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  1. 1. 2. Honestly 20 years is really a very long time. It's almost the same as my age, I can't imagine what the stake will be in the next 20 years, but look at what they have created since 2017, with only 2 years they can create a reputation and quality of the products they make and become the largest interenet casino. I believe stake is a breakthrough boom that competitors must always be wary of. I think stake will not stop at this growing and they will always to keep up with the trend and customer satisfaction . They won't stop at the online level. Maybe they will create a real club and gamblers can experience more real improvements, and I think they will always have incentives for players for 20 years. because i will be one of those ppl , i'll be with stake in next 20yrs
  2. If stake wasnt exist then eddie must Changed the name of site . It might be stake just not name stake just have to from eddie I think the question must be : what if eddie wasnt exist ? Life still go pn , nothing change , there still a bunch of gambling site But im sure that is a big lost for gambler cuz stake isnt exist . Stake is too awesome , if stake wasnt exist my money still gone from other site , i would give it to eddie !
  3. If bitxoin isnt exist then some other coin still exist everything will happen like it was just bitcoin now is some different name because Satoshi wasnt father of bitcoin anymore , it might be. Someone else , or could be him but he wasnt name satoshi . Haha ! Jk
  4. It at 11k usd now if u lock ur btc back , it might back to 11$ and what u keep is useless , no one guarantee that btc will up and up and up forever , no one know , me too
  5. Im pretty sure that playinum is 250k . Yah i love your idea about the criteria bar we can put it under the stake info to show up how many percent more to lv up . But i dont think they will do it, it complicated than manual calculator board of mine Thanks hihi Nah sis , this from jim . Cttcjim , not yellow , what we see is upgrade version , he really is tallent , i still donno why he still not a mod yet , he contribute for that site allot and always have nice attitude in chat
  6. -this totally not work for addicted gambler yeah no, you can just save it if you are not an addictedgamblers, but it works for addicted ones completely right. there nothing to say if we not addicted one .. everything will be ez pz money will never run out dont have to save it still here
  7. Dont listen to chipito you will be scammed
  8. ehh really i dont think it possible for addicted gambling save coins. lol, 1) Withdrawing winnings or balances as cash. Result - Fail. Reason : Went next day to deposit it in bank and bust. - atleast you got coin for the next day , or u just bust it yesterday , this one work in short term 2) Buying stocks. Result - Fail. Reason : Even when sold at a profit, busted it all instantly by depositing. - this one not save coin tho, this is investment , ur money take risk to got more or less not save 3) Depositing it in bank fixed deposit. Result - Fail. Reason : There's a form in bank where you can withdraw you fixed deposit by paying a nominal charge. And that charge is really small if in your mind you have already dreamt of turning your few hundred bucks into millions in your next gambling season but bust it eventually  -this totally not work for addicted gambler 4) Vault. Result - Fail. Reason : Takes only 10 minutes max to withdraw and bust. - haha vault is very useless , i can withdraw it faster than anything now 5) Giving it to a friend to store. Result - Fail. You will ask it back sooner than you expect. If he doesn't give, you will insult him as your mind will be in love with gambling. It will damage your relationship with the friend and will also lead you to bust your funds. -i think this isnt a good idea , u cant give your money to anyone else but you , when u lose is lose, u cant blame your friend for losing your money somehow . like thief or got cheated. so your money have be with you. this is totally fail . and cold wallet and lock version apps pro is so complicated it would be cool if there have a wallet but we can set up lock time... like 1 day , 2 day ... 1 month.... we would be rich if we can save money on gambling
  9. yah no one like lag, wwe could be better without lag. you know the feeling when u are rolling but something happen force you to stop but you was spend alot of funds to hit the big one , and you dont want what u was doing is useless so you try to roll roll roll and roll faster hope it hit your target but only bust. that feeling is very suck
  10. thanks badger for this blackjack tut post. i also played same same with the your way ,but black jack really not my fav game i have a question . if we have 100k sat , how much basebet for start u think is good? i usally just start at 5k and double when i lost. wbu?
  11. yah even i know that the seed cant affected by lag but somehow still bust. if site can fix this issue it would be good for player alot yah i also think it not affect to outcome but somehow it totally different with before i got lag, game was ok till lag happen . there must have some reason
  12. hanvee

    Plinko 1000x

    so the sum of l this number 1 • 16 • 120 • 560 • 1820 • 4368 • 8008 • 11440 • 12870 is the number of roll possible to hit x1000?
  13. I love keno ... and most of time i rolling at stake is keno. but sometime when i rolling - lag happen * escpecially while eddie raining and racing or chat fast and i ofc after that i busted most of time... everytime got lag the game hit nothing totally nothing. so i wondering that lag is affect to seed and result? or just because the roll was frozen and i keep click click ruined my game
  14. tbh i play many different gambling site even casino , and most of them in green stat , i wd alot to stake and that money never come to my wallet. stake keep it, always, but stake also gave me alot too. i love stake, even i busted more than i wd but stake still my best site, primedice is sister site of stake , same owner ....
  15. there no way to make it more easier . but sometime i rol over 200roll without 49.50x sometime hit 2 or 3 time not even reach to 30roll there must have something make it happen like that, some bug or what have to find out