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  1. Cant say this enough apparently. Never ever (no pun 😐) trust strangers with money, hell even lending friends both online and offline is not a good idea.
  2. Hiya fellow Gamblers, What is Bitfair? (source https://www.nasdaq.com/press-release/bitfair-provides-a-simple-way-to-limit-risks-trade-with-leverage-and-earn-skyrocketing-return-20180629-00691) How does it work? Is it Reliable? Get your free tokens below! My personal thoughts? C U in the chatbox 😆 Kristoffff
  3. Kristoffff

    📢 Official Stake 1st Birthday Stream

    it's 4.5hours left. you got the hours wrong.
  4. Kristoffff

    Edward Giveaway Entry Topic

  5. Kristoffff

    🏆 Stake Stream Giveaway

  6. Guys, this contest is over. the owner of this telegram group kinda pussied out and claimed he did not get enough people paying him for his service. So nobody is getting anything from him. However I ended up 2nd position and I may get something in the future. Ill close this topic
  7. Kristoffff

    How many referrals do you have?

    Not sure if I posted on this topic yet, but nonetheless Ill give an update here: 260 refferals.
  8. Hiya fellow gamblers Just me again, dropping by for a quick and easy free airdrop thru a telegram bot. https://t.me/BitcoinOriginBot?start=278436647 get 140 ORI tokens (0.05$ each) (this is my refferal link thanks for using it) or you can go to their mainsite and start it off from there: https://www.bitcoinorigin.io/ You will find a nice and short detailed movie below, so I'm not really gonna get into it alot further, basicly it's free money Happy Cryptogains, Kristoffff
  9. Hiya my fellow gamblers I have been following trade signals from a Dutch speaking Telegram group about Cryptocurrency (if I didnt gamble my shit away I would be looking at a 200% increase of value) Now, recently the group is about expanding and getting more Dutchies in. Currently the group is pretty much free of charge, though each Quarter Year (Q2 is end of june) it would be appreciated if you could donate anything to the group, even as little as 10k satoshi to keep the group accessible for everyone, rich and not so rich now I'm looking for Dutch speaking people here that are interested in joining the group. they have a contest running to attract the most new people! Top 3 recruiters get a prize. Prize pool is well over 0.5btc. So I need your help! Are you Dutch speaking, or you know someone that is? Get in touch with me. Currently 1st place has 50recruits, I currently am in 4th Place with just 5 people recruited. I know we can pull this one off and get 1st place. If I get to 1st place everyone who either joined or found me Dutch people that join will get a nice tip! (to be determined how much that will be!) Stake power!😍 Post below and help me out!
  10. Hiya fellow gamblers, Me again! This time I introduce you to an exchange that will launch in 2days! the Exchange will give away 50 tokens (their own coin) to each person that will work as a dividend for keeping your tokens (the more you have the more dividend you will get) Refferal link : https://ico.wcex.co/?ref=EudOEbc7 (if you like me :D) or https://ico.wcex.co (if you hate me :() from their website:
  11. Kristoffff

    Btc or eth?

    Obviously they are not the same value. It's a different cryptocurrency. 1 Eth is roughly 730 USD dollars as of now.
  12. Kristoffff

    Wheels still locked

    That was on their company website a long time already but I guess it probably will look similiar
  13. code: BNB invested: $10,000 code: OMG invested: $20,000 code: BTCP invested: $15,000 code: NEO invested: $25,000 code: DOGE invested: $30,000
  14. Kristoffff

    Universal Basic Income each week from now on! Mannabase

    That's why people should get in now, you dont need to invest, only wait for it to grow