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  1. A few hours ago we changed Limbo win/loss sounds. Looking for some quick feedback - Which do you prefer? Are you indifferent? Did you even realise?
  2. With the Beta launch of Stake 2, we have seen a 3x increase in wagered alongside an almost 30% increase in individual deposits. We have seen many large bettors move from competing websites to Stake to enjoy some of our new features aimed at pleasing all players, small and large. With this comes the massive opportunity for affiliate marketers. With Stake offering a very high-quality service in comparison to its competition, it's a great time to get involved in bringing people to the website & profiting accordingly. We are currently looking at updating our affiliate platform and are looking for suggestions. Is there anything you'd like to see added to the Stake affiliate section in order to ensure it's helping you as much as possible to convert potential players.
  3. if you hover your mouse over the "10 hits" (Or any variation of hits) you can view the odds of hitting it. This is a Desktop only feature however. This also applies to Plinko
  4. What's wrong with Roulette? Plinko ball falls too slow? Slower than on Stake 1?
  5. Thanks! Please keep the feedback coming!
  6. Someone decides to bot 100k claims a day and we have to lower it.
  7. Keep the feedback coming guys, it's honestly a massive help.
  8. What visual bug are you getting?
  9. Haven't heard of this logout issue.. Do you have any scenarios where it doesn't occur? Is there anyway you could guide me in reproducing this?
  10. Would you be able to send me a pic of what you mean with Baccarat? Would you also be able to explain what's wrong with Stake 2 on Hilo? Thanks!
  11. I've added this to our todo. By the way, the Video Poker issue is now fixed. Go ahead and verify all bets
  12. We're working on some performance upgrades for the Stake 2 Beta. We understand there are some games users are having troubles playing in comparison to the original Stake. On the other hand other users find Stake 2 a lot faster. I'm here to ensure everyone enjoys a faster & more fluent upgrade to the website. Regardless of whether or not this is affecting you, if you could fill out this form it'll be greatly appreciated. We can hopefully sort everything before our main launch. Please fill this form Thanks, guys. Feel free to add any other performance related feedback in the replies. There's no such thing as unnecessary feedback!
  13. Edward

    Provably UNFAIR?

    To be fair, you are not losing any money. The result was calculated correctly. The fairness used on the Front End to display this was incorrect. If the results displayed on the modal were the actual results then the game would be unfair actually. Regardless of this issue, the result is still the same. I'm not dismissing this issue though. It's a major bug on our side. But I hope people do not question our integrity as a result. This is not fairness related, it's actually visual, despite what it may look like currently.
  14. Edward

    Provably UNFAIR?

    This is the reply from our lead back end developer. Basically, we've made a big mistake with our front end (Visual) coding & will have it fixed ASAP. This doesn't actually change the fact the results are still correct from a fairness POV. They were using the wrong formula when being calculated for the modal is all. Please let me know if you have any further queries about this. I hope I can help.
  15. Welcome dude. Hope to see you stick around the forum.
  16. Pretty much exactly the same math behind both games, just displayed in different ways. If you think about it though, pretty much all variations of gambling are just different ways of representing random numbers or outcomes. Therefore being pretty much "Dice". I very much enjoy Limbo over dice, however.
  17. Edward

    Wheel revamped

    I think it looks pretty awesome. The change in payouts definitely helps accommodate to most different types of players
  18. Stake v2 Genesis 🚀 Ends: 13/03/19 @ Midnight (12am) GMT Stake team has once again prepared a surprise for all its users! We are happy to announce that the final countdown for releasing Stake v2 has almost reached its end and in order to celebrate we will do what we always do best - share some prizes for everyone who likes playing with us. New seasonal challenge is upon you with full 15 days of games to participate on a daily basis. As you have experienced with the previous one, each daily challenge will last for 24 hours, this time starting on 26th of February and ending on 12th March at midnight GTM with daily prize pools of 0.05 BTC each. Players who complete full 14 days will be eligible for the last, 15th day of sharing constructive feedback on the new 2.0 version and all its games, and will get corresponding awards for this too. We wouldn't be here without your support and we want to hear your voice on update we have been so ardently and proudly working for such a long time now! Make sure you read the rules of each challenge carefully and fulfill them according to the timer listed on the challenge itself. Always check the minimum bet amounts since they will vary with the price fluctuation during individual days. Bets must be made after the commencement of the given challenge so make sure to link them on the corresponding threads. 1 valid entry per household, and please, do not try to participate with alts - this will be strictly sanctioned. Ghost mode must be disabled during the whole duration of the challenge; bets must be transparent when you link them. Make sure you give some contribution to our Forum too and enter the challenges only if you have 20+ Forum count. Daily awards will be distributed via coupon codes that will be posted at the end of each day for the previous one. This thread will serve the purpose to cover all potential questions and doubts by the users, so do not hesitate to ask on time. Good luck in hunting all challenges and welcome to the Stake v2 Genesis launch! 🚀
  19. We've put both dice modes into one thumbnail. Within there you can choose whether you wish to play sphere or classic dice. Classic dice is default with a one-click option to change to sphere.
  20. Chartbet will be back when we launch multiplayer games It'll be refined & all issues regarding latency will be fixed. We found it was causing more problems than it was worth to us. That's actually been sorted. This mock up is slightly dated. Withdraw & deposit are separate CTA's on the home page. This will be fixed Awesome new game, you're going to have to wait until launch to see what it's all about! Oops, you're right. This isn't the final mock up. The two bells are not on the final.
  21. Continuing on with our redesign sneak peeks of Stake v2, here is the home page (When logged in). You'll notice a new game "Limbo" and Video Poker (Which has already been revealed). We're hoping to have this launched within the next 2 weeks. I'll be keeping you all updated! As always, all feedback is much appreciated.
  22. Here are the new payouts for Plinko on the highest risk multiplier & highest number of pins (Now called payouts you'll notice). Here are the new Keno payouts on the highest risk multiplier & 10 tiles selected...