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  1. It would be awesome to see Indian chat room on Stake as many other foreign languages. I have gathered information in our user database and there are several candidate languages that could qualify, sadly Hindu is not on leader-board but considering how big the county is we will reconsider the matter in few days and add one of it to see how much would that have impact on community.
  2. Need to boost my campaign back to life
  3. Hello gamblers, The promotion has been paid. Congratulations to lucky winners! 1st: eldrindcm 0.02 2nd: caroll 0.01 3rd: bazinga 0.005 4th: Kristoffff 0.005 5th: Etude 0.005 LtTofu 0.001 SashaMilan 0.001 Wilberthh 0.001 Shinjo 0.001 MrBoss 0.001 actmyname 0.001 freebird 0.001 furmagesty 0.001