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  1. best of luck wau username stake: hanvee
  2. not really bad luck everyday but almost, sad madness stressful depressing ,.....
  3. hanvee


    that would be awesome.. i like slot , idk why many ppl asking for a slot game long time ago but they not gonna do it. ..... we love slot
  4. i see,..i agree with you mum, but my friend the result working on the seed not the base bet so it not ... it make sense too,,, so i got confuse with it
  5. what di you think? is the base bet affect to the result? sometime when i still doing good... and increase my bed suddently everything turn red ...totally but is the result work on the seed, isnt it? ? why change base bet affect to result? someone can explain it please... ....
  6. omg spit it out i was find the place to add the signature on this site like over 1 month but ....it totally out of my sight, ty for the tut anyway
  7. wah is that a poem? .... nice ,
  8. hanvee

    Hilo startegy

    any new strat? or tips or anything about hi-lo ? , this strat still good but like hnmmm...... sometime it very suck too
  9. i guess you are one of the luckyest ppl still alive in this earth....
  10. you are one of the best person i have meet on the internet and i just so thankful stake give me a chance to met you , even you never play stake anymore , you still know where you can find me right... you know , i wish i could havve even 1 time in my life go to US the first person i have to meet that is you.
  11. hanvee

    Stake's dice is the best

    mum dice stake like a monthly of girl, very unusual and very weird... sometime they just cheating me like we are the king but sometime they just took all of what we have left even how much is it ,,.,. with only 3x ... one time i have over 30 red in row with 3x only, how shitty ... it is what it is ... very unusual
  12. The frustration for real with the new plinko , keep hitting in the midle and busted so many funds today , just up to 0.5 ltc from keno and plinko took it too, if someone wanna play this game should thinking back .... it not really a good game at this moment