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  1. Consider the life of a professional gambler: one that derives his primary income from "games" be it games of chance or skill nonetheless. Without proper bankroll management, he will occasionally hit a big win - of which, he will lose eventually to his staking; aside from that which he pulls out from his bankroll to spend on his life needs. The more he spends, the more utility he can actually derive from his winnings. SO, he therefore must spend as much as he can as fast as he can - before losing it back to the casino. This pattern, let's say a "winning" or "net-plus" pattern gets magnified when the he increases his average bet amount in order to cover his growing need for money use - a typical pattern we see in life, as one gets older their financial burdens increase, naturally. So he gets caught in this loop whereby, he must spend all his winnings or counterbalance the amount for the chance to hit another big win... and is left to a life of destitute, barren of any form of savings possible. Any comments?
  2. The faucet at this rate is completely useless for bitcoin, it becomes less attractive for referring new customers to the site as this was one of the good arguments to try playing at Stake... please consider increasing it or adopting a variable rate, similar to crypto-games.net (for an example) that progressively increases the faucet amount in return for investment to the site or for incentivized activity / behavior. It's an opportunity, not a cost!
  3. Chinese love it. Huge section in real life casinos...
  4. I would have to give it to Video Poker. The odds are so low to make any big hands, I wonder what sort of bankroll drawdown you need to prepare in order to have a decent shot at hitting something nice. Plus, it messes with my head as to which cards to hold and discard....
  5. I think he's gonna big or go home. So, to ensure that he tops all of his previous feats off... let's start our story on a bright sunny day at Le Parc des Princes for what seemed to be a regular friendly against Inter-milan FC... but Neymar had other plans. Benched due to a reported injury to his right angle, Neymar starts the match as a spectator - although the press were unsure of the state of his injury or when he might be able to play again, there were rumors purported that he had been involved in an altercation with the head coach about his contract. Apparently, the two had spoken at length after Neymar was spotted vandalising an ATM machine just outside of Pigalle Place, the notorious red light district in the city of Paris. Although the report had not been confirmed, eye witnesses claim they saw him lose his temper at the cash machine at approximately 1.50am on Thursday morning and when confronted by authorities shortly afterwards, got into his Audi R8 and attempted to flee from the scene after running over a trash can and smashing into the local hot dog trolley as he drove away. French authorities chased after him in pursuit but was no match for the supercar, which disappeared into the night. In an interview with witnesses after the bizarre incident, a local club operator reported that the young football star was a regular patron but this time had left abruptly without paying his bill or tipping his cocktail waitress, who was unavailable for comment. The Brazilian forward purportedly always received service from the same waitress, and has been seen leaving the establishment with her on several occasions. The club manager refused to provide any more details as to the identity of this woman, stating only that the private information of his "employees" were under "strict confidentiality" and that any further questioning would not be tolerated. It was only the 11th minute of the match against Inter-milan when Neymar Jr. stood up from the substitute bench and was heard animately shouting, "I want my money, where's my money?" to head coach Thomas Tuchel, who in outrage proceeded to hurl a chair into the football pitch and was immediately given a red card by Argentine football referee and former actor Néstor Fabián Pitana, and ejected from his home stadium. Since play was in PSG's 18-yard box at the time of the incident, a penalty kick was awarded to Inter-milan for the unprofessional disruption - at which point, Neymar Jr. head-butted the 44 year-old referee in anger as players from both teams rushed onto the field in the beginning of what turned out to be a stadium-wide brawl between fans of both football clubs. The unrest continued for almost 20 minutes as two fires broke out in the stadium stands and the match was officially ended by UEFA's Pierluigi Collina citing safety concerns and unresolved legal issues concerning one of the PSG players. It is currently unknown how the two incidents were, if at all, connected in some way and whether Neymar Jr. was the player alluded to with ongoing "unresolved" legal issues. He was last seen boarding his private jet a few hours later and his present whereabouts are unknown at the time of press. He will face a minimum of 200,000 Euros in fines for his assault on the match referee, and is suspended from further play until all investigations are concluded. The 27-year old Brazilian becomes the first League 1 player to be suspended due to criminal allegations and the second Brazilian footballer after Bruno Fernandes de Souza, who was convicted of murdering his girlfriend and sentenced to 22 years imprisonment. Incidentally, actress Bruna Marquezine - Neymar Jr's recently ended relationship - could not be located for comment. Too dark?
  6. I love listening to deep progressive, balearicbeats, chills, break beats, creative stuff - it really depends on the context. But one thing is for sure, I do enjoy listening to music with others over listening to it just on my own. We people are social creatures, yes?
  7. 1n0n7y

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    I dont get it sorry... durrr
  8. Put a good ol shot of single malt whiskey, straight into your eye for blindness. Then take a hit of that cubano, hold yur breath and drink the remainder of the shot before you exhale. If you manage to not puke or die laughing while your friends film you doing this, let me know how the winnings are!
  9. I think i won 0.026 btc in plinko, hitting the 1000x on a nice bet of 26k or so... it has been a while since those 1000x’s....
  10. Why do I always succumb to the beggar, thinking that one day when i’m down and out that they will return the favor for me? For my own reminder: 1. Do not give to beggars thinking you will receive something in return. 2. When your heart becomes weak, remind yourself that giving in to their requests only proliferates the behavior until it is a widespread cancer. Say no for the community!
  11. 1n0n7y


    Hi 1700, I’m 1n0n7y. Our names start with the same insignia. #1 all the way bro, enjoy your time here!
  12. Some people like me, have defected from being a cat lover initially to now saying screw cats, dogs are way better... have you ever heard the stray cat in heat outside your house? Cmon, that shit is not cool. Is it a baby? Is it an orgasm? Wtf!? At least dogs have the courtesy to keep quiet whiile they do their business. Oh, has anyone ever figured out why dogs all howl at the same time? That stuff is pretty gnarly if you ask me...
  13. I love partaking in the races, but I have an issue with showing up late to the party and not being able to find out what the challenge is... is there any suggestion that can be made, or any way to find out if you’ve missed the original announcement?
  14. When it happens to me, especially like 4 times in a row. i immediately change my seed or lower my bet...