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  1. hanvee

    Playing with other people's money?

    is it count if i playing with your money .... lol... jk anyway i am playing stake money many time thru the bonus email code n faucet
  2. 0.07 ~ 0.08 is the biggest profit i ever up to...and it gone at the end tho... lol
  3. omg i swear manytime this fake balance bug make me pissed off ... like it trolling me lol
  4. omg omg lolol i have tell ppl that i never coming back several time tho lol , this topic make me a bit ashamed
  5. hanvee

    Did you originally come from Primedice?

    i sign up primedice long time ago but i swear first time i look at that site... it very boring nothing interesting me...
  6. hanvee

    Primedice vs. Stake

    obviously it stake,., primedice only dice tho,... stake have more game . only dice is very boring tho ....
  7. my first stream ... it a bit awkward
  8. goodluck jokerrr stake id : hanvee
  9. hanvee

    Favorite Game of 2018

    im looking for slot ... and my fav game is keno but i usally lost on it
  10. lucky i guess... but yah u got a week for it... no need hurry tho
  11. hanvee

    What’s your top crypto for 2019?

    my top coin: 1..DOGE 2.DOGE 3.DOGE really i was calling ppl buy doge 2 yeas ago but no one believe me
  12. plinko hurt me tho ,... i cant understand how that game work,... it look very stoopid... and sudentlt hitted a big one ..very very ....weird
  13. hanvee

    Bad Luck everyday?

    not everyday but most of day very suck .... then it good then it suck...omg hurt my feeling
  14. look quiet cool , i know how to play this game !!! it gonna be awesome