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  1. I LOVE when in playing keno with sounds
  2. Imma buy new car new condo for 10btc because if you gamble it you loose
  3. Baecon

    War is over

    That is very happy to hear that theres no war for the both country. They need to expand their army so they can prepare for future war VS other country. Thats very good decision between north and south
  4. Im gonna win this for real mark my words lol tell me what is the prize man. 1BTC WIN???!!!
  5. Jogging and mountain climbing i LOVE to climb over the mountain who want to go with me?
  6. Thanks for sharing this im going to change seed everytime i lose :DD
  7. I only played Stake Online Casino. And my favorite game is Mines but sometimes i played dice because of the house edge.
  8. Big nang theory Looks like a bubble theory only im not believing in that too
  9. I don't have any affiliate but maybe in the future I'm going to have some
  10. Hit 1000x with 1satos? I would feel fucking bad. But if I hit 1000x with 100k bet Imma treat my family to go vacation somewhere far to us. And I'm going to tip all the people those who help me
  11. I want to see PvP Chess PvP Blackjack PvP Bacaratt Slot Machine
  12. Hi @lolgato that was a nice run. I saw your green profit nice! Hope you didn't bust that.
  13. I don't have any big payouts in hilo I can't hit above 50x. Maybe I need more practice or I need to loose more.
  14. Hello Guys This is me again Baecon, Today guys I'm going to ask if God does not exist, where did everything come from? Can anyone answer this question?
  15. 25 push ups a day. 25 sit ups a day. That's my daily exercise but I still don't have any abs