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  1. Kuba


    Mmmm Sushi lovers! ❤️ Maki with salmon sushi are one of my favourites too! Actually they're my favourite, so nice and delicate in taste, it's great! I actually make sushi regularly, and i got to say, it's easier than it looks like, and my biggest struggle is just to get the rice perfect Few tries and you could be doing sushi on a daily easily !
  2. Kuba

    A never ending thread (last post wins)

    I win im the sexy winner im quality
  3. Kuba

    best way to earn money

    Woah, pretty interesting, just clicking and earning money. Seems easy, thank for sharing, if i find time, i will try to use the site!
  4. Kuba

    Would you go allin with Hand AK suited?

    Well i do not, they're good cards, but that just stupidly UN professional to risk it all for just one hand. Even if they had 2-2, and no A-K neither any 2's in the dealers hand, they still win with that 2-2. So it's not worth the risk. I would rather go all in having 10-J with the same color, so it could be a easy win. But it preferences, i just rather not. Thanks!
  5. Kuba

    Kuleguten Stream #56! Giveaways!

    Good luck Kuleeeeeeeeeeeee
  6. Damn, interesting site.. Logon into it already, thank you for the post!: ) Reminds me of one CS:GO site i used to love, csgotower: )
  7. Kuba

    Last letter game!!

  8. Kuba

    [Lending] Peckalend

    Paid! Sorry no bonuses, but you know why. Thanks for the service ❤️❤️❤️
  9. Yeah, i love DOGE too Pretty lit wallet, hope they add it to stake soon!
  10. Kuba

    Wheels Revealed!

    Woooooooooow!!! What the hell! Thanks for sharing wilburitto! I'm so lucky that i looked through some threads and came across this one. The wheel is looking incredible! And i can't wait to please this game, i got a feeling that it would be my new FAVOURITE game! Al-though i wonder if the win gonna go with odds, or with the animation. Probably with odds, but still interesting. I hope they add a good PvP game "soon"
  11. Wow this sold out pretty quickly, sadly i didn't have the chance to see this before now. Unlucky, hopefully i see more of those in the future, thanks for people like you for making such threads.
  12. " Hey! Which Cryptocurrency do you like better? And why? Choose below in a Poll! " I honestly prefer Bitcoins, for me bitcoins are harder to lose which makes me bet more careful, also I do not invest in any Cryptocurrency , but do you? Leave your thoughts below! And don't forget to vote which one is your favourite above in the Poll! Haha i accidentally picked Etherium in the Poll, unlucky!
  13. Have you ever won a stake Fantasy Trader? Or at least be in the top 10? Please share you winnings below, as from me, i haven't won any good places. But June Fantasy Trader, seems good for me, me standing on 10th place right now. But we know how quick things change, so i should not get too hyped up about the placement so far
  14. Kuba

    More text chat channels.

    Hey! My name is Jakub, and i'm Polish. It is a shame that people like me, from other countries, with a different language are pressured to use one of the seven text chat channels if we want to communicate, but we can't use our language, we are pressured to speak in -English -Russian -Indonesian -Japanese -Filipino -Spanish -Portuguese Yes, i agree. It's a hard job to do more. But a simple solution to this all is just adding a " Other " text chat channel, where EVERY forren language can be used, and then you don't have to speak your national language in private messages, because it is NOT acceptable in any of these 7 text chat channels stated above. Stake is a new generation gambling, we have many modes, hopefully PvP games incoming, merchandise i saw. It would be such a pleasure to see us the community and the whole Stake team improving those little things, that will bring even more attention to this site. Thank you for your time reading this. Please take these words into consideration or at least think about some points i stated above.
  15. Hey, what would you do if you checked you wallet, see the balance, BOOM, 1 BTC. What do you do?