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  1. Continuing on with our redesign sneak peeks of Stake v2, here is the home page (When logged in). You'll notice a new game "Limbo" and Video Poker (Which has already been revealed). We're hoping to have this launched within the next 2 weeks. I'll be keeping you all updated! As always, all feedback is much appreciated.
  2. Edward

    Primedice vs. Stake

    What's your favourite and why? Excited to see some answers! Personally I much prefer Stake as it has so much potential and you guys have no idea what we have in the pipeline - Its gonna be crazyyyy. Primedice will always hold a softspot in my heart however.
  3. Edward

    🎨 Stake 2.0 Homepage Sneak Peak

    We've put both dice modes into one thumbnail. Within there you can choose whether you wish to play sphere or classic dice. Classic dice is default with a one-click option to change to sphere.
  4. Edward

    Favorite Poker Site?

    Selswithclubs was my favorite until it sort of died. Wait for Stake Poker
  5. Edward

    🎨 Stake 2.0 Homepage Sneak Peak

    Chartbet will be back when we launch multiplayer games It'll be refined & all issues regarding latency will be fixed. We found it was causing more problems than it was worth to us. That's actually been sorted. This mock up is slightly dated. Withdraw & deposit are separate CTA's on the home page. This will be fixed Awesome new game, you're going to have to wait until launch to see what it's all about! Oops, you're right. This isn't the final mock up. The two bells are not on the final.
  6. Edward


    As some of you might already know Stake is hoping to launch its sportsbook in early 2019. Who here currently enjoys or participates in sports betting. If so where do you play?
  7. Edward

    Plinko needs higher payouts

    Here are the new payouts for Plinko on the highest risk multiplier & highest number of pins (Now called payouts you'll notice). Here are the new Keno payouts on the highest risk multiplier & 10 tiles selected...
  8. With Stake v2 we will be releasing 3 new variations to Keno in the form of a risk multiplier. There will be the classic risk multiplier alongside low, medium & high risk. These different options will change the payouts accordingly. You can view what we have in mind at the link below https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1BC5tewvQ_ICMC6McpE98GA5ldr2tSQ0U95ytmpzUEsc/edit?usp=sharing Want to change these up a bit & have the chance to have your payouts included in Stake v2? 1. Copy the whole spreadsheet 2. Create a new spreadsheet of your own on Google docs 3. Fill in the payouts however you please. Don't edit any cells except for the multiplier/payout ones 4. Ensure the house edge (HE) is between 0.8% - 1.2% 5. Share the link to your spreadsheet here in the comments! I will personally be checking all of them. Hope to see some awesome ideas. Otherwise more than happy to hear your feedback on the ones I already created.
  9. Edward

    Plinko needs higher payouts

    Higher Keno & Plinko payouts will be available on Stake 2.0
  10. Edward

    Looking for a DEV who can help me

    Hiring (good) devs is bloody hard. Best of luck man
  11. Edward

    [Open] Create a Stake or Crypto Meme and Win!

    Hah, some of these already have me cracking a smile.
  12. With our redesign we're also this exciting new game. One of which is video poker. This is a fairly common game which I'm sure a lot of you have had a chance to play in the past. Let me know how you feel this design compares to other places you've played & whether you're looking forward to playing. Video Poker (Desktop) Absolutely all constructive criticism welcome. I'll be sure to reply back to all thought out replies. We've already made some changes on previous designs posted due to quality feedback.
  13. Edward

    🎨 Wheel Redesigned

    Wheel Redesigned (Desktop) This design once again utilizes our new darker theme and works on making our games as visually pleasing as possible. We've reduced the amount of harsh & high contrast colors to a minimal amount resulting in a cleaner looking design. You will also notice how we aim to utilise a new sidebar for easy site navigation. Our updated chat is also visible. I'll update the mobile version of redesigned wheel shortly. The development is being finished up as I type. As always feedback would be awesome. We're trying to make this redesigned version of Stake absolutely perfect.
  14. Edward

    Maybe an automatic betting mode for Baccarat?

    This is being included in Stake v2
  15. Edward

    🎨 Blackjack Redesigned

    Like Hilo this redesign brings all call to action buttons for gameplay together in the designated section as opposed to the left-hand sidebar. The buttons are conveniently located close to each other and you'll also see a preview of the winning pop up. This pop up will allow you to easily rebet without much cursor fatigue. Blackjack (Desktop Let me know what you think! I'll be sure to reply to all constructive critisim. We really value all the opinions we have received so far
  16. Edward

    "Who Sent me Giveaway"

    Simple game, to enter you simply say who sent you to this topic post. The person (Other than me) who has the most "Sent me's" wins. If you simply stumbled across this thread but want to enter, just say "Browsing forum". If you get muted in the chat or a warning on the forum for whatever reason you're disqualified. Quietly tell your Stake friends to come and let them know you sent them, and so on so fourth. Winner gets $250 in BTC. Merry Christmas all. P.S. This is a test giveaway, if it causes too much spam I'm just going to lock it (Winner will still be decided however). Do not bother with alt accounts, you'll just sadly get yourself banned
  17. Edward

    Favorite Game of 2018

    HiLo will always be my favourite game :).
  18. Edward

    🎨 Roulette Redesigned

    Classic roulette design mixed in with our dark theme. The design focuses on giving Roulette that elegant feeling it deserves. We've changed the look & feel to chips. Roulette (Desktop) Let me know what you guys think!
  19. Edward

    🎨 Roulette Redesigned

    Splits, I got ya. Yep we're working on exactly this
  20. Big Christmas Challenge! We are happy to announce that our team has prepared a special set of challenges for the following month. As Christmas is approaching, Stake is in the mood to award its faithful and new players equally and more than ever by organizing a seasonal set of events. Stay tuned and follow the Challenges board so you do not miss the beginning of the Advent Calendar event. The prize pool will go up to 1.5 BTC and all those who fulfill 25 days challenge will receive a small Christmas bonus too🎄
  21. Edward

    Help us create the new Keno Payouts!

    Luckily we'll be keeping "classic" mode then!
  22. Edward

    🎨 Roulette Redesigned

    I'm a little confused by this. What do you mean exactly.
  23. Edward

    Help us create the new Keno Payouts!

    Haha, you can see why we're looking for help! What do you think of the ones we've already come up with?
  24. Edward

    Netflix, what to watch?

    Can't wait for season 2 of End of the F***ing world lol. Definitely my favorite from your list. I just finished Vikings & am currently binging on Peaky Blinders. If you liked Riverdale there's a new series called "You" which is also by the same team and pretty similar style of cinematics. It just came out and is pretty cool.
  25. Edward

    Help us create the new Keno Payouts!

    A big aspect of Stake is giving our users as many possible betting options whilst maintaining simplicity. Adding another variable in will only make things almost too complicated for first time players. None the less we can do this -- If there is enough support of course.