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  1. Hey there! We are truly sorry for the whole confusion and inconvenience. I believe there was some misunderstanding between you and the support agent you talked to, therefore we came to this unpleasant situation. Anyhow, I am glad to see that the issue has already been resolved and that you successfully managed to claim the bonus. As for you not receiving any emails from us (@sighog as well), perhaps you could check if you flagged our emails as spam, or what else can be the issue is that your email provider is blocking emails from us. @Rille07, we don't allow that
  2. Birthday Afterparty 🍾 Ends: 17/08/20 @ Midday (12pm) GMT Requirement: Win a bet on Hilo with opening exactly 5 cards (initial card included), where the initial card is 3, and the last card is 4. Both cards have to be in the same suit (please check the screenshot below for an example): Minimum bet: 0.00000100 0.00003900 0.00003000 0.00021000 3.40000000 0.04070000 0.57600000 0.00391000 Bet must have been made after the c
  3. Cake Hunt πŸŽ‚| Crash, Slide & Keno Ends: 08/08/2020 @ Midday (12 pm) GMT Requirements Win the following bets in any order: Crash: Win a bet with at least 33x multiplier. Slide: Win a bet with at least 10x multiplier, but one of the digits in the multiplier has to be 3 (exp. 10.03x or 13.00, etc.) Keno: Win a bet with at least 13x multiplier on High Risk, but you must select the following numbers (to make number 3 pattern): 3, 4, 5, 13, 20, 21, 29, 35, 36, 37 Minimum bet: 0.00000100 (0.00002000 - Bday Card)
  4. Good day to all of you! 🌞 I would like to inform you that the challenge has been paid out to top 25 users. 🎁 All of the rewards have been sent via tip, therefore if you won, you will find your share on your balance. I appreciate you took the time to participate! Your posts made be laugh, feel scared, some even a bit emberrased, but also cry. As if I were on an emotional rollercoaster. Keep it up and see you again soon. πŸ€—
  5. Keep it up guys! I edited the topic once again just now. I am looking forward to reading your replies. ☺️
  6. Truth or Dare❓ Good day! 🌞 Let's try and play a popular game called Truth or Dare. 🀭 I will edit this topic every 2 days (first edit will be on Wednesday, then on Friday) and post one new truth-related and one dare-related question. πŸ‘Ό The most sincere and creative answers will win. πŸ’° Let's start! ❗EDIT: Truth: Who is your most favorite Stake.com staff member and why? It can be mod, admin, community manager, support, VIP host, whomever you prefer the most. 🀭 Dare: I dare you to share you best bet(s) of the next 2 days! πŸ€‘ P.S. You can choose only one selection t
  7. Hey. I see that there's been some confusion regarding the challenge requirements, so I will try to explain it again. You need to win a bet on 10 lines by getting one full line of green octagon diamonds. (please check the opening post for a picture of that symbol). Here is also a screenshot of those 10 possible lines: Let me know if you need any further help. Good luck! πŸ€
  8. @ZerTox_ @Kinou Please check the requirements again since the green octagon diamond is needed.
  9. @Waves I edited the requirement and noted that actually octagon diamond was needed. My apology for the confusion. You still have plenty of time to catch it.
  10. The Chamber of Riches πŸ’Ž Ends: 22/06/20 @ Midday (12pm) GMT Requirement: Win a full line of green octagon diamonds in regular spins in Slots game (Wild symbol will be counted) on 10 lines settings. Please note that bets won in bonus spins will not be counted. Minimum bet: 0.00000100 0.00004000 0.00004100 0.00021000 3.80000000 0.04900000 0.58000000 0.00370000 Bet must have been made after the commencement of this promot
  11. Hi there. Thank you for your suggestion. I find the concept quite interesting and I already forwarded it to developers and admins. I hope they will find it interesting as well and implement something at least similar in the future. 😊 If you have any more ideas, don't be shy to share them. Have a lovely day! 🌞
  12. Hi there. Thank you for your suggestion! I forwarded it to devs and they will check it and give it some consideration to see how easy/hard it would be for implementation, and also if it is worth adding in the first place. Keep sharing your ideas, we appreciate it! 😊
  13. Hi there. It was already forwarded to developers and they will fix this as soon as possible. It is just a visual glitch, so no need to worry about the funds. And of course, you can always report issues on Live chat or through email: support@stake.com Cheers!
  14. I started watching Yugi-oh during the quarantine and I finished the first season only. I hope I will manage to watch it till the end some time soon. Besides that one, I've watched Kakegurui, some weird anime where everything revolves around gambling and high stakes. But it's not only money that is at stake. If you are into that...give it a try. Oh, and I've also seen Erased in which the main character can travel back in time to save lives of his (murdered) classmates and change future. There is actually more to this, but I don't want to reveal everything. If you think you may like
  15. Hey! We have had such a request many times in the past, but as of now we don't plan on adding any such game. We are now rather focused on releasing new slot games. 🎰 Perhaps a new project after that would be addition of some game similar to the one you here suggested, who knows. πŸ™‚ Stay around since we will surely have some new and exciting things in store for all of you. πŸ€—
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