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  1. Do you follow anyone on Youtube that makes Crypto related videos? If so who is your favorite? We'd love to sponsor some of your favourite content creators
  2. Edward

    Users abusing the chat

    Russian keyboards typically don't I believe.
  3. Edward

    What Is Your Longest Loss Streak For a Specific Chance?

    Once hit 16 reds on 2x. It was back when we displayed 20 bets in the "My bets" table. I was hoping I could get a full 20 of reds
  4. Edward

    John Daly: I lost $55 Million Gambling

    Damn, that's gotta suck.
  5. Edward

    What do you consider gambling?

    Anything where you're taking a risk really. Doesn't have to necessarily be financially incentivised risk either
  6. Edward


    Check the verification tab & learn a little about provably fair. We go to deep lengths to supply a service which allows peace of mind for gamblers. We could have easily bought pre made software rather than buiding our own, but that wouldn't include the fairness system we offer. Stake.com is one of the few casinos where you need not trust the host, but the math behind the result. This is why we're different.
  7. Edward

    Greed = lose

    Gotta know when to hold 'em, gotta know when to fold 'em.
  8. Edward

    Converting coins

    Try an exchange like Bitmex or Poloniex. Not sure on their current KYC requirements right now
  9. Edward

    Play with btc or eth?

    I'd play with ETH for the simple reason it has quicker confirmation times
  10. It's fun to play with for that exact reason. You can play with larger numbers rather than having to deal with so many decimal places etc.
  11. Edward

    How much profit to stop gambling?

    All the coins
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  13. Edward

    Jian from PH

    Hey man welcome to the community Hope you enjoy the forum
  14. Edward

    Marvel or DC?

    Marvel without a doubt