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  1. You can ask support for a break down if you're ever confused
  2. Thanks for the reviews guys. Means a lot hearing kind words. Also thank you for the constructive feedback. Most of this we're already aware of but there's a couple of good points made!
  3. Trustpilot is currently a fairly big market driver and respected review website. It'd be really awesome if you guys could leave some honest & legitimate reviews for us. If you do wish to help, make sure your review is 2 - 3 sentences long. You don't have to give 5 stars, give whatever you believe Stake deserves. If you have any negative feedback, that's cool as well. We'll happily take on any constructive criticism. Link to the Stake review: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/stake.com Thanks in advance! P.S. make sure you leave your Trustpilot & Stake username in this thread after leaving the review ✌️😉
  4. Yeh, this is correct. We use websockets for the online count. As a result a lot of people could just simply have Stake open on their PC but not be on the website. Also you mention the "Bets" tab not running faster. We only display one bet per 800ms. You can see the incrimenting of bet ID's. We're only displaying about 1 in 600 bets. The bet shown in that 800ms period is weighted by the value of the bet. Higher bets are more likely be to be displayed.
  5. Upload a video to Youtube containing the Stake anthem in some form. The 5 best videos win 0.01 BTC. If you don't know the Stake anthem you'll have to find out! 48 hours to enter Thank you guys, you were all so creative. Congrats to the top 5 winners and the other participants. You can claim your prize on the link below: https://stake.com/?coupon=StakeAnthem34980 List of the winners: https://pastebin.com/41YBHLbY
  6. This is currently on our to-do. It's some black magic as to why it's not working. But we will figure it out
  7. Edward

    $1k Giveaway

    Unofficial giveaway I'm running on my Twitter. $100 x 10 winners drawn on my next livestream. Instructions on how to enter in the Tweet https://twitter.com/EdMiroslav
  8. This is a bit confusing. Which bet ID's specifically showed the wrong animation & payed out differently?
  9. www.twitch.tv/PrimeEdd Some giveaways for my Stream will involve using random.org to pick winners dependant on their post number on this topic. Post here with your Stake username. The post number will be your entry. Do not post more than once! I will unfortunately have to disqualify you if you do make multiple posts on this thread. Good luck everyone!
  10. Cryptocompare is currently a fairly big market driver and one of the information related sites when you search for "Stake casino". It'd be really awesome if you guys could leave some honest reviews. If you do want to help, make sure your review is at least 2 - 3 sentances long. You don't have to give 5 stars, give whatever you believe Stake deserves. If you have any negatives that's cool as well. Hopefully there is not much need for that however:) You will need to quickly create & verify an account when leaving a review here. It takes only a minute max however. Link to the Stake review: https://www.cryptocompare.com/spend/gambling/stake/ Thanks in advance! P.S. make sure you use your Stake username to write the review
  11. Dose was a moderator but he now works with our support team as he is based in the same area as them and did a great job with moderation. One S is support. Two is senior support. Both are online 24/7. Both are active in the chat.
  12. We have been debating whether it is worthwhile keeping private messaging platform on Stake. We have found a lot of abuse goes on there with people advertising scam websites or multi-level marketing links. It's very unfortunate because some users fall for this & find themselves getting scammed. I'm wondering how many people actually have a positive experience with the Stake private messaging system. Would you mind if it was removed?