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  1. Thanks
    btcxd got a reaction from namtt007 in DiceBot - The most awesomest betting bot for Bitcoin Dice Games   
    Yes! Tip the creator. That bot looks like a lot of hardwork to set up.
  2. Payday
    btcxd reacted to Jovan in [0.0025 BTC] New Year's ResolutionsūüéĄ| Discord Challenge   
    New Year's Resolutions¬†ūüéĄ

    Hey guys! ūüėä
    New Year in less then 24h, I hope you are all excited about that, and prepared to celebrate. ‚ú®

    All I want to hear from you is stated in topic name - what will you do, or what you will not do in the following year? What is your New Year's resolution?  
    Happy New Year, have a wonderful holidays, and best wishes¬†from the Stake Team! ūüéĄ
    P.S. This is a Discord challenge, so please comment there and post your screenshots here.  
    Prize Pool
    1st place: 0.0005 BTC 2nd place: 0.0003 BTC 3rd place: 0.0002 BTC 4th-13th place: 0.0001 BTC 14th-23th place: 0.00005 BTC  
  3. Haha
    btcxd got a reaction from Hoffguy in Who need stake put the profit +/- of your account back   
    I never really wanted to look or even take a peek on my stats? Its too horrible... Since 2017
  4. Bitcoin
    btcxd reacted to Steve in Vote NOW! Which Coins for Races?   
    Community Discussion
    What's the best crypto to use for the $1000 daily races?
    Vote in the poll for the coin you want to see more of Leave a comment saying why you want to see certain coins as race prizes over others Which coin is the best for races not counting Bitcoin? If you want even list all 6 coins in your own order!
  5. Sad
    btcxd reacted to Steve in High Roller Post Giveaways!   
    From now on the high roller post giveaways will be paid on this thread!
    These giveaways can be found weekly on the 3 social medias below!
    Be sure to follow us on all 3 for the highest chance to win  (1 week to claim wins)
    Twitter - Twitter.com/Stake
    Instagram - Instagram.com/stakecasino
    Facebook - Facebook.com/StakeCasino
  6. Haha
    btcxd got a reaction from Bojana in Username / Name Origin   
    btcxd... well that explains it
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