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  1. I don't think so actually..I have never witnessed the house edge but even if i would, it would not make any difference to me.(if i win ofc.)
  2. I belive in that bitcoin will be out-performed Visa..Nobody did not belive that BTC will be over 5000$ in 2014-15..Same thing will be happened again.
  3. When i bust, i just suddenly stand up from my chair then i lay down myself to the floor.I'm just staying on that floor like 4-6 minutes.Then i get up and taking sleep pills and i just sleep all the time like 1-2 weeks till i feel better.
  4. I'm not sure that it's fake or not but eventually, the owner of these kind of videos was a professor and he died by heart attack.Some of the russian experts are saying that "He was sharing so many knownledges enough and it's reason what killed him." .. I was subsrcibing him for a long time but he passed away.Even it would be fake, i am very enjoyed by his videos
  5. Actually Edward, i have a perfect idea for that..You might know the game named League of Legends, let's say we arrange a tournement with players in stake/pd.Let's give them a chance to create their own team(it must be 5 members as a team).What team ever wins the tournement and defeat the other teams, they might earn prize for that. This idea can be upgraded by you also, Edward.If you like this idea, i'm free to help you.
  6. I belive in myself that i am going to win!