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  1. clariaaaa

    Share your winning formula

    formula is to keep making deposits lol. bets after a fresh deposit usually nice but then it will be a big busting hole if you do not know how to stop.
  2. clariaaaa

    Gambling to make a payment

    sometimes luck would probably help but only bet what you afford to lose otherwise chasing lost is not a good practice too .
  3. clariaaaa

    Keep playing or no?

    hopefully price will rise back to 10k lols but it doesnt affect much . as long as you know how much money you're playing
  4. so far i have no problems claiming challenges and bonuses Links 🤗
  5. i threw my phone and luckily nothing happened to my phone and made another depo and continue busting lol
  6. clariaaaa

    When you bet on a Under and it hits Over x times in a row...

    dice is about luck, you can hit 99 or 999 in maybe less than 10-20 bets if you got the luck.
  7. clariaaaa

    Why do you tip people?

    there are quite a number of kind players that tip when they win. and of course you cant expect ppl tipping hereand there without winning lol
  8. clariaaaa

    Can we stop from doing gamble?

    not yet . at least for me lol. there will an end but not now for sure. there will also come a time when you might forget how bad it really was out there be careful of that. That's when this illness will strike
  9. clariaaaa

    Do you believe in Karma?

    karmas a bitch. lol yes i do believe karma will hunt us down haha
  10. i cant control myself when winning nor losing. winning wanna win more. losing looking to bust more. lol. in the end Stake takes it all
  11. clariaaaa

    How important is Crypto in your life now?

    crypto basically my breakfast my lunch my dinner . my cash lol. pay almost everything here with my coins. 🤗
  12. clariaaaa

    Lurker a person with a luck!

    probably all stakers got their own way to lurk haha. with luck or not that depends? 🙄
  13. clariaaaa

    Why bitcoin has value !

    It is digital currency that has demand and probably everything with demand will get valuable especially when the supply is limited. lol
  14. doing the giveaways/challenge probably the best making something out of nothing.