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  1. My Five Numbers: 2, 18, 26, 28, 33
  2. If i won $100k $30k given to my mother.. $40k take some investment.. $30k travel around the world + play money xP and then enjoy my life
  3. Do not click on any links in from any emails whatsoever. Instead, just go directly to the sender’s website via your browser. Always double check and recheck again the domain within the browser. There are alot sites and larger ICOs targeted by scammers, a clone site is still active and for safety reasons (and as a service to the community as a whole) we prefer to omit the link. And this avoids being phished too
  4. my choice is metamask. metamask 90% secure wallet, but many Android mobile metamask doesnt support this is problem...
  5. maybe more coupons? not sure what to expect from them coz i think they're doing a great job especially CS and Marketing side.
  6. clariaaaa

    Picking of tiles.

    i usually do random and mostly on the side. or pick with alphabet pattern.
  7. Blackjack insurance is always a side bet, but if there are times when card counters take insurance because of the 3:2 Blackjack payout of a standard game, does changing the payout to 1:1 change the strategy for taking insurance in game? Knowing that casinos don't offer side bets that are better for the player than the house, I suppose it's safe to assume the odds are not in the players favor enough to take the bet away from the player. If it made too much of an odds swing, the game wouldn't offer insurance. For all I know it may actually make the odds worse for the player. In general, it may be a bad side bet.
  8. it was really dumb random move and was not really in debt that time. But that 2x stupid win paid half of my car loan thank god for that haha. I swear i wont be doing that anymore LOL
  9. The traditional meaning of karma? No. Its a superstition i think. "Karma does exist", in the sense that altruism and kindness and compassion pay real dividends in how others reciprocate those actions in your own life and your own time. NOT being corrupt, when embraced by enough people, makes the world a fairer place. And not being cruel serves as an example that others return in kind. :)
  10. used to think that all-in a dick move but old players should get the same thoughts. as to my maximum bet 1 btc? that was my dumbest move in my life but its was the reason that gave me the best memory in my life. i gambled almost 10 hours getting that 1 btc from 0.025. once got it. i went2x dice it just to show off to a**hole. best feeling ever.
  11. clariaaaa

    1000x + 620x

    pretty sick good luck you got there today, glad you made it with these 2 little pricks. it doesnt come by easy on these 2. lately been busting like mad and really need this happything of yours to happen to me to bounce back up. :(
  12. taking about bots, are there bots can be used for stake games? hunting mines will be much more faster without graphics haha
  13. the moment you think positive or negative when you gamble. it wrong. dont hope for anything and enjoy the game (i cant do that yet too) .you wanna keep winning when you win so that makes us "wanna" keep losing when we lose. so try stop after a win then eventually you will start to stop naturally too.
  14. very true on what etude said. i personally dont keep tabs as i dont tip much either. But it is better to be clear all the time. tip is tip and loan is loan .
  15. Welcome Brainy, looking forward to cry and laugh together here with you. see you in game soon