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  1. x1000000000000

    Looks like you might have turned off your modem
  2. Do Altcoins have a future?

    Yeh definitely. Alt coins have brought a tonne of worthwhile innovation to the Bitcoin (Now Crypto) world
  3. Looking for people who have experience with graphic design who would be interested in working on GFX for Stake & Primedice's Facebook/Twitter/Instagram pages. You can see the style we use by viewing them here. https://www.facebook.com/StakeCasino/ https://www.facebook.com/officialprimedice/ Post below with some examples of your work. You can message me on Telegram (@EdMiroslav) if you think you're capable.
  4. New Games

    Hoping for some more votes on this! Important stuff if you're keen on playing Stake!
  5. Playerunknowns Battlegrounds - Thoughts?

    Looks so good on streams. Keen to play even though I suck at these sort of games
  6. Mine was selling stress balls I made with balloons and rice to people down the street when I was 4 lol
  7. You would have noticed Primedice & Stake have lowered their faucets. This is because our faucet is mainly to test the site or have some fun on our games. If you want to make money off faucet farming, then go to some of the other websites that are luring people in with massive faucets. Want to know why they can afford such high ones though whilst we can't? It's because they're most likely not 100% fair when people actually deposit. I'm not saying names, but there's usually a catch to stuff that's too good to be true. So remember, faucet farm on other sites, deposit and bet safely with Stake & Primedice.
  8. Looking for people who are sort of well known in alt coin communities, whether it be Reddit ones, Facebook ones, anything. Let me know on Telegram (My user is @EdMiroslav). Will pay well!
  9. Rewording Provably Fair

    Sorry should have explained better - More or less looking for better words to describe "Client seed" & "Server seed" etc.
  10. There's been a few of the non "official" streamers streaming as of late. From those people who do you think deserves some extra attention, or possibly to be made an official streamer if they have time. I'll take this time to also thank all streamers, you guys are awesome. Everyone, you're missing out on some good stuff if you're not watching our official streamers stream!
  11. Rewording Provably Fair

    We're looking to reword provably fair a bit and are looking for some help. Words such as "Client seed", "Server seed" etc. are a little daunting. What would be the simplest way to get a new user to understand these aspects (Through the use of some better terminology).
  12. [Selling] Bulk Gmail Accounts

    Add me on Telegram (EdMiroslav)
  13. Check out Stake.com's live stats! You can now track your wagered & profit as you bet alongside a useful dynamic graph. Give us some feedback here!
  14. Primedice.com is about to hit 20 billion bets, what should we do?
  15. Biggest pot you've played?

    I was once in a 10 BTC pot back in 2014 against Stunna How about you guys?