep on getting too greedy upon my balance and stake eats it, what im doing is im trying to follow some simple rules but that yes is harder said then done.. Which has gotten better then before, i dont loose as fast anymore as i did once, if not i get to greedy again, but eventually ill get it right lol.. Atleast that is my goals for now
  6. Hey Gennady GL and Trigety is my stake username
  7. Good luck Shinjo, may the force be with you !! Trigety
  8. I belive in god and am a free thinker without a religion, thats pretty much it lol
  9. Welcome to stake @peonminer, hope it brings you a lot of wins, also if you need any quick help with the games to get you started, check out Best of luck to you!
  10. @Mikehoncho They should work for all of the countries i know of i think.