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  1. Edward

    🎨 Stake 2.0 Homepage Sneak Peak

    We've put both dice modes into one thumbnail. Within there you can choose whether you wish to play sphere or classic dice. Classic dice is default with a one-click option to change to sphere.
  2. Edward

    🎨 Stake 2.0 Homepage Sneak Peak

    Chartbet will be back when we launch multiplayer games It'll be refined & all issues regarding latency will be fixed. We found it was causing more problems than it was worth to us. That's actually been sorted. This mock up is slightly dated. Withdraw & deposit are separate CTA's on the home page. This will be fixed Awesome new game, you're going to have to wait until launch to see what it's all about! Oops, you're right. This isn't the final mock up. The two bells are not on the final.
  3. Continuing on with our redesign sneak peeks of Stake v2, here is the home page (When logged in). You'll notice a new game "Limbo" and Video Poker (Which has already been revealed). We're hoping to have this launched within the next 2 weeks. I'll be keeping you all updated! As always, all feedback is much appreciated.
  4. Edward

    Plinko needs higher payouts

    Here are the new payouts for Plinko on the highest risk multiplier & highest number of pins (Now called payouts you'll notice). Here are the new Keno payouts on the highest risk multiplier & 10 tiles selected...
  5. Edward

    Plinko needs higher payouts

    Higher Keno & Plinko payouts will be available on Stake 2.0
  6. Edward

    Looking for a DEV who can help me

    Hiring (good) devs is bloody hard. Best of luck man
  7. Edward

    [Open] Create a Stake or Crypto Meme and Win!

    Hah, some of these already have me cracking a smile.
  8. Edward

    Maybe an automatic betting mode for Baccarat?

    This is being included in Stake v2
  9. Edward

    Favorite Game of 2018

    HiLo will always be my favourite game :).
  10. Edward

    🎨 Roulette Redesigned

    Splits, I got ya. Yep we're working on exactly this
  11. Edward

    Help us create the new Keno Payouts!

    Luckily we'll be keeping "classic" mode then!
  12. Edward

    🎨 Roulette Redesigned

    I'm a little confused by this. What do you mean exactly.
  13. Edward

    Help us create the new Keno Payouts!

    Haha, you can see why we're looking for help! What do you think of the ones we've already come up with?
  14. Edward

    Netflix, what to watch?

    Can't wait for season 2 of End of the F***ing world lol. Definitely my favorite from your list. I just finished Vikings & am currently binging on Peaky Blinders. If you liked Riverdale there's a new series called "You" which is also by the same team and pretty similar style of cinematics. It just came out and is pretty cool.
  15. Edward

    Help us create the new Keno Payouts!

    A big aspect of Stake is giving our users as many possible betting options whilst maintaining simplicity. Adding another variable in will only make things almost too complicated for first time players. None the less we can do this -- If there is enough support of course.