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  1. Every week Stake will be running a vote of sorts on Twitter whereby you can choose your favourite listed charity. Simply retweet the charity you'd like to see get donated $1,000 on behalf of Stake community https://twitter.com/Stake Thanks!
  2. Edward

    Ed's Stream Giveaway

    Streaming a fun little tournament on RS but will also do a few draws for $50 - $100 on here. Post your Stake username to enter. I will use random.org to choose the winner.
  3. www.twitch.tv/PrimeEdd Will start streaming 15 minutes from this being posted. Post here with your Stake username and your corresponding post number will be used as a way of picking you as a winner for one of my many different types of giveaways I'll be doing tonight!
  4. I'm starting to stream a little bit more here and there. I've recently streamed a couple of times on an online game I used to play as a way of getting back into the groove. I want to start doing Bitcoin & Crypto related streams again, however. I tend to enjoy giving stuff away mostly whilst talking as fast as possible (Nah, I have been trying to slow down, I promise). I need some ideas in regards to how to give away stuff whilst also making the stream a bit of fun! I can always gamble on Stake and/or Primedice but I'm looking for some cool ideas on how to best conduct giveaways! These giveaways would be for small amounts with 3 or 4 minute waits in between each one. With that said if I use your idea I'll be sure to give you something next stream! P.S. Follow me on Twitch if you haven't already, just managed over 1k followers! www.Twitch.tv/PrimeEdd
  5. I'll be hosting an official stream in celebration of over a year since Stake launched. Whilst it may have only been a year since we went public, the idea behind Stake and the development of it goes back several. I'm going to take you guys with me, sharing stories and pictures (Respecting relevant privacy) dating back to 2014, 2015 & 2016 showing how this website came to be. The good times, the struggles, the arguments, the disagreements and a million funny moments. Stake really has quite a tale behind it. All the while I'll be giving out more Bitcoin than ever. Come to join me on Twitch.tv/PrimeEdd as I'm accompanied by Mladen (Not in person this time, unfortunately) alongside some of the original Stake team. I'll also be talking about some of our upcoming plans and answering pretty much all questions you throw my way. Most importantly I'm going to be giving out over 10 awards (Bitcoin & memorabilia included!) to community & staff members that have helped shape this awesome place into what it is today. When? Saturday, 1:00pm GMT Where? www.Twitch.tv/PrimeEdd (Follow me beforehand to get the notification!) Don't miss this, next year when this community is 10x the size and we're streaming to too many people to take notice of everyone, you'll want to say you were here for this!
  6. Post your Stake.com username and your corresponding post number will be used as your entry. I will then roll on Random.org for $100 USD in BTC 3x. Post only once.
  7. Edward

    Devastating stake birthday outcome...

    Stake is about to undergo some real big changes so we pushed the celebration aspect of it back a little in case it clashed. Awesome to see so many people remembered, however. Stay tuned over the next week
  8. Edward

    Edward Giveaway Entry Topic

    Post here & your post number will be used as an entry number into my stream giveaways!
  9. Edward

    Bitcoin will hit $50K this 2018

    Looks like downtrend has given up a bit of pace. Hope for the best!
  10. Edward

    My First x130

    Plinko is definitely the most entertaining game to play. Essentially had a 50% chance of getting 999x instead of 130x which is a lame way to look at it sometimes.
  11. Edward

    Red streaks

    On dice 49.5% win chance I think I managed 13 losses in a row once whilst testing the site. 1/~8,000 chance I believe.
  12. Edward

    Greetings Game Fans!

    Hope to see you around the forum!
  13. Edward

    3BTC Win! :D Best Ever!

    Big fella Jesse
  14. Edward

    What Is Going on with Crypto Market

    Pretty lame lately, not much excitement except just watching the price steadily decline...
  15. Some of Red Hot Chilli Peppers early classics are pretty easy to go with since most people know them & Anthony Kiedis seems to just somewhat scream most lyrics rather than sing and still sounds good