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  1. trustpilot username: hanvee stake username : hanvee
  2. i have experience about irl casino last few month... when i traveling malaysia and singapore... TBH I was very exciting just waiting the moment i go to that casino... and i will just have fun with it but when i come in...I felt strangled and lost, because I was so crowded and smelled of cigratte *gambler smoke alot ... You don't know which game to play. where do you start, the game you're going to play the min bet is too high, and the players at the table bet so high don't dare to jump in get lost totally... i decide to play roul ... i lost 50$ on roul to find out how to play ...*min bet just killingme cuz i dont have enuf bankroll then i switch to slot and what.... i lost 25$ for slot cuz i just pick a random machine to play , i dont even know how it work and win casino online is much better than...no smoke...no ppl around... no depress from high player.... alot alot not even count we get promotion and rain too haha
  3. cuz humanity ...greedy...never enuf . never stop . that why ppl always bust some win big then bust some straight bust some up a lil bit then bust but all is just never enuf to stop that how gambling work
  4. Ur welcome i hope u win something nice from this calculator then show us about it Yw Ehh check the 8 tie number it more crazy than that alot hahaa Actually i can count it by myself but i know u guy need it alot especially mine game Yah very helpfully
  5. i know a site that would help us alot . there have hilo calculator and mine calculator . just find out lately that pretty helpfully let check it out all Hi lo Calc https://www.smartgamblingedge.com/p/stakes-hilo-calculator_4.html mine calc https://www.smartgamblingedge.com/p/mines.html and some other calculator thing very interesting...like odd calc https://www.smartgamblingedge.com/p/odds-calculator.html ... many many let check it out guy
  6. hanvee

    Stupid Mistake

    i see...positive mind would make these mistake disapear . yah me too... i did so many stupid mistake that make me hate myself alot...alot cant even count how much silly mistake i did, but i will forget it fasttt. very fast. but then i make another mistake and i will sad again ...but anyway isnt it that life
  7. i think it really helpfully ... not sure about everyone but me. i mistaken do maxbet all the time but u can turn off maxbet that not really bad .... i usally mistaken put maxbet on mobile cuz my finger too big i guess. but a warning for maxbet isnt bad idea
  8. hanvee

    Stupid Mistake

    I know that in my life. I have made many mistakes that I have to remember all my life It's not like mistakes, but it really makes me stupid and blame myself for not being more careful ... Such as challenge of 2 days ago 10000x dice I was mistakenly put 1000x instead of 10000x and this is the result I get with the gold star i should win 15$ for this but i win a shame of myself instead... i really not happy about this This is the last mistake I made and you ???
  9. i can tell you this is a luck ... just not luck enough but still a luck.... there no such thing bad luck but look like this lol dont teasing me pug.. you are lucky ppl.... dont let that ivp challenge trap you ! good luck more win
  10. Like we all know this . Btc is going down to 8k usd right now and it might go down more more more than that . Nobody really know how it will be What do you think about which coin we should keep in this kind of situation i mean only those coin work on stake ... btc eth ltc bch doge. Xrp... this woulf help if i wanna cashouy and value of money with drop much
  11. This problem always is the biggest obstacle of gambler that how to keep your winning money safe until you calm your a..s down. we always have difficult preserving money and it is not to safe to ask someone to keep your money . Im the most experienced person on that . But lately i have come up with a new way to protect the money β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”- let’s start You need 2 ppl for this reg an new stake account with your friend (the one you trust) email . It have to be the person who you truly believe . You are the one know the password with the 2fa on And you just tip your winning money to that account and put in vault so everytime you want to withdraw that vault money you need the permission of that guy . And you can always manage your money . Take a look in your money and anytime you want to wd it just tell that one just resend thAt confirm wd vault mail to your email This way is really work for me and i hope it work for you too. this is my ideas and what about you?? If you have any other ideas comment below please we will disscuss it together