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  1. TIME UP ... isnt it? with what i see now ... 1st is zayna and 2nd is blurrjs
  2. idk where it is funny thing ... but it is
  3. okay so i just make sure that you guy know this site. it quiet convinience for us . use it like a tools to make you win be smart player Good luck you guy
  4. nah it not easy at all.... but u can hit it in few roll if u have luck enought and u might not hit it even over than 10k roll . what u should prepare for hunting that hit is balance big bankroll and bet lower as u can . try to increase ur basebet after like 5k or 10k roll and how much increase ...and after how many roll we should change base bet is the math that depend on you i hope you win it goodluck friend ... merry xmas happy new years
  5. i think it bch and ltc , same as you .... but in the past i have few time win big with ltc too, but i really dont like ltc at all my best coin is btc or xrp or doge eth is very depend but still better than bch and ltc