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  1. Kuba

    [Open] Stake Talent Show #1

    Hello everyone. I hope you've enjoyed the cover itself. I could've changed the lyrics to make it more stake based, but since the song is about someone's death, Paul Walkers, I don't think anything should be played around with, or changed. Since the song is perfect how it is. See you again.mp4 ❝ Paul Walker is not dead, he's just one lap ahead of us.❞ Credits: Animations and others were made by: Myself, @Kuba. Charlie Puth cover singer/talent i was editing: @kuba122388. Original song: https://bit.ly/1aEIcVa The waves: https://bit.ly/2S5bNxj Stake new intro: https://bit.ly/2CXjlxU No, my voice wasn't revealed in this talent. But other kuba's. Lyrics: https://bit.ly/2NTDaH6 The bits with rap in them, were sang by Wiz Khalifa. The original rapper in the video. <--- This art was made by me. Make sure to check Kuba's entry also. He's singing Perfect by Ed Sheeran. Both voices are sang by him.
  2. Kuba

    [Open] Dogecoin Pet Contest!

    He says "Awwww Hau Hau!" *Btw, his name is not Irena, he just loves her, well, just like i do. His name is Henry, as stated above.*
  3. Kuba

    [Open] Dogecoin Pet Contest!

    ^^ This is my dog, named Henry! ❤️
  4. ROULETTE: 1,136,686,608 placed by Jakubb on 21/10/2018 Wagered 0.00000300 Multiplier 12x Profit 0.00003300 ROULETTE: 1,136,687,089 placed by Jakubb on 21/10/2018 Wagered 0.00000300 Multiplier 12x Profit 0.00003300 ROULETTE: 1,136,687,377 placed by Jakubb on 21/10/2018 Wagered 0.00000300 Multiplier 12x Profit 0.00003300
  5. HILO: 1,111,547,473 placed by Jakubb on 19/10/2018 Wagered 0.00001200 Multiplier 431.843x Profit 0.00517012
  6. Kuba

    What does 2019 hold for Stake?

    Of course, sports betting. Then a lot of new players, since we can see a lot of more players coming to stake daily as of now. Then we can expect a PvP game, more crypto currencies like monero, etc..
  7. Kuba

    ATM'S will soon be released

    I hope this action does spread all across the globe. Not only those countries stated above.
  8. Kuba

    Stablecoin not stable

    To be honest, no coins are stable nowadays, are they? They always just do stuff we don't expect. Or do the otherwise, they do something so predictable.. It's hard to see a Stablecoin nowadays lol.
  9. Kuba

    Welcome DOGE to the Stake community

    Very exciting and surely making people really happy! Doge the best coin ever, was a "joke" but now such a wanted currency, love to see it coming to stake!
  10. Kuba

    Using Doge as Fodder

    Doge is just such a great coin isn't it.. You can finally bet your dream full coins, without losing any thing nearly!
  11. Kuba

    unexpected rise in bitcoin

    That's normal for bitcoin, it jumps, goes down, it jumps, goes down, goes down, huge jump, medium price. Etc... it's predictable by now..
  12. Kuba

    My Hilo achievement

    Nice, this is a good hit, hope you can share more of those achievements of your with us!
  13. Gonna try to use it if i will get the chance/need to
  14. Kuba

    Hilo only luck or skills?

    Hilo is all luck, no skill in guessing numbers. If YOU hit it, it's just because of luck..
  15. Kuba

    Change chip sizes for doge

    I do agree with you David. This could be frustrating for some, since you can only play with chips and not input an amount. This is a great idea and I would love the chips going higher for Doge, since this can be annoying, clicking 1 doge 1000 times to get the destination amount and then lose? Buhhh, not worth it, is it? Go, go Admins, come see this!