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  1. Sad
    1n0n7y reacted to htetaungxx in The Better Crypto Wallet (Your opinion)   
    I'm using atomic wallet since last 4 days ago. Ididn't use crypto wallet, since I got hack. I was store my balance in stake's vault and if I want to sell or buy I'll wd or depo to it. As for me atomic wallet is pretty easy to use and nice wallet. 
  2. Haha
    1n0n7y reacted to cryptofly in The Better Crypto Wallet (Your opinion)   
    I think that the best crypto wallet should be a decentralized one, unlike I am not going to tell names due the "risk" when promoting some site and then this site could gone, I think that that kind of wallet is the best.  Like "cryptobridge" which was one if not the first decentralized exchange but now is gone.  THis exchange was not a scam due the devs were setting a "good bye" message and a "next close" message to all users in order for them to take founds out.  I don´t trust in those KYC wallets.  My opinion.  good luck. 
  3. Love
    1n0n7y reacted to Romanengo in The Better Crypto Wallet (Your opinion)   
    On the phone I use the trust wallet all the time. Also used the blockchain, no difficulties or embarrassments happened. As for me, the phone is very convenient and reliable multi-coin trust wallet.
  4. Bitcoin
    1n0n7y got a reaction from won2018 in Submit your giveaway ideas!   
    I like this line for giveaways, it encourages long-term playing and can influence the community... support this idea!
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