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  1. You shouldn't consider gambling as an income source. Basicly you win some, you lose some. There's risks to it. It's unlike an actual job, where there is a guaranteed pay for the hours you spend. I have a full time job irl so that's my income source. I never would consider gambling as income.
  2. Not a lot, I think maybe 50k. I usually lurk the forums, rather than posting. On occasion(like now) I feel like posting in topics. I'm not here for the money reward tho, but it's a sweet bonus if I do happen to participate
  3. I'm clueless about baccarat. The only thing I use that game for is to get wager up quickly haha Thanks for this huge breakdown, really appreciate it. It probably took you a while to do all the math and write it down!
  4. I think the system is fine. Nobody is forcing you to post daily or to hit a certain threshold in x time. Relax, have fun and get cash while enjoying yourself. Find something you want to reply on? Great Didn't see a good topic u can answer on? Don't worry. One will pop up shortly, or... Make a topic of your own
  5. Already had it. Edward told me about it the other day. They're amusing. I hope they expand
  6. You're stressing out because you feel pressured to earn money or recover a loss. Which basicly is the worst way to start a gambling session
  7. not that much. I dont often post on the topics, I generally lurk tho. I just checked and apparently around 42k:)
  8. 0.5 btc ongeveer, niet in 1bet. Meeste in 1bet zal wel ongeveer 0.3btc zijn. hartkloppingen tot gevolg. 😉
  9. Steve's Forum giveaway to find the telegram channel. Username: Kristoffff
  10. What exactly is OG? Im not familiar with that abbreviation.
  11. Cheapest countries probably are in Asia if you want to travel around. Try Vietnam or something Stay away from Europe, as it's nowhere near cheap to stay. You can always have a relative cheap stay in Hungary for example but if you compare prices to Asia... it's the way to travel. Unless you do not like spicy food
  12. I've never changed seeds on stake. In the end it doesnt even matter, any other seed u may get might just get u a worse streak for a period, but eventually the tables turn always.