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  1. Love
    Jakubb got a reaction from JovanR in Favorite video game? Answer can't be Fortnite, ty :)   
    League of Legends and The Shadow of the Tomb Raider.
  2. Love
    Jakubb got a reaction from htetaungxx in Is it your Birthday?   
    12th may here.  
  3. Love
    Jakubb got a reaction from williamshennie9 in Our lovely support member - Irena   
    I hope life treats her well and I'm honestly jealous of all the extremely lucky people to have met her in their life. She was a friend everybody needed, but what some may say, when something is too good, it doesn't last long. Best wishes to Irena where-ever she is currently and I hope that life treats her the best it can xx
    An absolute angel of a person. ❤️ 
  4. Sad
    Jakubb reacted to williamshennie9 in Our lovely support member - Irena   
    Heya everyone
    So many have been speculating on Irena's disappearance from Stake (and Primedice), and it was just today that I realised her forum account was deleted as well  I am almost heartbroken that she has left us (well - I am still hoping that she comes back). Many of us have had a great experience not only with support, but also as a friendly member of the Stake community.
    I thought we should all express our thanks for Irena serving the Stake and PD community over these years  
  5. Love
    Jakubb reacted to nattekut in Hilo Bot - Any Patterns?   
    I use the bot very often and I only work with the numbers 4 and 5 to choose my pattern.
    I use 445 with start K or A to hit the 181x multiplier
    I sometimes use 444 with start J or 3 for a max multiplier of 900x approximately.
    sometimes I also play 4444 with J, 10, 3 or 4 as start and hunt for a max multiplier of 9k when hitting 4 Kings after the J or 4 aces after the 3. 
    and sometimes I just put in random patterns like for example 55444 or 5455444. 
    I hit all combos at least 1 time and the 181x I hit over 150 times for sure. its my favourite. The highest multiplier I hit so far was almost 46k unlucky with a small basebet. if I knew I would hit it in 100 rolls I would have bet 10k satoshi cause I had a 0.024 balance at the moment I hit that one. and if you see in the pick I only used 6625 satoshi so a little over 100 rolls 

  6. Thanks
    Jakubb reacted to Kargai in How to reward valuable members?   
    How to reward valuable members?
    Stake's forum is becoming bigger and bigger with time, we have now more than 1650 members and 35.000+ posts after 4 months. And it's just the beginning. Sometimes you'll find something really interesting (thread, post, information, advice, strategy, ...) and the point of this thread is to present you all the different ways you have at your disposal to reward the author.
    1. By thanking the person and contributing meaningfully
    Ok, it can sound dumb but it's the most basic reward that some tend to forget. Nobody have to share his knowledge here, most don't and are here only for the giveaways and the games. But when someone take some times to publish something in the community, it is a way of contributing to its expansion. So it's for the greater good of everyone.
    More the forum is active and filled with quality posts, more people will join us and their interventions will be guided by YOURS. If they see a great and positive community they'll act the same, if they see a bunch of inappropriate behaviours only those who want act the same will register.
    Plus: More members = more players and at the end more we will be able to reward users (you).
    2. By using our reputation system
    The reputation system is a way for you to express your feeling about a post. It's supposed to be meaningful since it help other members to recognise who is trustworthy and a great contributor of the forum. The reputation points help the newbie to know quickly who to turn to when he need help. And when you receive the VIP tag, it's a responsibility as much as a reward. That's why they are given (or retired) manually by @Dan.
    3. By offering a "gift"
    There is plenty of ideas here!
    You can pay his/her ticket in one of the lottery, you can send him some dust altcoins you don't use anymore on an exchange or a wallet, you can dedicate and create a thread about the user, you can offer a signature or an avatar (if you are web designer), you can offer a service or any help which he might need. 
    4. By sending a tip
    Some of you may wish to thank a member in a different way by sharing some of their gains. After all we are on a gambling site and the point is to play to win, a little help is always a nice bonus. Especially on the forum where the tip can be only 1000 satoshi if you want it.
    Plus they are the ones which indirectly help you to publish more by creating new content. You can view it as a way to share with them a part from what they made you earn. A sort of virtuous cycle where you motivate them to put more good content here.
