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  1. http://imgur.com/a/yD7mKpm Coincidence but I made an attempt at making carrotsoup, had cut way too many carrots for dinner so ended up finishing them
  2. DICE: 14,048,555,986 placed by kristoffff on 06/01/2020 Wagered 0.00015346 Multiplier 10x Profit 0.00138114 DICE: 14,048,597,492 placed by kristoffff on 06/01/2020 Wagered 0.00030696 Multiplier 10x Profit 0.00276264 DICE: 14,048,633,419 placed by kristoffff on 06/01/2020 Wagered 0.00061392 Multiplier
  3. It's as fair as it can be. Even one ticket can mean you win the grand prize of 25,000 dollar. people who get alot of raffle tickets also put in alot of risk by wagering a lot more money, so that should be rewarded obviously. What you mention about creating more accounts and get tickets, that doesnt change the outcome of you having the same amount of tickets if u just played on 1 account.
  4. HILO: 11,641,644,324 placed by kristoffff on 18/11/2019 Wagered 0.00001024 Multiplier 5.50193977355957x Profit 0.00004610
  5. Get those all the time. Even if they seen me post in public chat how I busted 0.2 btc, they still have the nerve to ask. Needless to say they get muted. If you run into any beggars, simply make a screenshotz and show a mod. I still accept friend requests tho. I usually get them begging or just not talking at all. Lol.
  6. Goodluck. Make sure to update and show us the progress you are making
  7. It's a multiplayer game but it's not player vs player. You just will everyone who is competing and who is winning/losing
  8. I lost my money I managed to make over a period of 4 days, right before some big races. It stings but you can still get in a winning position with a low balance. It's stake, play smart
  9. You shouldn't consider gambling as an income source. Basicly you win some, you lose some. There's risks to it. It's unlike an actual job, where there is a guaranteed pay for the hours you spend. I have a full time job irl so that's my income source. I never would consider gambling as income.
  10. Not a lot, I think maybe 50k. I usually lurk the forums, rather than posting. On occasion(like now) I feel like posting in topics. I'm not here for the money reward tho, but it's a sweet bonus if I do happen to participate
  11. I'm clueless about baccarat. The only thing I use that game for is to get wager up quickly haha Thanks for this huge breakdown, really appreciate it. It probably took you a while to do all the math and write it down!
  12. I think the system is fine. Nobody is forcing you to post daily or to hit a certain threshold in x time. Relax, have fun and get cash while enjoying yourself. Find something you want to reply on? Great Didn't see a good topic u can answer on? Don't worry. One will pop up shortly, or... Make a topic of your own
  13. Already had it. Edward told me about it the other day. They're amusing. I hope they expand
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