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  1. Kuba

    🏆 Stake Stream Giveaway

    Jakubb on stake 😎
  2. Only gamble when you feel like gambling, when you feel like you gonna a win. And in general when you have a positive mindset.
  3. I don't trust any gambling sites. Anything online is trust worthy. I believe that some sites are worthy trust, and I believe i trust them, but i can't give all that trust, unless i know the owner in real life, for a good couple of years.
  4. @KNOWN @David @jxAlpQWEnA @kulegutten @christy All are just great, lovely people, their real personalities are just great. Only people i would actually really trust on stake. Al-though i still have some, but i won't mention all
  5. I like when a site has a good appearance, is passionate about the site, has a good moderating team *cough* and does good giveaways.
  6. Yeah, i never follow strategies, they don't work out for me too.
  7. You can now tip above 0.2 ETH, but still the limit for BTC is 0.2..
  8. Kuba

    33 BTC lose?

    Yeah, there's a player called Cadavor, please don't spam the thread with some common knowledge stuff.. jkjk
  9. Kuba

    🎉 1st Anniversary 🎉

    The design, is not to be taken seriously btw, it's just a mess around, and i really, really don't want stake to look like that, LOL.
  10. Thanks, although i still will get the Slow Result because of the enormous lags on the site, jebatied, out-smarted, 200 IQ Lol just joking wilburritoboiiiii
  11. Won $1300 on a Cs:go site, it went in "Technical issues" "Maintance" and i never got my money. and i won it from a $600, so i lost quite a lot.
  12. Blockchain was my first wallet i used, but then i quickly turned into Coinbase, as they give you paypal exchanges etc..
  13. Kuba


    Welcome to Stake Vanessa! I hope you enjoy it here, really much. Can't wait to see you active on chat! Have fun! If you have any questions, always feel free to ask.
  14. Hey! I wonder if we have any stakers here, who are going abroad, to whatever country, or place If you are going any where, feel free to include photos! I'm going to Germany, Poland & Gran Canaria! So this is going to be the best vacation i ever been on! *Hopefully* Gran Canaria <---- <---- Poland <---- Germany
  15. I used to sell accounts, once got offered Bitcoins, i invested.