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  1. No problem Jerickj, gl with the games man
  2. 50/50 as in you choose one of the sides each time, so in some way it is 50/50 if u get what i mean. Tho ofcourse picking a low under nr 2 is ls slight lower chance then picking a high at that point but u still get a 50/50 chance of picking the right nr. Honestly i have same issue, i keep on getting too greedy upon my balance and stake eats it, what im doing is im trying to follow some simple rules but that yes is harder said then done.. Which has gotten better then before, i dont loose as fast anymore as i did once, if not i get to greedy again, but eventually ill get it right lol.. Atleast that is my goals for now
  3. Hey Gennady GL and Trigety is my stake username
  4. Good luck Shinjo, may the force be with you !! Trigety
  5. I belive in god and am a free thinker without a religion, thats pretty much it lol
  6. Welcome to stake @peonminer, hope it brings you a lot of wins, also if you need any quick help with the games to get you started, check out Best of luck to you!
  7. @Mikehoncho They should work for all of the countries i know of i think.
  8. @bicoinman I must admit i dont really get the part, what do you really mean here? If i got it right u mean its a big shit strategy if u use a high multiplier with a little bet? Well id everything depends on your bankroll and follow the rule nr 1 will make it easier for you to keep on the safe side and gain wins!
  9. @artcode 100% Artcode, the stop buttons are one of the most important parts of the game, tho if you have read my post i refered to it aswell as "know when to lose" so that means lowering the bet size and flipping next hash to reveal a loss and continue for some time until ur sure enough losses have happened to reveal a win where you should lift up your bet again just before the wins, depending on what game u play.
  10. I have for a long time searched the internet for all freebies there is and i have really scouted the best places to pickup these no deposit bonuses, there is three sites i know of that are the best and work well, they also have poker bankrolls, casino freebies and help with these topics in general. Support me and i will support you, write your stake name and i will give you a little something for the awesomeness, prizes will be given withing a day or two, and no i wont give u some shit u cant use for anything... So dw its a surprize Something for something right ********************************************************************************************************************************** Take a look at Bankrollmobs site first then join in on my referal link after if u feel like supporting me, then you can also grab the surprize here on stake. http://www.bankrollmob.com Join Bankrollmob with my link and get offers for bankrolls to poker and freebies for casino, great site! http://www.bankrollmob.com/?t=30549 ********************************************************************************************************************************** Take a look at Pokerstrategys site first then join in on my referal link after if u feel like supporting me, then you can also grab the surprize here on stake. https://www.pokerstrategy.com Join Pokerstrategy trough my link and get a 50$ bankroll boost on whichever site you prefer from their site, will take 2 days and u will have 50$ on your poker accounts Also great site to discuss things about poker https://www.pokerstrategy.com/#uZPBEY ********************************************************************************************************************************** Awesome sites guys, join now and put your name from stake in a post but also your pokerstrategy and your bankrollmob names and i will send you double up if u signed in on both from my link. GL all and have fun with the freebies
  11. Hello Stakers and Staff, little late but... A big congratulations to stake and what you guys have achieved since the start Best wishes
  12. @qiano That really is a bad habbit and can take its while to get right to be honest..
  13. @nuuuitsjdragon You are im guessing reffering to dice right? Id say its more of a intuitive thing, you get familiar with it.. Or otherwise calculate the chances of hitting something which never is the case but gives u some knowledge about when to stop and when to raise.. Tho im more of a guy that increases on loss then on win cause it sort of makes better sense, tho use the rule nr 1 when playing and ofcourse bet according to some limits. So you dont loose it all in your hunt... This also requires a bigger bankroll, therfor maybe go play with doge insteast of playing with btc id say.