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  1. In your experience or opinion, what does the Stake newcomer (refer or not) go through ala “their customer journey” ? Specifically, what connections or opinions do you think are formed as they begin to familiarize with the 100% proprietary interface and games - that have been well executed to make this place “Different” onto the community, the no bs game results with high hourly rates, the variety of games.... Of course, what do you think has been done well and what has room for improvement during this journey’s path...?
  2. What bonuses. You mean the hyper competitive “giveaways” which require you to sack a reasonable deposit in order to have a fighting chance? Or is it the random trivia and random twitch feed “ohh oooh pick me!” feeling? Can’t wait to see how being “VIP” status is. Before we were all just VIPs now its different... What happened to good old deposit bonuses and second-chance busted deposits? ....
  3. Thank you for the update! It is much appreciated...
  4. A wiser gambler than me once said to me, “if you believe in rushes... you will only win by quitting in the middle of one” which is quite contrary to the “play your rush” mentality - and also quite true. once it starts heading back down, its hard to give up what was just in your hands. especially, really especially, when you’ve just experienced the power of a gambling rush! Don’t wait till the end of your rush. Cut it short and you’ll book better results - program this behavior into your greed, rather than the behaviors that best all of us. Never forget: gambling is all about defeatin
  5. Plenty of marketing outreach tactics out there, typically I’d advise conducting a focus group for some serious results... That being said, I think nothing really beats a wet white t-shirt picture submission contest - seen it work wonders, you could prolly offer a whole bitcoin to the best photo and still retain strong CAC / CLTV ratios for the board meeting. Of course, you’ll need to reschedule another meeting to make up for the boob rampage’s total annihilation of all board members’ gameface stamina. Our guys ended up doing Zoolander monkey impressions on the polished oak table lol
  6. Just invest in a Ledger Nano hardware wallet and you’ll soon understand why its so highly recommended! Abt $140
  7. If you’re serious about crypto, get a Ledger - plain and simple. It will answer all your digital asset dreams; I wore one around my neck for nearly two years with my private office key fob. Because I don’t f around when it comes to money. That being said, I’ve often forced myself over the last five years to walk the path of the cashless warrior; just to walk the talk I believe in and experience firsthand where its friction points, pains and potential are - sometimes finding myself market-selling BTC on fire while being held hostage at bill-point for hours.... or having only the Ledger wit
  8. If I were managing the rain, I would probably make use of certain stats in order to simply maximize the overall ROI of the total amount dished out. Thinking about it a little deeper, what metrics would you be able to directly quantify as a result of a rain disbursement?? Same-session deposits after receiving rain? % likelihood of a post-rain deposit? Ratio of avg. post-rain session wager amount to avg. non-rain session wager? Does having coefficient values to specific player actions on the broad scale make sense to quantify (ANS: only if there is a strong correlation between higher-rated playe
  9. The Dash community runs “Storms” which are essentially 15-min periods with pre-announced discussion topics where Rain is about 10x more abundantly distributed by the moderating hosts. It’s pretty simple really, designed to stimulate engagement in the Discord room and gets increased activity and traffic results. If in a typical chat setting a user has little chance or is used to rarely receiving Rain... pretty much everyone is guaranteed to receive something during a Storm. That’s how frequent it Rains - every few seconds to max. 20 seconds and at least 20 recipients at a time.
  10. I am a long bystander of Trust Wallet for Ethereum & ERC20s, try importing your Eth Address into it and see for yourself why... Trust Wallet is arguably far ahead of the competition for its niche. For Bitcoin, a new entry has my vote in BlueWallet; its ability to import your private keys or mnemonic using whatever you’re able to give it is impressive. No need to know your derivation path. Also, it supports Lightning Network for those of you eager to try that out for size. For staking, check out Cobo Wallet. Pioneering the custodial staking solutions across many blockchains.
  11. If Stake adds support for Dash, I can promote it directly to the entire Dash community - likely to pickup a solid return as far as new membership base goes! I am open to be contacted about all things concerning this avenue, and as a former Dash Ambassador would be happy to assist in any way I can.
  12. Why do I always succumb to the beggar, thinking that one day when i’m down and out that they will return the favor for me? For my own reminder: 1. Do not give to beggars thinking you will receive something in return. 2. When your heart becomes weak, remind yourself that giving in to their requests only proliferates the behavior until it is a widespread cancer. Say no for the community!
  13. Some people like me, have defected from being a cat lover initially to now saying screw cats, dogs are way better... have you ever heard the stray cat in heat outside your house? Cmon, that shit is not cool. Is it a baby? Is it an orgasm? Wtf!? At least dogs have the courtesy to keep quiet whiile they do their business. Oh, has anyone ever figured out why dogs all howl at the same time? That stuff is pretty gnarly if you ask me...
  14. I like this line for giveaways, it encourages long-term playing and can influence the community... support this idea!
  15. Autobets are slow, for Dice at least IMO... the fastest autoroll I've found was at crypto-games going at 3 rolls per second max speed.... anyone know of any faster??
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