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  1. [0.05+ BTC] Design new game icons with us!

    Loving some of the entries here. Please feel free to vote on some of your favorite if you are not entering. So far Orlando has some amazing work (Please submit more!). Some of the others are also awesome but stray from our style a little too much. Using pre made images isn't the best way to go. None the less I'm going to award some amazing entries regardless of whether we use them or not. Keep them coming for the time being!
  2. Hey guys, Since the last thread chartbet seems to be running a little smoother. Please play around with it a bit and let me know what issues you have or complaints. We're working with you guys!
  3. Stake Plan in 2018

    We plan on adding sports betting as one of the main features to the site. It'll be following suit in Stake's mission statement and simplicity it currently holds throughout the games. Multiplayer games is something that has peaked interest around the Bitcoin community so we'll be working with coming up with some new innovative ways to deliver those needs. Alongside that, we will be adding new games which are considered casino standards. With these we're always open to suggestions as to what to do first. We already have a good idea from feedback left by current users and in official polls.
  4. Reply with your answer & why - All people who reply have a chance of winning 0.01 on the 7th of January!
  5. Stake is looking to redesign some of the game images. By game images I mean the ones on the games page where you click on which game you want to choose. Anyone who designs something we end up using will receive a minimum of 0.05 BTC! This may change if price goes way up or down. Take your time, this is an ongoing giveaway/competition. Let's see some talent! Syle guide: - Keep the same dimensions - Use only the exact same colours we currently use (New game icons don't have to be identical. Just the same as the others) - Keep it somewhat minimalistic. You don't need to redesign every game image, but the more you do the more chance you have of winning. Let's see if we can get some winners!
  6. What was your most memorable moment, biggest achievement or simply most outstanding part of 2017? Lets not think about all we're going to do in 2018 but reflect on the good things that happened in 2017!
  7. Thanks so far for some great replies!
  8. I am looking for experienced translators who are also capable of running small brand management campaigns. Currently looking for: - Vietnamese - Korean - Ukranian - Romanian - Italian - Chinese - French Open to other languages too. Add me on Telegram (@EdMiroslav) if you're interested. The work will require around 5 - 10 hours a week and your pay will be definitely worth your while.
  9. Chartbet Complaints

    Thanks so far for all input. We're taking it on board & working on a recode of sorts.
  10. Chartbet Complaints

    What's your main issues with chartbet? Why do you not play it? It's personally my favorite game but it seems not so popular anymore. Would love to know how to fix it!
  11. Why do you trust Stake? Why do you trust any other gambling service you use?
  12. As far as cryptos go, what does your portfolio currently look like? I'm 90% BTC & 10% BCH
  13. Litecoin Owner Has Sold all of His LTC!

    Didn't seem to affect the price that much. It may have stopped the heavy upswing however.
  14. He seems like a bit of a joke honestly. I'm sure he's made a killing off what he's doing however the value of a coin/asset shouldn't be determined off a tweet. He might have some reasoning behind it but if that's what it takes for those insane gains it's a bit odd.
  15. I think we'll settle around $10k.