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  1. What are the challenges i dont really get it hehehe
  2. Sir It;s what you call promotion.. so if someone signs up i also get rewards.. Im a player of Stake so I post.. I dont know any rule saying im not allowed to post.. and sir FYI Scam is getting money from people not giving money to new users.. How about you? why are you wasting your time here? go find something to do good for your self.. sir look at your wagering stats to my wagering stats,, you are more like my grandson in crypto! hahaha I may be a newbie in the forum but in crypto world and exchanges you might ask a lot of projects from me cause i'm killing it bro.. sometimes think before you speak i have a wageting of 685 ETH and you got 0.2ETH.. how odd.. You know why? You will never know cause you are a crybaby.. yeah bro i mean it.. you want to see my deposits in stake? how about you? do you have one? you seem like a Rain Catcher send me your usernaem and i will tip you ETH.. in your face
  3. You can also go verify their live support in telegram and ask them questions https://t.me/DigiFinexEN Im not asking you to register sir its up to if you want or not.. I truly understand.. I respect your opinion and i hope you respect my post sir,, If you are not going to register its definetly fine Have a Good One!
  4. It's not a scam sir.. its written in there that you need to do KYC to be able to get the rewards.. You dont know exchanges promotions? You can report me if you want sir.. no problem Sir dont register if you dont like.. Im not asking you to do so.. Im just sharing it cause it's a nice and fast growing exchange.. wait i will get a link for you to see im telling the truth.. https://coinmarketcap.com/exchanges/digifinex/ Check it your self sir,,
  5. Link ➡️ https://www.digifinex.com/from/ganard?lang=en-ww To reward platform’s old and new customers, DigiFinex will launch the activity of “In this Golden Autumn of October, ETH Rewards for Every New Register on DigiFinex!” at 24th Oct, 2018 11:00(GMT+8). The details of rules are listed as follows: Activity Period: 24th Oct, 2018 11:00 - 24th Nov, 2018 11:00 (GMT+8) Activity Rules: 1. During activity period, 0.02 ETH will be rewarded to both referrer and the referral recipient who registers and verifies his/her account via referral link/code. 2. During activity period, any new user who registers and verifies his/her account without a referral link/code will be rewarded with 0.015 ETH. Note: All rewards will be temporarily frozen, and the user will unfreeze the corresponding rewards by completing the following: a. New register can unfreeze 10% rewards of both referrer and the referral recipient by finishing the first transaction on the platform b. New register can unfreeze another 10% rewards of both referrer and the referral recipient by logging into the platform in 7 days consecutively c. New register can unfreeze up to 80% remaining rewards of both referrer and the referral recipient by trading any coins on the platform. 1% trading value would be calculated as the rewards.Unfreeze once per hour untill all rewards unfreezed。 The rewards will be automatically cancelled 2 months after the end of activity if there is any freezing rewards. And the platform has right to withdraw any rewards from the new/old customer if any fraud is spotted. Thanks for your support! DigiFinex team 24th Oct 2018 Link ➡️ https://www.digifinex.com/from/ganard?lang=en-ww
  6. wow nice promotion. goodluck on hunting
  7. I was playing stake.com then i checked on the announcement to join some cool giveaway contest on stake.com and i saw this link. Stake.com is one of the best gambling site with user friendly website so it was easy to check some promotions and they always have nice and cool promotions like this. Username: negrito