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  1. Sounds like they're pulling some marketing moves after losing 10 points on Tuesday
  2. "Decentralized money which can't be diluted by excessive money printing/inflation" Used to be a lot harder, but nowadays it seems everyone has seen and understood at least some information around Bitcoin
  3. I'd love to see the price go back up but it's anyone's guess. The climb from 500 - 20k had barely any hickups and was way too fast. A correction sounds about right. Looking forward to the next bubble/hype whenever that may be.
  4. Edward

    Life Is Like This

    Tears man, tears
  5. Edward

    New site for dicers

    Rip off of Pocket Dice which had controversy in regards to fairness. Tread with caution & best of luck to OP.
  6. Edward

    Whats your Highest Payout in Plinko?

    Managed to hit the 1k a few times betting 0. I wouldn't chase it for too long without an auto clicker or API
  7. Edward

    Forum newbie

    Heya! Stick around, it's pretty sweet here.
  8. Edward

    XRP will be huge!

    I would stay away simply due to the way it was originally distributed. It no doubt has potential and will probably continue to keep up with the crypto momentum but I find it hard to even put it in that category. I wouldn't buy it but great job to the people that were in when it exploded.
  9. This is the exact reason provable fairness is such a great thing. Check out cryptogambling.org if you'd like to learn more. Stake is a verified operator under the CGF so you can hoepefully bet here with peace of mind.
  10. Edward

    Quit while ahead!?

    Always the best way to go. Pretty much the only way to beat the house
  11. Edward

    Y u do this Grifter

    Sad to see.
  12. Edward

    Eye Tattoo

    Just seeinf those words in the title made my stomach turn. Damn..
  13. Posting this on behalf of a friend, thought it might be interesting to some people here. Please save both yours and their time with any bullshit
  14. Google Auth as its device specific. Authy stories scare me
  15. Edward

    Hi all!

    Looking forward to seeing you post around!