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  1. Хотим конечно добавлять новые игры, но пока без конкретных дат.
  2. Да, если никаких правил игрок не нарушает (не создает более одного аккаунта для сбора кранов в основном), то может выводить.
  3. Ahh, the tic-tac-toe, we actually thought it will become more interactive for our players, mini game inside a game where you play with another members, should've been better than recaptcha. Yes, I am, interrupting other people conversation while should be working :)))
  4. можем от всего сердца пожелать удачи :))
  5. weell, as an operator of a dice site, I slightly understand them. On DuckDice we allow faucet winnings withdrawal, but only if a user has no multiple accounts (you won't believe how many faucet farming botnets we had) for faucet farming and the player really won until the min withdrawal limit.
  6. А почему утка скатилась? Что мы делаем не так?:)
  7. Ну дело вкуса, у нас и правда некоторые вещи немного иначе чем принято, к примеру поля автобета чуть другие, бет айди не цифрами. Но вообще можете попробовать еще раз, с момента как мы открылись два года назад, мы уже практически все переделали, некоторое по несколько раз:)
  8. Glad that I am not the only one 😅
  9. Заходите к нам, у нас русскоговорящие моды и половина админов также, если не совсем понятно как играть все обьясним. Вот наш сайтец: https://duckdice.io/ А вот инструкция по-русски, о том как пользоваться автобетом: https://help.duckdice.io/hc/ru/articles/360007345834-Как-играть-в-авто-режиме-auto-bet-
  10. Hey, didn't mean to break the fun as an official representer here, but saw a comment: And didn't really get it, can someone decypher for me what does it mean, pls? We most likely we have some sadists in our team but mental torturing was not the idea behind DD :))
  11. Well as a DuckDice operator I can certainly say that we are legit and of course provably fair, any user can download ALL their bets directly from the user profile and verify them and regarding withdrawals you can ask anyone in our chat or anywhere, we even allow faucet winnings withdrawals for users with no rule violations. DuckDice is also licensed and legal casino. Of course I don't have any connections with Bitsler but assuming that they are not legit is sort of wild suggestion for me.
  12. Hey, unfortunately our house edge is also 1% However our faucet starts from 0.0000 0150 and goes up to 0.0000 3500, from 30 times per day up to 55 - depending in your level. Rainbot 0.0001 btc every few hours, interactive bonuses for 1k sats, affiliate 15%, something like this
  13. Everyone is welcome on DuckDice, if you will have any questions or issues check out help centre: https://help.duckdice.io/hc/en-us or use our live chat on site.
  14. Hi Edward, we are not a new site anymore, we operate for almost 2 years now under the egaming license and we never had a case of not paying to our clients. We had some bad experience with our bonuses system, but we were young
  15. New update on DuckDice, here is a log and actually a link to our help centre which is pretty useful: https://help.duckdice.io/hc/en-us/articles/360003768954-03-05-2018-Update-Log