    And if you don't have a balance to tip here i'm sure no one will blame you for giving a tip in the game itself (even if 10k minimum is a little more harder to send)
    That's it, you have all the tools in your hands to create a great community where everyone contribute to a positive ecosystem. And doing so, you will help yourself by harvesting the fruits of your labour via a good atmosphere and some coins.
  7. Thanks
    Jakubb reacted to madcoin in Hilo Bot - Any Patterns?   
    later if i have time i will explain in detail all feature in the bot n what u can do using that bot
  8. Payday
    Jakubb got a reaction from Faris in My high payouts on "Mines" game (not all)   
    To be fully honest I wonder how you play and just in general how does it always hit for you lol.  I wonder what your techniques are tbh..
  9. Thanks
    Jakubb reacted to barbaris in Hilo Bot - Any Patterns?   
    I would recommend to try these settings here 5,4,4,4,5,5,5,4,5,4,5,5,4,5,4,4,4, it seems to me that they work very well and I often get a high multiplier. Although you can make your own oriented for your purpose.
  10. Haha
    Jakubb got a reaction from williamshennie9 in Hilo Bot - Any Patterns?   
    Same lol. All i know is just to hunt 1,1,1 on K  
  11. Love
    Jakubb reacted to blueprints in What are your hobbies?   
    I like to gamble, get high, play faucets, and play games. Specifcally Overwatch, and with friend i like to play Starcraft and League of Legends. I like multiplayer games that are competitive though. I feel the fun for these games never end! Because you can always strive to better your play performance. And its such a thrill to play good at a game! 
  12. Love
    Jakubb reacted to nuuuitsjdragon in What are your hobbies?   
    It’s cool to know we all have hobbies outside of Stake! 
    Personally, I enjoy music, used to dabble in DotA/Basketball ( don’t play much of these 2 anymore) and newest and deadliest hobby - gambling. 
    Can it even be considered a hobby though hahaha!
  13. Bitcoin
    Jakubb reacted to Onyxzerk in What are your hobbies?   
    League of legends, Overwatch are my hobbies
  14. Bitcoin
    Jakubb reacted to akmal1984 in What are your hobbies?   
    my hobby is watching volleyball matches. I will not miss volleyball matches held in the area where I live. Even though sometimes I have to go home very late at night it is not a problem for me because I enjoy it. IN my area volleyball is one sport that is very popular and has a lot of fans too.
  15. Bitcoin
    Jakubb reacted to rajamishra in What are your hobbies?   
    except gambling viewing movie and playing badminton
  16. Bitcoin
    Jakubb reacted to jack55555 in What are your hobbies?   
    😀 definitely cars, shooting and movies 👍
  17. Love
    Jakubb reacted to jkd123 in What are your hobbies?   
    Music. I'm not a musician but I like playing guitar and keyboard.
  18. Love
    Jakubb reacted to Viksen in What are your hobbies?   
    I am a free artist. I like to paint with acrylic paints. Recently I became interested in artificial floristics, making flowers from foamiran
    these are a little bit of my arts 

  19. Love
    Jakubb reacted to j240 in What are your hobbies?   
    My hobbies are cooking , im the #1 cook in the house lol, #2 watching movies / documentaries - i lvoe historical facts , #3 Crypto! i love crypto
  20. Love
    Jakubb reacted to firenine in A never ending thread (last post wins)   
  21. Thanks
    Jakubb reacted to AlexTheImpaler in What are your hobbies?   
    I really like cars.. but it's an expensive hobby so for the moment.. i am not in so much
  22. Love
    Jakubb reacted to FotisNt in What are your hobbies?   
    Hello, my currently hobbies are: playing league of legends while gambling on stake and excerising to join Greece's special aviation forces. Also im taking care of 12 cats, dont know if thats a hobby.
  23. Love
    Jakubb reacted to tharlison in What are your hobbies?   
    play robocraft and stake 
  24. Thanks
    Jakubb reacted to nassi in What are your hobbies?   
    My favorite hobby is reading books
  25. Thanks
    Jakubb reacted to SergyYT in What are your hobbies?   
    my hobby is play soccer and play stake
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