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  1. nah it not easy at all.... but u can hit it in few roll if u have luck enought and u might not hit it even over than 10k roll . what u should prepare for hunting that hit is balance big bankroll and bet lower as u can . try to increase ur basebet after like 5k or 10k roll and how much increase ...and after how many roll we should change base bet is the math that depend on you i hope you win it goodluck friend ... merry xmas happy new years
  2. i think it bch and ltc , same as you .... but in the past i have few time win big with ltc too, but i really dont like ltc at all my best coin is btc or xrp or doge eth is very depend but still better than bch and ltc
  3. it is so much weird,... i only got 190k sat for my coupon ...when my friend is bronze she got 150k , and some other friend got 76xrp, i got almost 20 ticket this month, cant say that im not wagger enuf, 76 xrp is also 190k sat tho... and im bronze i also got 190k, why why why
  4. 1. keno probaly just hit big payout 2. plinko hit biggest payout of that line 3.dice hunting big payout over x1000 4.bacarat fake flame kakaka
  5. 0 ticket mean you have no chance to win 25k raffle 1 ticket mean you have chance to win it even 1 ticket so ofc 1 ticket is big different and if u can collet more than 1 u have more chance to win it but if u have luck enuf to win 1 ticket that really freak insane lol
  6. ofc we do, remember as long as you gambling ,everything u got will go down becuz house edge . take a break from gambling help alot especially in red streak i usally just do something else rest time... afk tho cuz if i keep sitting on pc keep stressing me out more and more anyway merry xmas
  7. idk , i wont join the race, it need alot of effort , u could ripped all balance why u chasing w other and it really is not good for you . instead of that race u can join eddie stream , every 10m have giveaway too, that is better but it was just my opinion goodluck with u if u gonna race and merry xmas
  8. really if i have luck enought to win that huge prize with not much ticket amount then it really something epic in my life 25k usd is very big amount 10k usd isnt bad tho and 500$ is very awesome i wish i just win 1 of it my xmas could be better ... will be one of the best memory i have in my life too i will invest 10k usd give my parent 10 gambling 2k giveaway to stake friend 3k
  9. you can have multiple account there thought. just dont use it on chat then your alt account will be fine i also have few alt tbh but i dont use it on chat i was reg alot of account before i use the main one ...
  10. hanvee


    nighcore chanel on you tube and play there playlist... some really awesome, ... hope u enjoy it and merry xmas bro
  11. tbh i also not gonna race that 9k mega race... it so risky for me im not good at wagger stuff. many time before i ruined my balance and my coupon , not even in top 100 mega even that i was in top 100 .... then the prize of uper 80 isnt worth to lost your balance tho i will enjoy eddie stream instead of that moment, could win some noice prize and watch him to play is also cool tho
  12. try to collect raffle ticket much as u can, to get more chance win the 50k prize from stake with 10 position and the first prize could be 25k $ . that huge prize, it would be a big xmas for me if i win any of it , maerry xmas friend
  13. work is good thing for long term to maintaining what u gonna lost on gambling, are you sure you will always being profit and never lose anything, then it call investment . investment + a bit smartass + self control = rich bish investment + no plans + chasing = loser work is different think. i think that even how much win on gambling u should go to work that good for u,. i have been work since im at 14 yo and now im 25 yo, it 11 years. i didnt ask for a day off or rest anything, working hard, but not enuf for me toi gambling,
  14. heyya .. can you keep update to us which challenge is done and which one not?... like edit the post and use this one just an ideahihi
  15. 1. time when i post it 11:03 AM in Vietnam 2. bet amount : 0.00001 ltc DIAMONDPOKER: 12,513,021,558 placed by hanvee on 10/12/2019 Wagered 0.00001000 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00001000