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  1. I want to hit this soon with 0.001 bet but i think it was so impossible this 1000x takes time before you can hit. And you need to loose much first but if you are in luck you can hit this in like 5000-10000 rolls
  2. Baecon


    As you can see it is totally PURE SCAM. Like mav said "CPU or GPU mining of BTC (or other SHA256 coins) does not exist any more today" its too good to be true but its too bad to get scam
  3. Its too risky to buy during ICO because sometimes those coins are totally trash and useless. It will gain in the first but at the end you will just waste your money and its too late to sell it
  4. I cant list all of em but for me Iron Man 1,2,3 Lord of the Rings The Hobbit The Matrix Black Panther All Star wars series
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    I got one friend who played in fortune jack and he show off some big withdrawals to me its pretty good and he seems so happy to play in fortune jack and bust on stake
  6. Imma buy new car new condo for 10btc because if you gamble it you loose
  7. Nice intro lawl! Welcome buddy Best of luck.
  8. Ill withdraw it all and buy some hype clothes like supreme or gucci
  9. Hilo:325,597,199 placed by Baecon Wagered: 0.00002000 Payout: 4.02x Profit: 0.00006047 Done
  10. I pay high always so i can receive it fast
  11. Baecon

    War is over

    That is very happy to hear that theres no war for the both country. They need to expand their army so they can prepare for future war VS other country. Thats very good decision between north and south
  12. Im gonna win this for real mark my words lol tell me what is the prize man. 1BTC WIN???!!!
  13. Im trying to not to bet again and take some break but its hard when u got greedy.
  14. Jogging and mountain climbing i LOVE to climb over the mountain who want to go with me?
  15. Maybe try to clear cache and log in again. That happens sometimes
  16. Thats very interesting and good idea we can help people
  17. Exactly Wilbur . I remember what happen earlier. I made 10k to 700k i put my 0.005 to my bank so i want play it. I lost the 200k on my main. And i think that i can easy to recover 200k i opened my bank i bet 100k on red roulette then i lost. Then i increase my bet to 200k and lost again. Then i all in my 200k on dice under and lost . I played with my emotion Thats why
  18. Thanks for sharing this im going to change seed everytime i lose :DD
  19. Actually My most wagered game is mines and my most red profit.
  20. Btc will go up this may Thats just my prediction. Maybe Btc will let us buy first so we can make easy profit
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    Hello all

    Hello mate, Welcome to Forum. Goodluck on your bets!
  22. Hello People. I am currently eating a pizza with beer at the moment how about you guys? What are you currently eating? And what is your favorite food to eat?
  23. Hello @CyberHunter you look so gorgeous welcome to atake forum Goodluck my dear.
  24. Goodluck man wish you can hit your goal on your stream! Will watch that mate see ya.