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  1. I always using it for living and buy something for my life. Sometimes, i deposit again with lower amount.
  2. I totally agree with you, i don't know why our speed for dicing is slowly like now, nearly 1 second per bet. It make me losing patient and sometimes lose all
  3. This idea will bring a lot of convenient for valuable and loyalty members. Actually i do not play this game often, so i think i don't get this idea bonus
  4. I myself never using bot for Hi-Low, so i do not know how they working. But i think it for some professional coders using and really understand about how to hunt "profitable card"
  5. If i don't have any mistakes, at Primedice have some maths for calculate Odds for dicing right? At Stake, i really don't undertstand about Mines, but it is not problem for me to play. Because i only like Hi-Low. With Stake V2, we can see the exactly profit than Older version.
  6. It is normal at gambling bro. Sometimes we can earn so much with super higher number, as you can see some people can catch it. This is depend on your lucky. So keep patient and hunting with small amount after catch it.
  7. I don't like roulette so much, actually. But for joinned some challenges from our site, i must play at this. And i always hunted the right number.
  8. In my opinion, you should get Master degree, because at some countries or some companies, higher degree is meaning higher salary, besides your skill and your real working.
  9. I have empty balance at least 2 months, then i comeback with deposit. Rolling and rolling, but maybe lucky not come to me. Busted and empty again, sometimes i chat and look at high roll because of this empty.
  10. KENO: 3,589,672,080 placed by RollingInTheDeep on 10/03/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 17x Profit 0.00001600
  11. Your strategy is so smartly. When you busted your rest? Do you deposit again like me, then busted again :).. Gambling is game for keep your bankroll
  12. I have long time to comeback. Actually before, i have not receive any rain, because i don't have much time for chatting at our channel. Anything change with version 2 of Stake?
  13. RollingInTheDeep#8205 Right?
  14. I almost buy my crypto from our local exchange, they trading Ethereum and Bitcoin so that easy for catch it. Actually i almost buy instead of sell (i lost so much at last year). But is very quick and convenient for buy ( i come from VietNam)
  15. Maybe or not, actually at some my first challenges, i have profitable with strategy that recover amount i lost from hunting, but after that i busted because normal game. This is gambling.