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  1. Kristoffff

    Would you accept free Stake merchandise?

    Sure would like a plushy/hoodie preferably if it would be customized to my taste
  2. Kristoffff

    Races - not so private

    I like the whole transparent thing, but I do agree you cant OPT-out of it if you want to. I can only hope those high wagering fellas dont get annoyed too much by beggars and that they have set some privacy settings set.
  3. Kristoffff

    Do you keep up with your own topics?

    I try to look back, atleast I'm glad I get notified when someone liked or replied to one of my answers. That's pretty much it. If there are no new replies or interesting points to be made.
  4. Kristoffff

    Betting with DOGE

    I assume it's a rounding issue, nothing to worry about really. @Dan
  5. Kristoffff

    Why do you tip people?

    because I like them or they keep the chat active. There are so many passive beggars tho or people who use alt accounts that it's hard to actually tip good ones only.
  6. Probably just closing the browser and shutting down my computer and going home.
  7. Kristoffff

    Bitcoin to $2500 or Jan 2019

    Possible. Frankly I hope that would be the case. Cheap crypto to purchase is never bad. Its just we dont know for sure, else life would be easily to make plan There are just alot of panicsellers who will drive the price down even further atm. The same guys who will probably buy back for a higher price and lose money hehe.
  8. DICE: 1,847,483,312 placed by kristoffff on 08/12/2018 Wagered 0.00158132 Multiplier 12.2525x Profit 0.01779376 DICE: 1,847,483,650 placed by kristoffff on 08/12/2018 Wagered 0.00015435 Multiplier 12.2525x Profit 0.00173682 DICE: 1,847,483,947 placed by kristoffff on 08/12/2018 Wagered 0.00015435 Multiplier 12.2525x Profit 0.00173682
  9. Kristoffff

    🎉 [1.5 BTC] Big Christmas Challenge!

    I assume the challenges will have to be completed by X-mas so not having to get the objective on the specific day?
  10. Kristoffff

    🎨 Hilo Redesigned

    It's def. better this way, no more accidently chosing LO when wanting to click HI because both the buttons were basicly on top of eachother.
  11. Kristoffff

    Removal of legends tab

    No real need for it. It's a great beggar's tool on who to target next imho.
  12. Kristoffff

    I suggest you see this movie

    I've seen it a few times already, still have no clue how this whole 'counting card' thing works, but Im eager to find out. I keep telling myself I would look it up and learn how to do it, but I can't seem to find any good site that explains it very detailed.
  13. Kristoffff

    My accidental win with automated Mines

    That's actually insane. You can boast this one big time! I dont play mines myself but it's nice to see a really big win from a regular. Not trying to minimize the 100k satoshi wins some people open a topic for, cos money is money but this is... AMAZING
  14. Did that 'first 1000 people who hit 1000 posts' already finish or are there still a few slots left to fill? But sure, I like the thought of getting some more activity in here, if it's quality and not just spamming topics to get the most haha