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  1. I hope life treats her well and I'm honestly jealous of all the extremely lucky people to have met her in their life. She was a friend everybody needed, but what some may say, when something is too good, it doesn't last long. Best wishes to Irena where-ever she is currently and I hope that life treats her the best it can xx An absolute angel of a person. ❀️
  2. Stake is just so into the industry it really has no way of failing in short-term alongside long-term, the whole business plan creates a unique experience for the costumer and user of stake therefore the odds of it failing next year are more than very low. Instead, i'd predict extreme growth alongside success compared to the question of failure.
  3. More humour. You have a worthless kidney mate. πŸ˜‚
  4. Yes, mostly since I get to see new people and to get the PpP (pay per post and stuff) which is really good.
  5. I don't know why I haven't saw the 2FA notification yet, maybe that's because I already have that on, on all of my accounts. But 2FA is really really important and makes you ever more secure than having a password. Trust me on that statement.
  6. This is conrufing now, that's because BITCOIN HAS been really, really rising. I think it actually may hit $15k and stop there and stay constant at that point at the very end of 2019.
  7. You're being so true on the second part, Facebook, which had problems of selling peoples personal information, is going to do a cryptocurrency. As we know, cryptos should be an anonymous way to transfer money /buy/sell. Which may not be the case for Facebook.
  8. This is incredibly genius. I'll try it right now, thank you!
  9. Holy shit crazy! @Faris watch out some may be onto you
  10. To be fully honest I wonder how you play and just in general how does it always hit for you lol. I wonder what your techniques are tbh..
  11. Hahahahah that's just great, the meds are working and I should get these too! Yeah i got up to 2 big withdrawals 2 days ago because of this pattern, it's crazy how good it is.
  12. Manual Mines just scare me off to be fully honest, I'm scared to press another diamond, unlike automated mines where I just sit there and let it do its job
  13. Same lol. All i know is just to hunt 1,1,1 on K
  14. tried that already, crazy good. I've got so many good hits with 4-As 5-as and same with k's Thanks, it really works! Yeah getcha, thanks, i'll pm you someday when im looking to go big.
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