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  1. Hey! I love my name, especially when someone else says it out loud. I really love long names, so as an alternative I'd like my name to be Anastasij(y)a or Aleksandra.
  2. Many small giveaway

    Jennifer Love Hewitt
  3. @AdamLevineGo to sleep! 23h...well already 24! My longest run here would be... pfff... maybe about 10h but my shift lasts for 8h so... Good night Adam.
  4. Stake 2017 Award Winners!

    Woohoo \0/ I actually did win! Thank you folks for voting! <3
  5. My Stake song - “Busted Now” 🎶

    hahah I believe he would eventually fall out of love
  6. My Stake song - “Busted Now” 🎶

    Whoow @xtinepink ! Your voice is so sweet! I love it! Yeah, I love to sing as well, but whoever hears me sing begs me to stop. @Bojana for sure can sing well, especially when she puts her headphones on and has no idea how loud she sings. <3
  7. Did not get my BTC?

    Alright, from now on, please contact the Live Support and we will gladly answer all of your questions.
  8. Did not get my BTC?

    He was asking for the transaction ID, not your personal ID.
  9. Did not get my BTC?

    No, he was definitely not trying to do that. He was just trying to help you get the deposit faster.
  10. Did not get my BTC?

    Hello @AeroFna1738 ! I just checked, and your deposit is still not confirmed. Please be patient for a little longer. Your account will be eventually credited, you don't have to worry about that. If you have any questions, you can always contact us at Live Support, as Eldrin has already mentioned. Have a nice day!
  11. #IrenaHiloStream

    Oooohhh, okey!
  12. #IrenaHiloStream

    I'm out!
  13. #IrenaHiloStream

    #IrenaHiloStream <3
  14. Last letter game!!

  15. Last letter game!!