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  1. totally possible . there a guy open more than 50 without a single skip but i think they using bot too and it was supper lucky . with 50 card you will got huge payout , and u wont take risk for next card when u playing manual to lost that huge payout right ,.... so there only one way it bot
  2. You have to got a gold star to get Boosts . Then you can claim it once an hour but you have to contact admin everyweek to renew the Boosts base on warger of that week but tbh you'll never got the 10m boosts rarely people got that 10m boosts , most of them can claim once an hour
  3. There are two main things that make Stake standout as a unique value proposition: Firstly, all of their games are proprietary and convey consistency throughout the entire brand experience. Frequently you can see conversations that stem from a longer relationship between players (and admins, even) and often rain is sent as camaraderie between players in times of need or big wins. That is one of reasons make me love Stake ! Stake is the best
  4. classic view obviously . but sometime wanna change to wheel view like change feeling... find something new can make u win that game like some bug, who know lol anyway wheel or classic is not important... the important thing is strat ,and luck.... if u got luck... u will just win it easy way even that is stupid strat ever but one u bad luck u cant win shit even safe strat
  5. i swear thaat if you depo all what u got in your wallet . 1 will just lost it easy . reget and blame yourself ,wish time comeback but everything is too late... i dont thing gambling is a safe way to earn money, if it safe it not gambling anymore, ppl take risk to win, some ppl lose some ppl win, i saw many time ppl bet on 98.8% win chance 1 btc and lose, we donno what will happen, we could nt take risk 1btc just for tiny amount, that stupid
  6. my main balance was just under 1mil... like 700k i guess , but i hit x1000... and up to 1 or 2 mil, my friend saw im on hiroller but i keep rolling... that way .till nuffin left. and that is how much i reach to and loss. like main balance 700k up to 8mil and gone ..... yah it really careless lol you right my screen goes on standby but cpu still working xd that becuz the screen goes off but cpu still work, and lag happen like when u change tab .... i hit x1000 not only 1 time, few time , my main balance around 700k, up to 8mil and keep rolling till it 0 yah that how much i reach to before it back to 0
  7. i think that you the one weird lol . the side have hidden mode and public mode .why they cant play as hidden ... and ofc there are many reason make ppl hidden playing but one of reason make ppl play hidden is beggar . * i got many ask for add friend while im rolling ... those stranger, im not even chat on room chat - it prove all these guy is stalker that not about the username ,... realname, adreess blahblah... why you curioous about that hidden bet .... who is that while that guy dont want ppl know about it must respect privately stuff tho
  8. I am using Brave but dont know why cant earn BAT when I
  9. So this is not only one time but two time i felt asleep and ruined all balance on plinko till i awake turn on pc and this is what i see ( this is already 1 years ago, i just sudden found these photo and wanna show u guy it )
  10. hanvee

    XRP vs Plinko

    i dont think it base on luck xrp on plinko it base on many thing.... good connection,...good seed.... drop ball.... up or down balance.... and one more thing that i think affect to come out of plinko is " device" ...like when i play on mobile it usally better than when i play on pc with manual
  11. im tired of boost now, everytime im busting the boost and have to wait one more hours ... and after an hours.... i busted it in 2 min, and then i wait another hours, so best way is.... save boost and play smart but ofc nothing is easy, if it easy then im already is a winner but im not
  12. I dont think 5mil x is a good idea , what if there keep rolling 1m x 2m x 3mx ... but not even reach to 5m x , it killing your feeling , and what u miss 4 time hit 1m x instead of 5m , i dont wanna take risk for that all money i have lost
  13. Eh even that they can lie about it to take back the money but what if that is true ? It hard to believe but not mean iy not happen right Lol you very innocent huh .. look at it like win a jackpot , humanity . I would never blame you 😛 that how ppl do Like i said that really a big mistake from admin right ,... if that guy is eddie i would return al of it buy idk about dd admin yet so yah i have to find it out what to do if that me , but he probaly have to ask back w bunch of kind words tho ... That good for yoyr karma if u believe in it 😛
  14. hanvee

    Crash? Or Limbo?

    crash is more fair i guess...but it take more time than limbo... i would play limbo cuz i dont like slow game espacially hunt game but limbo is prettty suck with low payout one of day i just lost 1mil on limbo in few min and it make my mood totally suck... so be careful with limbo
  15. how many rolled to hit this one bro?... and how much sat u wasted to hit it ? ....do u use instant hit ?, and how many hours for that hit this is totally my dream bro congratulation !! this totally insane win wish i got one in one day too .