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  1. This is currently on our to-do. It's some black magic as to why it's not working. But we will figure it out
  2. Edward

    $1k Giveaway

    Unofficial giveaway I'm running on my Twitter. $100 x 10 winners drawn on my next livestream. Instructions on how to enter in the Tweet https://twitter.com/EdMiroslav
  3. This is a bit confusing. Which bet ID's specifically showed the wrong animation & payed out differently?
  4. Welcome to the forum!
  5. www.twitch.tv/PrimeEdd Some giveaways for my Stream will involve using random.org to pick winners dependant on their post number on this topic. Post here with your Stake username. The post number will be your entry. Do not post more than once! I will unfortunately have to disqualify you if you do make multiple posts on this thread. Good luck everyone!
  6. Cryptocompare is currently a fairly big market driver and one of the information related sites when you search for "Stake casino". It'd be really awesome if you guys could leave some honest reviews. If you do want to help, make sure your review is at least 2 - 3 sentances long. You don't have to give 5 stars, give whatever you believe Stake deserves. If you have any negatives that's cool as well. Hopefully there is not much need for that however:) You will need to quickly create & verify an account when leaving a review here. It takes only a minute max however. Link to the Stake review: https://www.cryptocompare.com/spend/gambling/stake/ Thanks in advance! P.S. make sure you use your Stake username to write the review
  7. Dose was a moderator but he now works with our support team as he is based in the same area as them and did a great job with moderation. One S is support. Two is senior support. Both are online 24/7. Both are active in the chat.
  8. We have been debating whether it is worthwhile keeping private messaging platform on Stake. We have found a lot of abuse goes on there with people advertising scam websites or multi-level marketing links. It's very unfortunate because some users fall for this & find themselves getting scammed. I'm wondering how many people actually have a positive experience with the Stake private messaging system. Would you mind if it was removed?
  9. I get a lot of people messaging me lately talking about how they can never seem to win. Upset about the outcomes of their deposits. In some cases, I can sympathize, in others, not so much. I'll pull up a players account & I will see they deposited say $50. They have turned it into $150 and then lost. How is that bad luck I will think to myself? That's not bad luck. That's great luck combined with simply not knowing when to stop. Players who are in profit are the ones who know when to cash out. They set a goal. They stick to it. They take their winnings. They are content. Losing players are the opposite. They will go on and on until they lose. This is not smart. Unless you have unlimited money, if you play for an unlimited amount of time, you will lose. That is how gambling works. Set goals. Stick to them. Cashout. Play smart.
  10. I'll be doing a live stream on Saturday (18th May) at 12:30pm GMT to celebrate Primedice's 6th Birthday. - Over $2,500 in giveaways - Talking a bit about the early untold history of Primedice (And Stake) - A bit of Q & A - A bit of storytelling surrounding some of the more interesting events to happen in Primedice and later Stake's history (Eg. Hufflepuff) The stream will run for around 1 hour. Hope you all tune in. Twitch channel: www.twitch.tv/primeedd
  11. We're really trying not to create something that is already available. We'll be offering a very unique take on sports. Very similar to how we've taken a unique approach towards our traditional casino games. Regardless, we are still always going to be working on new unique games. We're actually very close to releasing two new games. These will likely be ready before sports.
  12. Positive thinking is very important of course!
  13. Looking forward to seeing some entries! Please try and avois posting unless you're entering:)
  14. Comment with your Stake username & how you found out about the Stake Telegram group in order to receive a free $1 in ETH. This giveaway will close in 30 minutes. Steve will send you a tip on Stake.com directly as you enter.
  15. Every new player is obviously an Alt I think our marketing is not perfect by any means. We're quite crazy with our approach. We don't always take the most analytical approach. We like to think the "ripple down" effect of our marketing is what brings us most new users. Most websites will track the success of a campaign through the direct number of sign ups as a result. Or the exact change in metrics throughout the duration of the campaign. I do not like this approach. It doesn't account for the numerous other factors that come into play. I guess you could say we're quite careless and just do what "Feels right". With that said, does it make us money? Maybe. Is Stake growing quite rapidly? Yeh. Would it be growing without our marketing efforts? Probably. Should we subsequently stop all marketing efforts with giveaways? Nah I think they're fun:) We're slowly getting a little more technical when it comes to this sort of stuff, so you might see some promotional aspects that are completely canceled as a result. I'm hoping we've been making some good calls though!
  16. This giveaway is very simple. Just post your Stake.com username & how you found out about Stake.com and you will be credited $0.50 worth of BTC. This giveaway closes 30 minutes from the post time. Steve will tip you as you post your username & how you found out
  17. Edward

    9800x is impossible?

    Far from! See this heaps!
  18. Edward

    My first post

    Welcome. Hope to see you around in the future:)
  19. It's always gonna get botted unfortunately