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  1. hanvee

    High-roller flame on stake.

    totally agree with you , but probaly i rarely on flame tho, cause im not hunting something big payout or play with big base bet ...
  2. hanvee

    What is your favorite crypto for your rolls?

    i love btc .... and now ...i love doge too, it make me feel more easy when looking at number without decimal number...
  3. hanvee

    Do you profit from hunting challenges?

    im not a hunter ...can u gimme an idea about hunting like : which game, which payout ,.... and how much bankroll for it ,,,,
  4. the first day on stake,... i see there chat room... but i cant typing .... i try few time and i give up...i leave, nothing impressive there
  5. i try few time.... comment some threat and make it up to 2k saat and withdraw .... but quiet hard for me cause i need to read all of there post and thinkin what im gonna say.... :-ss my english suckkkk
  6. im getting mad with 1 sat bug .... lol, especially when i just to do maxbet ....complicateed and cant understand why that bug still exist ovethere
  7. hanvee

    Chartbet hunting

    i really dont like chartbet ...... especialy it run slowly af
  8. there no lucky seed i think,.... if that seed in red streak ...just rotate it....
  9. hanvee

    How to recover?

    depo bigger than what u have lost..... and play slowly , no risky bet.... there easy to recover .....
  10. hanvee

    All In, Why ?

    more rish more prize.... that how we do all in
  11. and probaly i will depo back 85% i just withdraw .... soo shouldnt waste time to wd then u still depo it back,.... kaka jk
  12. hanvee

    Plinko 1000x 2 times in 10min

    is there any trick to share how u got 2 time x1000 , like that manual or auto. and how u drop ur ball .... like how many drop in one time?
  13. hanvee

    Hilo trick

    omg thanks for sharing ....i was find something like this , i will try it rn
  14. hanvee

    My strat for wheel

    nice strat . thanks for sharing, i will check it later