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  1. Happy birthday stake,my best memories at stake are definitely the great bits of banter with the stake staff and the great community,I have made so many stake fitness Along the way,thanks stake also I won 0.6btc at Xmas on Hilo from a 0.002btc deposit it Wass amazing lol 🍰
  2. Thanks for post chipito I'm sure this will help out alot people especially the incoming influx of crypto newbies lol👍
  3. here my journey below: Sd,s stake journey hey all you may all know me as sd but my real name is dan as some of you may already know me from my stake streams, i joined stake as sdsdfbsfsd on 8/25/2017 and have not regreted it since my first experience was a drunk one lol hence the name,but i had alot of fun playing chartbet which istill kinda misss not gonna lie , and mines was amazing i also loved the unique faucet feature although iknow it was getting abuse ibelieve faucet should still be availble for long time contributers, i have lost so much here at stake buti dont regret it
  4. Hello all,So as many of you may or may not off already notice he huge spike in the Bitcoin mining hashrate this week, crazily jumping to all-time highs. The worlds largest cryptocurrency by market cap, saw its hashrate at 65.19 trillion hashes per second.which is insane if you ask me the Latest data reports show that the Bitcoin (BTC) hash rate, which is the total computing power of the bitcoin network, has recently hit new all-time highs this week. The data came via a monitoring resource Blockchain, The Bitcoin price recently spiked to a new annual record above $9,800, hash rat
  5. ass corn i also have this problem i haven't recieved it for over four months now which ipersonally think is ridiculous hopefully it is just rainbot being crammed up etc by the influx of new users
  6. yea i agree unfortunately they made other maybe less deserving users vips is a bit unfair if im honest but at least we have anewer star system now iguess, personally im just glad i have gone from vip with no star to bronze now
  7. dam im so sorry to see that eugene , iknow the feeling of losing a real high bet too a stupidly close multipler on limbo i hope you can recover it soon ,by the way im here if you ever need to talk if your feel ing down idm trying to help you cheer up a bit , it sucks inkow but fingers crossed you can have a big win soon gl wish you all the best
  8. On Jan. 4, 2019, aTwitter user @100trillionUSD posted a graph of nonce patterns spanning Bitcoin's ($BTC) history. It showed patterns in what should be a chaotic system since about block 40,000. Four horizontal patterns are easily discernible across equidistant nonce values. Nonce's are part of the block header and introduce entropy to drive the difficulty of Proof-of-Work (PoW) mining. TokenAnalyst and BitMEX research overlaid Bitcoin's nonce distribution with color assortments of active mining pools, discovering Antpool correlates more highly than other pools such as Bitfuryor Slushpool wit
  9. personally for me and button mashing its is done when i am hammered drunk off my head and playing mines apart from account registration ,for example when i made by username i was so drunk i smashed my head on keyboard 5 or 6 times ireally dont remeber but explains my username lol true story.
  10. hello all i have got desktop pc rig with a 1050 ti and was wondering is there any programs or software you could reccomend to me to use to mine some altcoins with , as im a bit anoob when it comes to cryptomining , and would love to try start making some use of the rig , any suggestions on where to start or maybe to even upgrade etc , any feedback is appreciated
  11. i couldn't put it better myself to be honest etude, any type of gambling requires an awful lot of patient especially with the value of cryptos fluxuating all the time so its hard to know when to stop gambling and withdrawing profits as i get carried away trying to go all in but busting epicllly and then getting spammed by beggars after a big bust is likely and i hate it
  12. so basically long story short i suck at golf and always will to be honest , four years ago i decided to give a driving range a go for the first time and this happens what are the chances. lesson to self golf balls hurt quite alot especially in face. thought i would share this fail of mine with the stake community for a laugh 😅 dont try this golf balls are very dangerous haha
  13. well personally ithink paxful,coinbase and local bitcoins may be the only ways to do this at this current time to be honest
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