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  1. yeah thats risky i hit that within 150 rolls lucky
  2. thanks man it was lucky one
  3. Dan You must get over 10 cards right in a row its means 11 cards or above???
  4. username: hammad234 Hilo:88,077,084 can i post more then one times if i hit bigger then previous one?
  5. username: hammad234 Roulette:88,061,768 Roulette:90,192,985
  6. yeahp the best game i love it
  7. i love Hilo games really its fun game
  8. yeap my bad on mines not dice but it was fun hehhe
  9. yeahp i try with bet 100 but did not won again later i lost in mines
  10. i think i rolled 180 to 200 before i got win but its lucky one i hit 9900x on other sites too
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