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  1. TheE1337

    Ethereum to reach 2500$ by the end of 2018?

    Hmmm. I don't know. I know its blockchain is really flexible and that allows for games and such, but I don't feel like it has the mainstream appeal to be a viable option as a currency. Maybe investment interest will raise it though. Anything's possible, after all.
  2. TheE1337

    A never ending thread (last post wins)

    alright, I think I'm sufficiently late to the party. let's find out!
  3. code: BTC invested: $25,000 code: ETH invested: $25,000 code: XRP invested: $25,000 code: BCH invested: $25,000
  4. For me, I like to take it to hilo and go for a huge streak. Blackjack works sometimes too. What about you guys? Do you go for a straight up high chartbet? Slow buildup?
  5. TheE1337

    What game do you want to see on Stake?

    A skill based 1v1 game? maybe a race where you jump obstacles until one of you dies?
  6. TheE1337

    Ultimate Mines Strategy, Revealed

    Wow. That's a good idea!
  7. TheE1337

    What is your best strategy in dice?

    As a coward, I like to go for low risk, low reward, to the extreme. 97% win chance, 5x bet on loss, just get up and leave, come back in a few hours.
  8. TheE1337

    Your strategy

    Use a game you like, but not chartbet. chartbet is awful. Martingale is your friend here, try autodice with 1 satoshi, it'll be slow but your loss chance is basically zero.
  9. TheE1337

    Best hilo Technique?

    Go for the higher chance a bunch of times in a row, unless there are a few of the same card in a row, then go under/over that one, whichever is rarer. Hilo is one of my favorites since it combines the scaling multiplier of chartbet and the in-control feel of mines.
  10. TheE1337

    The Typology of Begging

    Ugh. This is unacceptable on a site like stake, with the faucet and PPP on forums. I can't believe these people exist.
  11. TheE1337

    What do you like about Stake forum?

    I think it is a great way to promote a social aspect of the site, and kind of make you feel like even if you hit zero, you didn't lose everything because the community is still here. Pay per post was a great idea, and it livens up these forums a ton. You can find anything on here, from strategies to giveaways to just people talking. It's basically a stake.com subreddit, which is fantastic.