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  1. hope luck username >> hecato
  2. Plinko: 21144936361 Plinko: 21144944346 plinko: 21144951858
  3. hecato

    I am addicted!!!

    addiction is definitely in my opinion, when you get a lot of money there is a satisfaction, and if you lose it feels like you want to repeat the victory again the more you lose the more curious😂
  4. hecato

    Bitcoin halving

    yeah right friend, the factor of the corona pandemic is also very influential on bitcoin going forward, maybe if there is no disaster I am sure bitcoin can go up to 10,000 $ when halving, and thank you for the advice, this can be a consideration for me☺
  5. hecato

    Bitcoin halving

    I just read an article that bitcoin halving can make a big jump in Bitcoin and Ethereum price. They said Bitcoin can hit 10K USD, and for that, the author described 5 reasons! So, should I buy now or the price is already high? Which will be more beneficial, Ethereum or Bitcoin?
  6. yes, hopefully this pandemic will end soon, and crypto will recover🙏
  7. need mind and calm to fight back, don't rush to get revenge, think calmly so you can win the game, or try another strategy to avenge the defeat😅
  8. I don't think bitcoin will go up. if it goes up, it's not significant enough, as long as the covid19 pandemic is not over, it greatly impacts the real economy and ctypto
  9. in my opinion once in 10 minutes the claim is better. make users feel at home for long time at stake😅