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  1. Kristoffff

    Favorite Gambling Quote

    Dont worry, next one is a green 😂
  2. Kristoffff

    Yes, I sold my kidney to deposit to stake

    Funny:p On a serious note I did read some chinese guy sold one of his kidneys to afford an iphone a few years back, now he has health issues cos his other kidney isnt working too well alone
  3. Kristoffff

    📢 Dark forum theme released

    I like it better than the previous style. Its more eye catching. It looks more fresh, esp with some bright colors in it (very funky green reply button for example)
  4. Kristoffff

    [Closed] Elite Staker Prediction Giveaway

    1 Computer 2 Irawk0 3 Shaniqua 4 Kristoffff 5 Shinjo
  5. A Pair: DIAMONDPOKER: 2,555,732,199 placed by kristoffff on 28/01/2019 Wagered 0.00002900 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00002900 3 of a kind:
  6. Kristoffff

    SweatCoin Reviews: MAKE MONEY EXERCISING!

    Edited your post. All refferal links will need a clean link aswell. On topic: u are limited to x sweat coins a day if you have completed all those steps, you can buy a subscription to be able to earn more sweatcoins a day.
  7. Kristoffff

    For all Canadians who wish to buy Bitcoins.

    I edited your post. Rules are simple. Always provide a clean link aswell.
  8. Kristoffff

    Michael from Philippines :)i want to learn strategy roll

    Welcome Michael, Musician aye? What instrument do you play? Do you got a recording somewhere we can listen too?
  9. Kristoffff

    Hello World!

    Hello Molecule! Great username, im baffled it wasnt taken yet! Welcome to stake, hope ill see you around sometime, im in the english chat
  10. Kristoffff

    Staying up to date with hard forks?

    Mainly this forum, butI honestly dont pay too much attention to all the hard forks/soft forks or whatever, the big ones like bitcoin you hear anywhere. All the small ones... I hope to read about here. Only got a few coins i really follow as its too hard to keep up
  11. Kristoffff

    Hello Everyone ! I'm cottonbudd

    welcome aboard ben!:)
  12. Kristoffff

    A never ending thread (last post wins)

    A winner is I
  13. Kristoffff

    Stake.com Youtube Video!

    Keep it up, soon or later you will get more exposure. Not sure if you got a list of forums or websites where you are allowed to post your link. But if u do have a long list,you will get more views
  14. Kristoffff

    What are the good intentions in 2019?

    Only thing I want to happen is to lose a little weight... I got a wedding of my brother in law this summer and gotta fit in my costume 😂😂
  15. Kristoffff

    What are you currently watching?