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  1. Plinko X1000 Win

    I hope you'll get some more big hits coinformant, it's been a while since you been around, we miss you
  2. Seeking Loan 100k

    Thanks for the loan. I will be given u trader feedback @kurian (please do to :P)
  3. Kucoin - Exchange

    Kucoin is an exchange that started working last August and has its own token. It's currently relatively small but it is attracting alot of new traders each day. It has a very nice invitation bonus, so if you are into trading newbie or already well established, feel free to have a look. you can visit https://www.kucoin.com/#/?r=7Rd6we (REF LINK) or the regular link: https://kucoin.com Signing up under my refferal link would be appreciated but you can decide
  4. #IrenaHiloStream

    Looking forward to a pro streamer
  5. Seeking Loan 100k

    Received. Thanks @kurian
  6. "Who Sent me Giveaway"

    @CaptainLorca @Edward you didnt mention when this giveaway ends
  7. Seeking Loan 100k

    Hi all, Seeking a loan for approx 100k. will repay in 120k primedice tip in max 2 days. Thanks
  8. Ripple (XRP) - More Partnership?

    I'm waiting on some money so I can start buying some alt coins, ripple included. I was going to buy 3k euro worth when 20 cent each, but I missed that window of opportunity. Payments are fast as lightning and I reckon ripple can go to 10 bucks without effort I'm curious what kind of partners they're speaking of, my curiosity is killing me
  9. As u can see on the topic, it tells u the prizepool is 0.2 btc and it ends on 10 PM CET (1 hour before the stream was supposed to start) I have confirmed this with Mirela. The topic was closed automatically at 10 PM CET. no future entries count.
  10. [Lottery Stream] 27.12.2017.

    any suggestions when the girls are too drunk to talk?
  11. Your current portfolio

    @Edward why put nearly all eggs into one basket? that's not healthy On topic: aint got no portfolio atm, other than the fact I got a few thousand dogecoins, some ltc, that pretty much it.
  12. How many referrals do you have?

    I got about 43 refferals at the moment. I don't recruit or ask anyone to sign up tho. It's autopilot, though I should really upload more frequent on youtube again.
  13. Just doing X-mas eve at home. Invited my parents and sisters over. So me and my girlfriend will prepare a feast and just have a good time with family. On X-mas day we are going to my gf's aunt and celebrate there. My gf her family will come. they got this tradition to switch locations every year, one year at my gf's parents and the next year at her aunts. We just throw out some small presents and eat and drink too much
  14. Scratchcards, 9 slots u can choose from to scratch 3. If u get 3 the same symbols, u win x prize
  15. Best Gambling Site 2017

    Will vote for primedice ;-)