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    MiracleRolling got a reaction from Stefan in ūüėīCrazy Dreamsūüėī   
    I dream that i am general of Star Wars. My team have urgent case when Alien attack us. And after hard fighting, our ship break. No one live, than i wake up.
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    MiracleRolling reacted to Edward in Eddie Weekend Stream + Giveaway   
    Post your Stake username below. Your post number will be your entry number into the giveaways. 

    Half the giveaways will be done on stream via Nightbot, the other half via here 
    Posting this early so there's no forum lag hopefully. Stream starts 12:30pm GMT

    PLEASE NOTE: Any form of abuse (Multi accounting in particular) will result in a perm ban from forum. No one is exempt to this. 
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    MiracleRolling reacted to evet in The difficulty of BTC increases - BTC move to $8k - Up Signal?   
    To be honest, it's more like the normal thing for cryptocurrencies. There have huge dumps in the past, as well as huge leaps. There is nothing to worry about, it's just about investing in the right time and selling in the right time. Bitcoin will never perish. 
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    MiracleRolling reacted to evet in Bitcoin technical analysis - April 10th   
    As of this week, it has been moving well. But as of the moment, the prize went down to approximately $6,900, it's slowly dumping right now. I just hope that it don't dump that deep since I am on wagering mode at the moment and it will affect it. 
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    MiracleRolling reacted to Aiza824 in The difficulty of BTC increases - BTC move to $8k - Up Signal?   
    Unfortunately with the current market's behavior- exogenously and endogenously- the difficulty of mining will only do no good at all. Investors are just using BTC to guard their real money value once its tangibility deteriorates. 
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    MiracleRolling reacted to Ali saher in The difficulty of BTC increases - BTC move to $8k - Up Signal?   
    I think everyone think bitcoin price go down this time but last few days bitcoin price increase. I think this time mostly business not working that's why so many new investors invest money in bitcoin that's why bitcoin market not go down.
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    MiracleRolling reacted to Ali saher in Stake continue 5days reload as monthly bonus this month   
    I think 10 minutes reload very hard and not everyone give so much time for claiming reload after every 10 minutes. And if stake give 10 minutes reload then must divided your basic amount 40 and I think you received very low amount for claim.
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    MiracleRolling reacted to nuuuitsjdragon in The new VIP Challenge is so good (for the site)   
    On top of that don't forget that there is Hi-Lo as well.
    God these challenges are getting way too difficult for my liking, lol.
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    MiracleRolling got a reaction from Marija in [0.002 BTC] Discord Foodie Club   
    PhŠĽü - Traditional Breakfast of Vietnamese

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    MiracleRolling reacted to Steve in The first 50 comments win! $100 giveaway   
    That's right you read the title correctly! The first 50 comments win!
    Haven't you learned by now it's not going to be that easy?
    As you've probably noticed, this thread is locked and you can't leave your winning comment yet. 
    When will this thread be unlocked? Who knows...I don't even know yet!
    I'm going to give you 1 clue.
    This thread will be unlocked before the next race begins!
    More info
    The first 50 comments win $2 each! Post count of 50 or higher is required 1 win per person
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    MiracleRolling got a reaction from Darko in [ 2019/2020 ] Fantasy Premier League Giveaway!   
    ( they give only 20characters so i slack P)
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    MiracleRolling got a reaction from KiXxnTRiXx in Gambling to recover   
    Your strategy is so smartly. When you busted your rest? Do you deposit again like me, then busted again :).. Gambling is game for keep your bankroll
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    MiracleRolling got a reaction from ceastem in Any opinions are appreciated   
    In my opinion, you should get Master degree, because at some countries or some companies, higher degree is meaning higher salary, besides your skill and your real working.