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  1. Edward

    Bitcoin will hit $50K this 2018

    Looks like downtrend has given up a bit of pace. Hope for the best!
  2. Edward

    My First x130

    Plinko is definitely the most entertaining game to play. Essentially had a 50% chance of getting 999x instead of 130x which is a lame way to look at it sometimes.
  3. Edward

    Red streaks

    On dice 49.5% win chance I think I managed 13 losses in a row once whilst testing the site. 1/~8,000 chance I believe.
  4. Edward

    I am new

    Welcome! Hope to see you stick around the forum a bit
  5. Edward

    Greetings Game Fans!

    Hope to see you around the forum!
  6. Edward

    3BTC Win! :D Best Ever!

    Big fella Jesse
  7. Edward

    What Is Going on with Crypto Market

    Pretty lame lately, not much excitement except just watching the price steadily decline...
  8. Some of Red Hot Chilli Peppers early classics are pretty easy to go with since most people know them & Anthony Kiedis seems to just somewhat scream most lyrics rather than sing and still sounds good
  9. About the only coin looking green at the minute!
  10. @Dan is away right now but I'm sure he can easily implement this shortly.
  11. Edward


    Heya, remember seeing you on the betting table quite a bit. Welcome to the forum, stick around
  12. Sounds like they're going to have to sacrifice a fair bit of profits in order to achieve this. Seems like the way all crypto exchanges should beheading, however. Good luck to them!
  13. Edward

    Top losers according to The Economist

    Online gaming accounts for a large amount of Australian gambling losses, however Australian companies can't accept Aussies... Seems stupid. You're right when Australia is essentially just sending money overseas.
  14. Edward

    Sell your altcoins and Buy Bitcoin

    Who's to say alt coins won't rise quicker? It seems to be that most alt coins follow Bitcoin in terms of price. Personally, I don't really own any altcoins, they seem way too speculative & even more volatile than BTC for my liking...
  15. It seems there's quite a divide between people who prefer Bitcoin over that of Bitcoin Cash. Does this apply to you? Does it upset you to the point where you'd discriminate against a website that accepts it?