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  1. Katarina

    Lorcas Horrorgamestream!

    I watched the today's stream for several minutes and I had so much fun. I really enjoy watching you play video games.
  2. Katarina

    Lorcas Horrorgamestream!

    I'll watch for a little while. Can't watch the whole stream since I have some things to do, but I'll check it out.
  3. Katarina

    Hanvee - new member

    You are welcome. As it is stated in the rules of that section, you need to have at least 100 posts to be able to comment there. Trader feedback is a feature which lets the users know if someone is to be trusted or not when it comes to trading. Still, even if someone has a very good reputation, we cannot guarantee for him/her.
  4. Katarina

    Hanvee - new member

    Hello @hanvee and welcome to our forum and our website! We wish you all the fun and luck here with us. About the forum balance...it shows the funds that you have earned for posting and being active here in the forum. I would like to suggest you read these to topics related to the pay per post: Should you have any additional questions, you can contact us through Live Chat or via email: support@stake.com . Best of luck and have fun!
  5. Katarina

    [Seeking 250k loan]

    @lupandina Can you confirm this so that I can close this thread?
  6. @PeterPine @testB Could you recommend some good sci-fi movies? I don't like those about aliens or exploration of space, I incline more towards the AI and dystopia.
  7. Hilo:292,712,027 placed by Katarina Wagered: 0.00000512 Payout: 33.99x Profit: 0.00016890
  8. Katarina

    [Seeking] 200k

    The topic has been unlocked per request.
  9. Hey folks! Thank you all for participating in the giveaway in such a huge number! It's great to see you all win the Mines game with these insane payouts! Keep it up! Here is the list of the eligible participants: https://pastebin.com/eFxTGDiV The giveaway has been paid out. If you have some questions, feel free to contact us on Live Support or pm me. Have a lovely day and best of luck in the new giveaways!
  10. Katarina

    Nuffsaid loan defaulter

    Hey. Since everything was arranged in pm, there's not much we can do. But what you can do is leave a feedback for the user in question and thus warn others what may happen to them. Also, don't do a mere copy-paste of a conversation, but rather make a screenshot of it so that we can have some valid proof and thus be able to react. NOTE: If you want to lend money to someone, do it here on the forum!
  11. Katarina

    [Seeking] 0.002 BTC loan

    @lupandina I am truly sorry. Can you please make a topic in the Resolution section?
  12. Katarina

    [Seeking] 0.002BTC loan

    True, true. He let me know in pm that all's fine with this one. Have a lovely!
  13. Katarina

    [Seeking] 0.002BTC loan

    @anonnep Can you please confirm this so we can close this topic?
  14. Katarina

    Seeking 200k loan

    @skywallkee Has the loan been paid back?
  15. Katarina

    [Seeking] 0.002 BTC loan

    @lupandina Has this been settled?