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  1. Blackjack:252,945,242 placed by flamelord04 Wagered: 0.00000200 Payout: 2.50x Profit: 0.00000300 got it yehhey
  2. Roulette:252,080,966 placed by flamelord04 Wagered: 0.00001000 Payout: 36.00x Profit: 0.00035000 GOT IT TNX GOD
  3. Blackjack:251,784,519 placed by playbot04 Wagered: 0.00001000 Payout: 2.50x Profit: 0.00001500 got it tnx to dose in informing me^^
  4. i think ETN will go at 1$ each at december jus hold on guys
  5. for me DOGE is the best altcoin to mine use eobot to mine that easily
  6. hoping XRP to be big as BTC someday
  7. for me ICO is just a small money but someday it will be big as BTC