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  1. I remember that the stake created im 1 of the 10 members so I prefer the old one.
  2. username jamelyn Keno:160,791,486
  3. jamelyn


    I have already an account in wheel
  4. if you have a bitcointalk account u must sign up here for FREE 20 POS second airdrop on Oct 7 https://airdrop.postoken.org/?r=59d08f2aad
  5. thankyou guys.hope we have all luck
  6. hehehe I know who is that yeah we need 2 players
  7. hey @Furlicious let's join here
  8. rhe bet history is have a number u con scroll ubtilbu see the bet I'd in plinko
  9. meron along wheel99 bitvest primedice stake bitdice mandalas ako sa bitvest saka sa wheel syempre dito lalo sa stake
  10. jamelyn

    mines hate me

    so itry to make profit instead my 500k bust in mines.my balance I use to plinko but I change my mind so I play mines to have profit but not lucky I'm busted.
  11. u can check it to the history bet in plinko doppe
  12. goodluck all for hunting I post in chat ur bet I'd but its not ur bet maybe u try in bet history bro.