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  1. I always use btc now to Buy from internet if the main website doesnt offer it i simply find one that offer it even if its a Higher prices
  2. an actualy copy&paste from what's currently being played
  3. i realy do feel it's all about the admin choice an right, and mainly the owner if its done in rules, i dont see why he wouldnt be alirgght with it
  4. I actualy dont ses Any other option tout bring transaction between interplanétaire civilisation And Let's ne realist... There's nothing else more secure to actualy Do transactions and none egual IT.
  5. EOS Would make me happy for sure, all those main investor/builder of that coin actualy means alots on what's going to happen with them, nothing else to say... then... they'll wait us on THE MOON
  6. pinguoin


    Welcome to our community, appreciating to see you in here, hope you take your ease has we do , following to a first entrie into greeting ^^
  7. we'll all know how blockchain works true.. that's why we actualy happy that he only wait until 1 confirm since i seen lots of scam from reposting the same trading id from a wallet on a time based and get refund. or actualy some wallet was able to ''Cancel'' the transaction after start, i think you still can
  8. sometime i get a better rate from changing from a crrypto to an other until i end in bch so, yes i do play with it and actualy i liked it
  9. Run, actualy i do run everyday 20min, it keeps me feeling good i think..
  10. I play alot more to the online casino since i choose which value i put on them, if i put a limit of 20$ i'll only fund 20$. When i go to the real casino i tell myself, ahh only a 20$ but it always get up to 400$...
  11. Thanks for the share i didnt knew ^^ i wouldve
  12. Anything that can bring me adrenalines