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  1. Lucky221

    Hey all

    Welcome @Karlhungus. Forum this well, you will see and participate in new promotions. and the most important thing is to win here)
  2. Lucky221


    welcome Romnick. I wish you to find a suitable game, and most importantly, good luck! learn strategies and something and you will win!
  3. I haven't even seen this finalizer. although he is the same as everyone who once came and poured rain in the chat and 0,02-0,01btc. it's annoying that everyone gets out but there's no fighting it. of course, everyone is shocked that there are people who twist here amounts equal to salaries for a lifetime.
  4. slots that not everyone likes right now. when new slots appear, they may become better than keno. and now you can bet on keno and win without any problems, but it's not interesting in slots at all( horror)
  5. very good idea. but there is a lot to think about because there is bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond. if everyone in one room then it will be the same.. then you need bronze silver gold in the same room VIP. platinum diamond to another.
  6. of course, this platinum is very quickly achieved. it all depends on your wallet and capabilities. but mostly we achieve this in months.
  7. Lucky221

    Mines money Strat

    I don't often play this game but there are very large x's which greatly affects the game as a whole. now you are still poor and tomorrow you have won your prize) x's from 100 thousand are very pleasing
  8. Lucky221

    Limbo 2020

    nothing special. you were unlucky this time but your luck is not far off)))
  9. привет. что ты хочешь?)))