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  1. Kimson

    Before anything else..

    Help i'll try all the steps you've said. But still bot authorized to compose a chat or message a private
  2. What about in the chat? I cant post any. Because always appear not authorized.. it is public chat?
  3. Hi admin can you check my account because when i want to chat/messge a private in stake it always appear access is not authorize. What is the problem? Thanks in advance
  4. So diffuclt to trace the diamond
  5. Kimson

    Unignore account

    Thank you
  6. Kimson

    Unignore account

    Hi admin i suggest to have a link of all ignore username per stake account and have a features to unignore if wants the player
  7. Kimson

    📢 New Feedback Resource!

    May i request to add a link for the list of unignore username thanks
  8. Kimson

    My Biggest win in Hi lo

    I want to win like that